Flavor Ban Hits Vape Retailers Hard



Yep are you happy with yourselves? you wouldn't take Analog sticks off the shelves because it kills people but the media creates a fake story and everyone grabs on.

The people portrayed in the media as the victims of vaping are in fact victims of the media being misrepresented and in some cases doctored up to make it look the way they want. You don't hear anyone talking about that do you? You have to go to youtube to find people actually talking about the misinformation being spread.


"They are actually pushing people who've severed their relationship with tobacco right back to it."

That's a pretty pathetic take on the situation. There are other non-vaping aids to help quit smoking. These retailers just need to diversify instead of tying to negate the crisis.


It's hitting the whole industry pretty hard. We could bail em out but they're not big banks so fuck em.


New Headline:
"Douche bag industry ā€” that sells a dangerous product to douche bags that occasionally killed douche bags and likely will, years from now, burden those douche bags with illnesses that requires expensive healthcare that douche bags won't be able to afford ā€” is hit with a mild inconvenience to their immediate douche bag profits."


I love what you're saying, but last summer.

Let them die out.


So if people are vaping to quit smoking, and tobacco-flavored vape is still available (as is, presumably, flavorless vape...) how is that not a good enough compromise?

While vape may be more effective at helping smokers quit, it's always been obvious that vape was really designed to 'solve' the tobacco/nicotine industry 'problem' of them having fewer and fewer customers/victims. Vape may help ~11-18% of smokers quit smoking... but it's almost 100% effective at getting and keeping people addicted to nicotine.

And bullshit on the claims that "Kids are not a part of our business model" and "We don't want to bring more people to nicotine." Any given retailer can claim - maybe even honestly - that they don't sell to kids. But they know damn well that most nicotine addicts get hooked as kids, and their long-term business model is totally dependent on that well-established fact.

As a side note, I remember the hype that vaping could be allowed where smoking isn't becasue there would be no offensive odors or, worse, carcinogenic second-hand smoke. I've never bough that, and it's even noted in the article that the shop Katie visited "smells vaguely of vapor." How long until we find out that all that 'harmless vapor' isn't so harmless after all?




@8 I'm not sure allowing the patient to continue "hand-to-mouth and other psychological hooks" should be referred to as "addressing" those addiction reinforcements, particularly if the patient is engaged in ad-hoc self-treatment.

If this is really about smoking-cessation therapy, then it should be taking place in a clinical setting, not over the counter of a gas station.

Odd how you don't see any pro-vape comments advocating prescriptions or medical oversight for what they're claiming is a therapeutic medical device.


@8: So what? Better than the vaping risk or just simply quit smoking. Which anyone can do if they want to, without aids of any kind.

Using quitting tobacco as a retort against the safety ban doesn't make sense.


Iā€™m sure THIS time the tobacco corporations are not lying to you.


That's it America...Be sure to get it all wrong and backwards again! We really have become a backwards society!