When You Vote, Go Ahead and Skip All Those Stupid "Advisory Votes"



Bull. Every say we have in our government works is warranted.


I went ahead and voted "Repealed" on all of them (since they are just "advisory").


1: That’s the point; these votes have no “say”. You might as well have binding Slog polls for all the good that these votes do. Please show any example of any decisions made by the Legislature because of these votes.


It's the legislature's job to legislate - that's why we elect them.
The important 'advisory vote' is ours- when we decide to continue with an incumbent, or elect someone else to the office.
A more relevant critique is whether the expenditure of taxpayer dollars for these non-binding 'poll-taking' votes is worthwhile.


@3: Nevertheless it's good data on public opinion. I find the sudden "concern" about the costs in processing the ballots totally disingenuous.


Around thirty million 8.5" x 11" sheets of paper were wasted on printing these in the voter's pamphlet. That's a lot of trees.


@6, Like The Stranger?


@5 except it's terrible quality data. Ask a pollster how they would get accurate data, it's by having a terrible response rate over the entire population.


Uh, *not by.


@5 Realistically, a typical voter is either a tax hawk or a tax dove, and will answer yea or nae on every tax "advisory" ballot item. The only data we're really getting is on the percentage of voters who understand what government is and how it works, vs the percentage who think you can cut taxes to zero and still have a viable state.


@7 newsprint has always been pretty much the lowest quality of paper available, and consequently has always had the highest percentage of recycled and industirial-byproduct content.

This was true at least a hundred years before our current understanding of environmental degradation, and is still true today.

So in short, no. Not like The Stranger.

And that's not even considering publishing schedules and circulation and etc etc and oh god you comment just gets stupider the more anyone thinks about it.


Meesa propose, that the Senate give immediately emergency powers to the Supreme Chancellor.