Seattle Man Dies Suddenly After Vaping E-Cigarettes



"Devastating the industry" It's strange the Stranger is so libertarian on this issue. Even in the face of mysterious deaths you won't support pressing pause?

You should feel pretty ashamed if the vaping industry was contributing funds to your paper. Would you be willing to promise they aren't?

I have no dog in this fight. Not a smoker, and don't mind smokers doing their thing (well outside our buildings of course). I just keep seeing these articles get more and more grim, and the Stranger get more protective over for-profit companies whose products are in no way safe or good for consumers.


Again, I'm sure THIS time the tobacco corporations have done due diligence on the safety of thier products. And tobacco corporations are no way relying yet again on the captive market of addicts to delude themselves for twenty or thirty years until they begin dropping dead like every time before.

No. Best to just keep consuming a product provided by an industry that willfully and with foreknowledge poisoned (and thus murdered) millions of people for profit for over 70 years. Give them your money, everyone.


Gotta say... Vapes are a hell of a lot more efficient in how they kill when they do kill. Takes an average smoker decades to succumb to lung cancer and emphysema. These vapes are damn near instant! Just think of the medical savings of skipping years of treatment to end up in the same pine box. We are chalking this up as a win for public health.... Right?


They don't support pressing pause because the FDA may ban all but 2 flavors. So they are thinking let's keep the pressure on and get all those vaporizers banned.

I don't smoke weed I vape and it's become uncomfortable to talk about because of fear; the fud created by the media has turned into a shitstorm of hysteria.

Good job Stranger you Clinton Apologist


Whenever I see a vaper expelling voluminous clouds of vapor, my instincts tell me it can't be safe to have that much of anything but air in our lungs.

With tobacco we have a long established history and extensive medical research but we have none of that data or history with inhaled propylene glycol, glycerol, and the other chemicals found in vaping. People who vape are essentially using themselves as guinea pigs. The early data on vaping does not look promising since we're in the middle of an apparent vaping epidemic.

Go ahead, vape if you must, just please don't do it around me. Gamble with your own lives, not mine.


Here's an idea, don't smoke and don't vape. You'll feel better and you won't need those drugs to feel normal.


The current endemic is fake; as fake as trump is a stable genius. They have been trying to prove formaldehyde for how many years now? Use your brain and if you don't have a brain do what your mother should have told you

If you don't have anything positive to add to the conversation; don't. We need empathy and people trying to reduce the harm; not increase the harm.

History repeats itself if you don't want smokers vaping on backroom ejuice you better legalize and regulate it properly or else you haven't seen anything yet.


@3 Agents provocateurs! False Flag! The cops started it! Where's the birth certificate??!1!?


If vaping is a smoking cessation therapy, why aren't any of its proponents calling for it to be available by prescription, and managed in a clinical setting?


@4 cigarettes can kill a hell of a lot faster than the typical course of lung cancer. Just ask a sniper, or the occasional unfortunate gas-station attendant.

I suppose it all cuts the health insurance premiums for everyone else, though, so at least we've got that.


I guess no one saw the article that was released last month where JUUL released 1 million contaminated cartridges??? This crap didn’t start happening until big tobacco got involved. Do you know who owns a large share of JUUL? Phillip Morris. Start doing your homework please. This isn’t that shocking at all. The timing lines up.


@6 Propylene glycol has been used for decades in asthma inhalers, antibacterial aerosols in hospitals, etc. But aside form those legitimate uses, what do you think fog machines are? How many people have died from going to concerts and parties with fog machines? I'm guessing 0.

I don't know what killed this man. But going straight to the vape seems premature and a little alarmist.


@13 Medical and Epidemiological researchers: What do they know? Do they know things?? Let's find out!


@13 you take 2 puffs of an inhaler which are metered and small, a few times a day max. Vapers suck down that crud like it's true oxygen. Now I don't think it's the glycol because this issue is acute and just recently popped up and is not equally spread. But do remember moderation matters. Anything in the wrong amount becomes toxic, including water. I remember telling my husband it was not wise even when he was smoking just juice (he eventually converted to nicotine). It was also enough to trigger my asthma, so it dose have potential to irritate the lungs.


It's always easy to condemn, but banning will just make it harder to research what the medical implications are. Currently, States are left to decide what's safe because cannabis is still banned federally. Your knee jerk reactions have the potential to derail what could be yet another great harm reduction tool. Just make it safer, like we do with other products that carry risks.


I dunno. I'm not the addicted idiot reflexively paying lying corporations (with body counts over the ten figures) for a poison to inhale in my lungs.