Corey J. Brewer is out to Lynch.
Corey J. Brewer is out to Lynch. Corey J. Brewer's Bandcamp

Corey J. Brewer, "It's No Longer Your Film" (self-released)

Inspired by David Lynch's 2001 neo-noir movie Mulholland Drive and its film within the film, The Sylvia North Story, Corey J. Brewer's album "explores the space between these two films as they grind against each other and fall away," as the musician explains on his Bandcamp page. The Sylvia North Story is marked by eerie ambience and rigorous scene-setting, augmented by distant-sounding industrial percussion; the whole record's cast in a gorgeous midnight-blue haze. It's a superb supplement to Angelo Badalamenti's original score.

On "It's No Longer Your Film," Brewer conjures a stark desolation that surreptitiously edges into menace, as he mangles the somber synth tones into a horripilating horrorscape of supernatural dimensions. It's a classic "(uneasy) calm before the catastrophic storm" scenario, as "It's No Longer Your Film" gradually rents asunder the time-space continuum in a little over three minutes. Bravo.

Listen below.