Sawant campaigned against Hilary in swing states, helping to elect Trump. It is time to show her the door.


"Perhaps next time you are judged unfairly, it will not take so many bruises for you to protest."


Amazon cannot buy most people in this city. We're independent thinkers, and we resent those who believe we are malleable or bribeable. Personally, I don't like Amazon or Sawant. And most who don't like Sawant are not swayed by Amazon's big-money push. They don't like us-versus-them paradigms pushed by egotists who aspire to people's champion legend status. Sawant might win tonight, of course, but I sense a newfound respect in this city for people closer to the center, who appreciate life's complexity and reject polarizing, hate-filled dichotomies. Our political choices are not limited to Trump versus Warren or Amazon versus Sawant. Yes to accepting complexity, to listening respectfully, to a willingness to change given new evidence, to the humility to admit when one is wrong.


The current council couldn’t organize a fuck in a brothel.

Vote change.


I think more people care about 2020 elections than this and most people are not interested in voting. It's a shame when those with that privilege shrug it off like eh who cares. It's worse when our politicians are such a bore that this is a common thread in Seattle.


Praying for the best of both Worlds --
a hostile Socialist takeover.

"Amazon cannot buy most people in this city. We're independent thinkers... " --MarvellUS

Bezos's gonna busta ball if he gets wind of this
what about his Million point five? Down the damn Drain?!


Go figure, only people who show up at an affirmative action election campaign event are people who want shit they haven’t earned.


@11 -- 'Zactly like when Raygun free the hostages from Iran, 22 seconds after he took the oaf of office. And It was all downhill from there... (Unless you hated the Mddle Class. And Unions. Also Good wages. Time off. Affordable Education


@9 Data released so far by King County Elections suggest we've got much higher turnout this year than usual.

In an odd-year election (i.e. no federal offices in play) King County typically has a 40-55% turnout. Returns so far suggest we're going to see >60% for this election.


@13 -- "... people who want shit they haven’t earned."

No, no, Bezos's Amazon more than paid its fair share.
Why, it's Federal Taxes alone were over...
oh, wait. They weren't over anything.
As in, they paid ZERO.

No wonder they wanted $3,000,000,000.00 from New York City to relocate there... Sea-to-shining-sea moving costs alone can be . . . brutal.

My bad.


@16 I think he was referring to Walton family heirs, not corporations.


Kshama down by 8 points in first drop. She's fucked. Bye bye. Maybe Seattle Central Community College as a adjunct position.


Shaun "Jussie" Scott down by 16% in first drop. Bye bye.


Hahaha, Sawant is out. $30 car tabs are in. Democrat wins governor in Kentucky. All is proceeding as I have foreseen.


@18, @19 And that's where the scalp-taking ends. Morales up by 13, Herbold up 3, Juarez up 15, Strauss up 5. The council remains tilted solidly left of Seattle's political center.


Strauss solidly left? Boy Scout Boy is a total milquetoast. He'll blow with the wind like Juarez.

Let's wait for the next drop for Strauss and Herbolt-thru-my-nose.


@23 I see you've conveniently forgotten which one The Stranger endorsed, and which one the Seattle Times endorsed. Never underestimate the Boy Scouts, Feebs.


Who’s Strauss?


" And that's where the scalp-taking ends."

You forgot Scott's and Lewis's scalps. I'll be figuratively hanging those from my SUV tomorrow, especially now car tabs will be $30.


@25 The next council representative for Ballard.


@21: we can't assume Sawant's beaten. The current margin is narrow enough to flip when the other 73% of the votes are in. Sawant always gains ground as the later drops happen. Even if she loses, she loses by at most a couple of point-it's hardly a career-ender-she could easily make a comeback in a future race.


The WA SoS site is messed up with county level results. It seems like Ref 88 is going down, but hard to get county level results. My guess was always that it would pass in King with anemic numbers and then fail in even traditionally Dem enclaves like Thurston (state employees have no desire for Aff Action), Pierce, Snohomish, and Kitsap and that appears to be what's happening.


@26 dear, car tabs will never be $30. You must try not to be so naive. People will take advantage of you.


@22, That Herbold Tavel race is too close to call; I suspect the liberal and homeless hating long time West Seattle homeowner nimbys came out in force for Tavel.

@19, Not surprised Scott's down that much. Most of his politics may align with the district, but not his skin color. Pedersen looks much more like the district demographic. Identity Politics in Roosevelt.


@31 When all else fails, blame race.


Trump rallying for Bevin: “If you lose, they’re going to say Trump suffered the greatest defeat in the history of the world!"


Sawant can still win, but let's hope not. However, Scott will have to pay for his own meals and Lyfts from now on.


@26 I didn't forget anything. You initially claimed Sawant's and Scott's scalps, and that's all you're going to get.

Late voting breaks left, you're not getting Lewis.

Eyman initiatives can't survive the courts, he's got a losing record longer than your arm:

Enjoy Sawant's and Scott's scalps. You don't have anything else.


@32 after @19 magically collected Scott to Smollett because... they both start with totally colorblind S, I guess?


@35 No, because they both like to make shit up for attention:


@28 We can't assume Sawant is out, but we can bet on it with pretty good odds. 8 points is a lot of ground to cover.


Someone better wake up Larry Gossett and tell him it's time to head home.


@37 That's a pretty disgusting accusation to be making when you don't have so much as a shred of evidence.


@40 Keep clutching them pearls.


Morales continued: “I’m gonna quote Lauren Hill y’all: ‘It’s time to change the focus from the richest to the brokest.’

That is rich coming from a millionaire house wife.


Oh, to be a fly on the wall at Sawant's "victory" party right now...


@41 Sure, and you go right on calling black people liars.

I'll take a few pearl bruises over looking like an open racist.


@28 Maybe Sawant will come back as a cockroach.


@37 I break out racist basically almost never, but you have no fucking idea what actually happened with the sign thing. Maybe it was some kind of fuckery, but your hard marker on false flag without any way of knowing what really happened is either disingenuous opportunism or racist bias. It very much seems that you are a certain sort of racist. I don't like saying that, but there's very little room for interpreting otherwise. You'll have something pithy to say back, but you should take a real look at yourself, at least in relation to this thing.


@44 Well one is a confirmed liar, the other is a socialist, so also a liar.

Why so angry tonight sugartits?


I'm confused. shows I-976 losing 56-44. Why does this post suggest the opposite?


@46 I think you've mistaken a certain amused relish in smacking down your desperate overreaching for anger.

Why not just savor Sawant's and Scott's scalps? Does it perhaps just not feel like enough, for some reason?


"Maybe Sawant will come back as a cockroach."

Is that some kind of reincarnation thing?


@48 King County Elections only reports results for King County. It's a statewide initiative. You want the Secretary of State's site for the full results:


@51 right I see, thanks


Gross. The Orion crowd is to politics what Kraft Macaroni & Cheese is to dinner options. Every word out of their mouths seemingly practiced for maximum non-offense. Born to lawnmower parents and raised in McMansions on cul-de-sacs. Preternaturally calm until someone tries to bring up a topic of substance, then watch 'em squirm and say something banal like "fair enough" while looking for the exit. The sort that thinks Joe Biden's not the only the best we can get, but all we should probably hope for. The downtown establishment is raising a glass tonight.


@53 Glad you enjoyed it!


Looks like the Marxist revolution sweeping across the USA lost its anchor, one of nine seats on the Seattle city council.

Maybe Sawant can run for dog catcher. I’m not sure the people can wait much longer.


Jesus Christ on a Crutch! I-976 WON?? Attention voters: WE'RE FUCKED.
ANYTHING backed by Tim Eyman should be a NO vote. Forever. Period.
@30 Catalina Vel-DuRay: sigh---Agreed and seconded. Car tabs will never be $30. But Tim Eyesore is laughing his ugly, corrupt ass off. A lot of rubes got taken to the bank.


@49 &c.: You certainly seem to be savoring your luridly violent metaphor during our peaceful election night. We’re just replacing some underperforming employees with ones who might do better. Nobody’s going to die violently as a result.

(Oh, and if you look at the actual vote totals, instead of mere percentages, you might not want to count Tavel out just yet...)


@21 That's right. Keep on laughing when nobody shows up to put out your house fire, or burglarizes your home. Need public transit? Sorry. Do you commute? Pick out a campsite on I-5, asshole.


Plenty of voters are stupid enough to fall for Eyman's garbage initiatives. Then they go to court and get eviscerated, because (being garbage) they violate the single subject clause in our state's constitution. Nothing new here.


@58 "luridly violent metaphor," tensor?

Good lord, I thought I was the one clutching the pearls, but here you are showing us how it's done, eh?

Late voting breaks left. Which you'd know, along with a bit of commonly used electioneering slang, if you'd ever read even three articles worth of electoral analysis in your life.


I remember when The Stranger was a quality paper. Sawant is a dangerous, unintelligent lunatic; car tab fees have been illegally stealing money from drivers for decades; "progressive taxation" for businesses closes businesses (go take a gander back east and in the midwest); affirmative action is the only ACTUAL institutionalized racism in America (no matter what the folks who don't know what words mean think) and man do I hope the money for "transit" that the scumbags who run this once great state waste day after day DOES dry up so that idiotic thief Inslee has to ask someone with a brain what do to next. Fuck The Stranger. This city used to be populated by hard working, fun living, full of love and pride people. Now? Lazy whiners always looking for the culprit in their shit lives. Don't like Amazon and all the jobs and commerce its created? DON'T SHOP THERE. Simple. Want a better life? Don't look to the scammers called "politicians" for your salvation. Work harder and hold a fucking door for someone and say thanks when they do for you. Start there. Again, Fuck The Stranger.


@64 Clean up your rooms first lobsters!


MNeugent dear, is there some medication that you are supposed to take that you didn’t take, or perhaps took too much of?


64: Way too much effort in this trolling. Don't you know that in good trolling brevity is king?

Unless you really are that dumb, in which case, party on dude.


@61: And not merely a luridly violent metaphor, but one with quite a racist history to it, as well. Classy!

As for your less-offensive tedious cliche, yes, later votes tend to be more left. The questions are, how many and how far left?

(Your cliche was old news when Maria Cantwell ended Slade Gordon’s political career; I didn’t need to read anyone’s opinion to learn it back then, and I don’t now, either. Do try to keep up.)


@Catalina Vel-Duray Nah, I'm doin fine. Though I have been a bit down over the past few years as the city and county councils have turned a once gorgeous PNW into a junkie-filled, over-taxed shit hole. Some of the election results give me hope that sanity is buried under there somewhere in this region. A slight glimmer anyway...


67 that wasn't trolling and as for dumb...? Now that's funny. Get some stats, do any research at all and describe how anything I wrote is untrue; not your opinion, stats I say. Facts. While I will admit that I make very strong coffee I stand by every word I wrote. That's kinda easy as each one is correct.


The karma for the people who voted for Eyman's latest turd is at least built-in. Traffic particularly will continue to get worse. I know I've lost whatever fucks I had about being respectful to other drivers.

Over at the Seattle Times some fo the right wingers are taking a victory lap listing the dream projects they think will happen now... Umm, no. Now transportation funding needs to be triaged. No doubt some ST projects will be delayed but so will all the freeway projects. There are still projects from the first round of triage that are inching forward now, and about to be shelved again.


I was at the Kohl-Welles party, after going to a birthday dinner for a friend.

Just remember, we're only halfway through the vote count. Anything mailed yesterday won't be counted until Friday afternoon vote count at the earliest.


@71 has a good point.

Insist ST zeroes out all parking for all transit projects so they can be completed.

Insist all state and county roads and highways come to a public vote. And then vote them all down. The Climate Crisis means any roads doom the planet.


When you say "Fuck Tim Eyman" what you are also saying is "Fuck democracy and those who voted to approve the initiative."


@74. Not true in any universe.

I would say, though, that it was probably a major mistake for the "No" campaign on that to keep calling it "Tim Eyman's I-976". The initiative should have been fought solely on the damage it would do, not on who was backing it. All personalizing the thing did was to give it some sympathy votes from people who felt that all the institutional referencing of Eyman as an individual was proof that the guy was "sticking it to 'The Man'." Tim Eyman never gave a damn about the working-class or the common person in any form.

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