“45.78% of the vote share, up from 45.61% “



Sawant needs 58% of the remaining vote. With tonight’s drop, that doesn’t look likely.


@5 -- Yeah, it seems unlikely, but not crazy. She had 45% on election night. She had 53% on this latest drop (if my math is correct). To further increase to 58% doesn't sound crazy, assuming the later the person voted, the more likely the were to vote Sawant.


Sawant's totals today were tragic. She fell another 200 votes behind and Orion's election night margin held (53 percent for a batch of about 3K votes). Another day of this and Egan can declare victory.


@6 Huh? Sawant didn’t get 53% of this batch... Orion GAINED 200 votes, meaning he got >50% of this batch.


@6 Orion had 53% of this batch, not Sawant.


I liked Sawant's enthusiasm and I rarely see male politicians being attacked for their lack of humor. However to have any hope of ever enacting real change would have required momentum for her movement, not the retreat we are seeing. I'm more concerned about the ability of the council to effectively advocate for policies that work and put funding where it can do the most good. That precludes tilting at windmills.


@8 Don't worry, when Lester and his man-bun hit the bars, he holds up his thumb and his little finger until he finds a girl who believes him when he tells her that they are 12 inches apart.


@8 and @9 -- Oops. My mistake. I read the headline, which said that "Sawant vote improves slightly". I then saw the numbers, and didn't read carefully. I figured with the headline saying that the vote total improved, it actually improved. It didn't. The trend holds some promise, but at some point (call me crazy now) she has to get more votes than her opponent to win.


@1 Your complete and total misogyny is well documented in your comment history. This election is exactly why the people of Seattle actually wish we had been able to vote in Amazon's HQ2 poll. Many of us multi-generational Seattlites would have paid Amazon to move the Primary HQ to anotjher state, and gladly been #2. Bezos and Über Capitalism have completely destroyed so many long-time successful small businesses. Yes, we get how you Fascist Scum think it is perfectly natural for the 1% to devour hard working small businesses. This is exactly why the city of Seattle should always have a right and budget to declare eminent domain over any corporation that wants to evict a commercial tenant to redevelop the building. The businesses in that building should first be given a chance to form a worker's co-operative, which the city could then recognize as the best use for that space, and allow the use of emanate domain to seize the property.



OK Boomer.


In 2013 Sawant was a bit of a novelty; that's why she made that comeback. Now that novelty has worn off. The SA party is going to miss that 2/3rds of her salary as well.


Lester. Why the long face?

The Sawant is draining!


" The SA party is going to miss that 2/3rds of her salary as well."

They were kicking it back to her husband, Calvin Priest, anyway.

I'm sure she can get a few night shifts teaching business management at Seattle Central Community College as a adjunct.



You can stop going all necrophiliac on the corpse of Mike McGinn’s political career now. (BTW, he was running for RE-ELECTION in 2013; he wasn’t a scrappy outsider mobilizing support; he was a failed incumbent fighting for his political life. He lost.) It’s really quite simple:

In 2013, Sawant was Not The Played-Out Incumbent Richard Conlin.

In 2019, Orion is Not The Played-Out Incumbent Kshama Sawant.

You’re welcome.


Something tells me Sawant will not go out gracefully.


21, when you flush a political turd does it circle the bowl gracefully?


@16 @18, Life as a socialist sounds like a real roller-coaster! One day you're riding around in your limousine on a cloud of luxury, the next you're cleaning floors for grocery money. What a ride!

And here I thought those rags-to-riches-and-back lifestyles were only for your go-getting job-creating risk-takers and serial entrepreneurs and the like.


@15 You can't pull that off when your pubes have started going grey, Feebs.


Amazon has ruined Seattle, just like Republicons have ruined America, but Virginia is going permanently Dem, Pennsylvania is going totally Dem again, and Kentucky just elected a Dem governor, so Republicons have nothing to celebrate.

BTW, frat boys, better sell your Boeing stock while you can. Your frat boy MBA joker who didn't listen to his machinists and engineers is going to try to fly that unstable capitalist-corner-cut POS again, and it will go down again. Meanwhile, the socialist Europeans know how to build a saleable aircraft. THank god MAGA idiots are dying by the thousands every day. About fricking time.


I'm watching and taking notes. I want to see if the MAGA bums cry as much when their furher loses as Sawant's scumbags are crying over their comrade being ousted. My guess is both the far left and the far right do NOT lose graciously.


Have you ever seen the "Hitler reacts" parodies on youtube? They should make one for Sawant, as I think her reaction to losing will rival that of Hitler to finding out the Soviets are coming. And I would not be surprised if they served Kool-aid at her concession speech. I can hear her followers now: "My children cannot live in a world without alternative socialism."


“ Meanwhile, the socialist Europeans know how to build a saleable aircraft. ”

Airbus is a publicly traded private company moron and they are building the A310 in Alabama now. Nothing socialist about it except the tax breaks it gets like Boeing. Maybe you’re thinking Tupolev.

No doubt remember the Air France A330 crash in the Atlantic in 2010?


Lots of criticism for Sawant allegedly having no sense of humor. She called Orion a bologna sandwich after he said voters would rather have that than her.

Has anyone ever seen Orion anywhere? Other than bankrupting the chamber of commerce?


You have to live the leap of logic it takes to equate Orion voters to Trump supporters.


“ She called Orion a bologna sandwich after he said voters would rather have that than her“

Wow, what a knee slapper! Comedy gold. My image of socialists as dour-faced ideologies I shattered!


Please let Sawant primary Jayapal!!!


@12: ‘I read the headline, which said that "Sawant vote improves slightly".’

Comrade Sawant has improved in the negative direction!

(Much like your chocolate ration...)


Yes. Rich white male privilege has got you drunk with power.
Can’t have a brown woman challenging that can we? I am not talking about ordinary men which you stomp all over especially the poor. You trumpets will go down. Another ordinary woman cries out. Die frat boys. Die.


14 Thank you for your excellent response. You know the history.


30 .......but we don’t have to leap very far.


"Can’t have a brown woman challenging that can we"

What about that rich white lady whose supporters beat up on Mark Solomon in D2?


Tammy Morales is a breath of fresh air regardless of her economic status. Wish there were more like her who had her compassion.


I’m going now have work to do. Thank you for your questions.


Here's a thought losers: pay your own fucking rent.


"Tammy Morales is a breath of fresh air "

Yeah, rich white women are so refreshing, especially when they push black men aside.


@40 I don't have to rent, I own. But for the years I paid, I am sure I was a better renter than you and I never missed a payment or was more than a week late (and was never individually late at all). Thank you for so clearly demonstrating what kind of jerks vindictively want to dump any hint of anything that might be nice to another person.

I voted for Scott against the spineless NIMBY. I'm no socialist (hard left but I like my toys fine) but the idea of having to work with Penderson to get anything done to benifit me as a resident and not a multi-billion dollar corporation makes me physically ill. That fish should never have gone to market, much less been bought. NorthEast has its fair share of "falling apart" and now the only thing that will get done here will be "handy" work for Amazon. I would say that it will be nice to see some money finally hit South Seattle but I'm sure he'll curl up in a ball and cry about that too. Then he'll come padding back here with his tongue hanging out expecting praise for protecting our interests when it will really just be the interests of Amazon and old nextdoor posters who don't care about what life is like here five years from now as long as they get theirs now.

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