Slog AM: Renton Turtles Graffitied with Swastikas, Washington Neo-Nazi Banned from Canada, a Buffalo Wild Wings Disaster



A non-human person moving to Florida?
Hmmm Where have we heard this before?


Natalie, have you never donated blood? I get notifications when my blood helps save a life right here in Washington.


Save the turtles! Sksksksksksksksksksksksk!


Ain't no one fuqs wif mah toitles


Have a great weekend all Sloggers


The left is painting swastikas on turtles now? Jussie Turtles? Lol. Guys. I thought you were supposed to be soyboy, veganazis (no pun intended), but I guess you are just Nazis.

P.S. And just like in Smollett's case, no one STILL believes you! Lolski.

While we are on the subject of ACTUAL racists in the left, I am glad that the Pres of a racist NAACP is getting fucked. Somehow that does not surprise me.


I never thought I'd see blatant trolling as I have in this forum. Step away from the computer, drop the ham sandwich, and back the FRACK off gaijin. I hate to use that word but you've made me that serious. As hard as it may be for you to fathom, some of us here are actual fans of the Final Fantasy series (pre FFX) and Square's work in general. You can try to bash me for an avatar I bought because I happen to be a dedicated fan of perhaps the most poignant, painstakingly woven tapestry of love, loss, and vengeance ever to be put from pen to paper, but you would fail, like all you flamers do in real life. Who can say that the minds at Square Enix (note: the appropriate portmanteau is SQUENIX, not the laughable SQUEENIX) were not inspired by the works of William Shakespeare or Chuck Palahniuk? Cloud's Bastard Sword has more akin with the bastard sons of Macbeth than it does any armament or basilard of the time. The Honey Bee Club in Midgar reminds me more of the Fight Clubs than any brothel. So please, use your brains, not your sarcasm, and step up to the intellectual plate, or leave this forum and take your "haterade" with you


@10 - What are you babbling about?



One thing that caused me to stop playing this game and register and post to this was the EXTREMELY ANNOYING propaganda that gets spit out at me for about 4-6 text screens everytime I want to save. Although I agree with much of what you say there is really no need to put this in a game. It makes it seem very unprofessional and just plain annoying and in my case ruined the whole appeal of the game. Now, let me explain why I call it propaganda yet say I agree with most of it. First off, you state your points in a very racist and one sided way, in fact it's stated in such a way where it makes YOU sound very unintelligent and infact ignorant. For instance, you mention how games like Madden and Quake and ruining gaming and how the people who play these games are stupid (this is what I, and many people I've spoke to about have taken from it). First off, I don't particularly disagree with you, I don't like either of these games or there generes. However, as a professional game developer myself, the first thing I had to come to terms with (and which you very much need to) is the fact that not everone likes the same games as you. Infact, this can be broadened to the fact that people have different OPINIONS, which can not be validated as right or wrong since they are OPINIONS. Some people who are big sports fan will like playing sports games. Who are you to judge their opinions? Who are you to judge their intelligence? I won't even get into your racist statements since I myself do not want to get into it since it would add many many paragraphs to this post. Let me just say this, it completely convinced me that you are FAR FAR more ignorant than those you insult. But from a professional point of view this is absurd, this propaganda has no place in a game, especially in one where all the other aspect are excellent. So in summary, keep you opinions/politics out of your games or you will lose fan. You just lost my support, respect, and that of many other people I know by having such ignorant propaganda in your game. Now I will leave you with a few words from the father of philosophy, Socrates. "All I know is that I do not know anything." Please think this over and try to raise yourself about your ignorance. Thank you and have a good day.


It’s better this way.

We remain on the Golden Path.

Nice use of “hate-crimed”, btw.


Personally, I really enjoyed FFX-2, despite it's lukewarm reviews.

Yeah, it was frivolous, simple and undeniably overly girly, but I liked how it was unashamed to be its own thing. The dresspheres system was a cool jobs system, fight me.


"92% of Democrats and 67% of Swing Voters in Key Battleground States Support Green New Deal"

"These results confirm what we've known for months: the Green New Deal isn't just the right policy to confront the climate crisis and create millions of well-paying jobs in the process, but it's also smart politics,"


@15 Get out and enjoy the weather Climate Panic boy.


@16 was intended for 10, 12.



Ok Boomer


@16 Calling me a "panic boy" is one thing, imbecile, but you could at least have the courtesy of leaving actual people out of your grotesque trolling



Gen X, bitch!

Everyone knows that "the most poignant, painstakingly woven tapestry of love" is captured by Pitfall Harry dangerously traversing the gaping mouths of those crocodile heads he jumps upon to make it over those treacherous ponds. You're goddamn amateurs.


"Unfortunately, anti-Semitic vandalism is becoming all too common in this climate,"
That “climate” thing was created by Trump with his anti-Muslim, anti-immigrants’ rhetoric, not to mention the crowd he’s been catering to all along.
Very sadly many US Jews and Israel’s PM helped him get there, assuming the flames he’s fanning will never reach them.


Whotf ever even sees these mini MKkKonnells?

Desperate to get The Word out?
Go Big or scurry Home, Verminazi --

Better still?
Your Car.
(or your mom's).


I am confused. Movin' on...


"Japan companies institute a dress code for female workers:"
Well-played, Japan!

We got Virginia.
(THNX, trumpry!)
Time to Pass the ERA, USA.


There is, perhaps, only one medium of art that matches the excellence of vidcons and that is (obviously) visual kei. Combining absolutely exquisite j-rock and j-pop, sprinkled with hints of vidcon melodies, with the pyrotechnic visual flare that the Japanese are known for, visual kei takes its viewers on a rollercoaster ride of lights, fanfare, and music that even Beethoven could tap his toes to. Would that I were Japanese, (though under careful scrutiny, it appears my geneology tree does in fact show signs of a Japanese presence) I too would participate in this art of the 21st century and even perhaps venture onto the visual kei stage myself. It is no surprise that the impotent minds of Western society cannot fully grasp the total splendor of visual kei and instead choose to squandor their time listening to rap and country "music".


I did catch a portion of a J-Pop show at Tower Records Shibuya.

My guess is translated text from forums or whatever.

If you are truly capable of that level of non sequitur verbosity, however..

Well, I’m not wearing a hat.

I’m more confident in my assertion that, due to my lack of belief in coincidence, those turtles are an ode to Sawant.

Call it a hunch.



The difference between Japanese and American consumers are as blatant as the difference between seasons 1 and 2 of Otomoe wa Boku ni Koishiteru (a nod to my fellow Otomoe wa Boku ni Koishiteru enthusiasts). Where as the Japanese consumer is informed and discriminating in his or her purchases and endeavors, his American counterpart acts as a foil, stumbling blindly through the electronics department at K-mart, groping for the first title with enough explosions or mammaries on the cover to slake their slavering decidedly non-intellectual lusts. Their hunger for Western garbage such as Madden and Halo is fueled by an almost sub-human ignorance that is as profound in the rest of their lives as it is in their choosing of media. This disgusting display of American mass stupidity is no doubt the result of Christian indoctrination, adding another point on the list of reasons why the Japanese are more intelligent than the West, as a contemptuous Western culture has left its people with little more than swiss cheese brains and an unquenchable urge for repeat football advertisements.


I was leafing through a remainder(overproduced book at a discounted price) in the foyer maybe sixteen years ago and saw that the Japanese never attacked a supply line.

I don’t know if this was due to US maneuvering(I mean, obviously, you need to protect your lines) but the guy flatly made it sound like the thought simply never crossed their collective mind.

But yeah, they do love themselves some “fat, stupid American” tropes.

As for myself, I’m not a huge fan of folks that dance to the same shit as eight year olds, but as an “alternative”, “radical” guy I’m the odd man out.

Japanese honor is very well represented in their whores, though.



It should be no surprise to anyone with a passing familiarity with gaming that Pocky is the ideal food to snack on when playing mentioned object (although 'playing' is an inappropriate word, because you experience, rather than play, a game; I shall use 'playing' for the sake of simplicity). For those ignorant to the intricacies of this fine Japanese cuisine, imagine a delicate stick of sweetened bread about the width and length of a chopstick, its tip coated in the richest chocolate imaginable. The bold flavor of the chocolate is complimented by the small nuts that caress the tip, creating a culinary juxtaposition of sweetness and saltiness that can only have been hatched in the mind of a chef versed in the subtle paradoxes of Eastern cooking. They are light and easy to eat and hold, useful for gaming on the go, and their sugar content add that extra boost for late night gaming. Therefore, pocky has garnered itself the precious title of "Ultimate Gaming Snack". Perhaps the only drawback of pocky is its limited availability in the West, though this cannot be attributed to the snack itself, but the infuriating baboons that think they are running grocery stores.


When you walk into teamrabbah pranets you walk up an inclined hallway with water running down it, then go to a locker room where you are provided with towels wash your fine Japanese lady’s feet.

From there you head into the padded cuddle puddle room.

And so on.

Nami even shared drugs with me.

And they insist on providing the correct change.

America. What a place.


@9 -- " Lolski. "
PROOF! A Russian in our midst! No self respecting true real red-(red?)-blooded American would ever be caught dead-handed saying that. Q.E.D.

You know, it's really too bad you don't have anything substantive to bring to the table Mr. @9. It would make you waaay more interesting. But then you'd actually have to think about what you say and even back it up with, y'know, facts n'stuff.
Low-quality mud-flinging and absurd "up-is-down!" attacks don't really qualify for anything but the child's menu at Olive Garden. And I do love a good garden, but yawn what was that? Ooo! look! a cheese fountain! So cheesy.

@12 - tl;dr Please consider paragraph breaks once in awhile. Or, you know, don't.

@ Everyone: I would like to recommend the following two bits of information:

Infektion: How Russia Perfected the Art of War:

2.Russia and the Menace of Unreality:

Note the latter predates the former by about 4 years.
Note also, how much Turnip constantly LIES and attempts to create confusion and manipulate the truth into a twisted contortion.
Note also also, the weird fascination Turnip has with encouraging and manifesting violence at the street level.

All very curious.


Nathalie, get over your bizarre Ted Bundy fixation already, and seek professional help.


"... the weird fascination Turnip has with encouraging and manifesting violence at the street level. All very curious." --@Treacle

Very curious, until a Dem should happen to eke out a Victory in 2020.
Then, it'll be trumpfy's Call To Action.

To which, having heard it a gazillion times before,
via the FOX/Sinclair/NRA/KommKastKorps echolalia chambers,
they'll know precisely how to respond:
their beloved 2nd Amendment Solution.

trumpfy's merely laying the groundwork
for a 10,000 Year trumpfian Reich.
Can you say Eric trumpf junior junior junior?
Not to worry -- you. WILL.


Oops! and I hope it ain't too late!
Can you say EMPEROR Eric trumpf junior junior junior?
Of course you will.


@35 & @36: Halloween is over, Kris. Stop scaring me.