No, that's not true and you know it Charles. You're just being spiteful and provocative because that's all you know how to do these days.


Well at least we get four more years of her tilting at windmills.


Yes. After all what would you racist losers have to complain about?


The most telling thing for me was the Police Union vote. Kshama stood alone in voting against it, and she was called divisive. Yet the Seattle group-think was glaringly wrong, and it didn't even pass judicial review. Now the police still don't have a contract because the "Very Serious People" like Mayor Durkan, and Lorena Gonzalez didn't even attempt to negotiate a contract that would pass muster. Perhaps a few more "divisive" people on the council would have prevented that entire waste of time.


Hooray! 4 more years of watching her play Candy Crush during public hearings.


Still waiting for that municipal broadband competition to Comcast she loudly promised. NADA.

Idiot Sawant.


Does Katie Herzog hate her for the same reasons?


Good summary from Mudede!


Meanwhile in India...


Ah, so that's how it works...
IF you have the dough-ray-me
this land IS Your Land.
If not, GTFO!
Thanks, again, Chas.


Good shit, Charles.


I always click on Mudede columns because occasionally you hit one out of the park and this is one of those times.


Kshama is an imperfect person like everyone else...but it's hilarious to imagine the shock all the smug Bezos wannabes must be feeling tonight-they were SOOOOOO sure they had the Socialist Immigrant Menace beat-they were so sure Seattle had learned its lesson and the working and kept-from-working poor had been reminded of "their place". two votes drops in three hours all slipped away. It ALL slipped away. Thank you, Charles.


Charles, as usual you knock me off balance with your titles then make a good case in your article. I was having trouble articulating to myself why I'm still content with Sawant despite some of my frustrations with her policies (specifically giving stated support to additional housing and density but blocking housing development at the Showbox because it wasn't the exact kind of housing she wanted). However, it's unreasonable to never expect to disagree with your representatives and the important thing is that they are working in our best interests. So your succinct quote really helped me realize why I'm still optimistic despite my reservations:

"But what I've never doubted is her commitment to improving the lives of those at the bottom, a huge class that has little to no monetary representation—the top form of representation and influence in the US."


@8: It isn't "Other People's Money". It never WAS "Other People's Money". It's "WORKING PEOPLE'S MONEY". It was and is created by the labor of all working people, and by the consumption of goods and services by working people with the wages they've earned. It was earned by the workers of Amazon, by the workers of Microsoft, by the workers of Dick's, by the workers of all the other businesses in town. And it is only good and just that that wealth, created by labour and by consumption of goods and services by labour, should be used for the good of all.


Avatars don't know other avatar's race.


Thank you, Charles.
@13 kallipugos: Ditto.


@16 AlaskanbutnotSeanParnell: Amen.


Love the post positing that anyone who didn't vote for Sawant was a racist. Great. Just keep rolling with the identity politics folks - and guarantee Trump a second term.


It's almost as if the comments (not the ones who actually read the article, and thought about it) prove the underlying point!


@15 a nuanced and reasonable response! Surely you are on the wrong board ;-)



Orion doesn’t represent anything at all. That’s because he fucking lost.


"Commitment" to the poor and working class is not the same as being effective in promoting changes. Yes, there are unfair challenges with State laws, regressive taxation, and Constitutional protection of property rights. I see Sawant as a release valve venting against these forces instead of doing the hard collaborative work of finding middle ground and moving the bar.


@26- what exactly is wrong with Constitutional protection of property rights?


Sawants haters - like me - are reacting most strongly to her presumption of moral superiority and her disregard for hurting people along the way. Add in her unwillingness to compromise, work with others, and allowing SA to fully control her...


"The Left's version of Trump." --MrB

'Cause, you just KNOW Kshama's
splitting brown children from parents
(and then not even knowing WHEREtf THEY ARE)
putting those brown children in cages
inciting her followers to physically attack the oppostition
leading chants of "Lock Orion UP!"
lying, like there's (gonna be) No Tomorrow
Obstructing Justice
But wait, there's More
(a whole Impeachment's worth)!

Yeah, you're 'right'
the Socialist
is just like
the fawking


@32 'Cause wouldn't it be a BigSurprise if cops shot and killed a black man, based on NO evidence (well, other than being Alive while being Black).

So, did the cops sue her? B. Did she hafta recant (trumpfy NEVER recants; he always Doubles Down), or what?


@8: Are you a "secret" recipient of KKKorporate Welfare? ( you know, over ninety percent of all historical Welfare in America. --- & &


C'mon, "Comrade" Mudede: if Comrade Sawant is truly one of Us, then she most certainly represents the Middle Class ( well, specifically members of the Middle-Class who are politically Red!🙂).


@30 So where's the business lobby's willingness to compromise? The only time corporations or their wealthy owners do anything to help with homelessness and/or housing is when the cost of project is too small for shareholders to notice, and the whole operation is under their control.

Why won't they meet us halfway?


Thank you Charles. Hoarded wealth is a machine for poverty and that is what we have. The super rich draining ordinary people and our communities. They want so desperately to keep us down and in our place. If we speak up they have to shut us up.

When we fight back is the only time we get listened to by these bought off politicos which we really don’t need. Its OUR money they are using and frankly its the people that matter not the hoarders and robbers of wealth. Power to the people.

Its movements of labor and human rights that gave their blood for the stoppage of child labor and benefits such as social security, unemployment insurance, our safety net which those cretins chip away.

You can lock up a revolutionary but you can’t lock up the revolution with its many forms. Yes its divisive because there are TWO sides.


O. cry me a river right wing losers.


@32 -- "She [CM Sawant] accused the cops who killed Che Taylor of murder and racial profiling... " Yeah -- sorta.Only, she didn't:

"SEATTLE (AP) — A federal judge has thrown out a defamation lawsuit filed against Seattle City Councilmember Kshama Sawant by two Seattle police officers over public statements she made calling the 2016 police shooting of Che Taylor a racially motivated 'brutal murder.'

The Seattle Times reports U.S. District Judge Marsha Pechman threw out defamation claims against Sawant as an individual and said they couldn’t be refiled."

The Devil's certainly in them little Details, ain't he?

See, that right there's the Difference:
trumpfy cannot censor the mendacious bile
what flows from his sad little piehole
or Twitters notstop.

(That's why his Lawyers'll NEVER allow hair Furor to give sworn, oral testimony -- they're not fools, unlike trumpfy and his Henchmen. Lookin' at YOU, Rudy! Keep it up, you're doin' Great! MAGA, baby!)

Well, that, Plus all that other (just a teensie bit of) trumfpy's high crimes misdemeanors
malfeasances and et ceteras, named above.


@40 -- Oops -- skipped an important paragraph:

"[Judge] Pechman concluded that officers Scott Miller and Michael Spaulding could not show that Sawant was talking about them specifically when she condemned the shooting."

Speaking of Details.


@39: Nobody lost anything. We're always served an assortment of left wings, some just seasoned differently.


Ok, so when Seattle City Council Member Kshama Sawant called the 2016 police shooting of Che Taylor a racially-motivated 'brutal murder,' she was NOT (necessarily) pointing The Finger at SPD officers Scott Miller and Michael Spaulding.

I believe it was more of an If-the-shoe-fits-,-you- must-wear-it-type statement. And, obvously, the officers musta thought it fit, just like Cinderella's, to take clear to court.

Unless, I'm mistaken...


@37 OK, so if businesses and the wealthy people who own them won't compromise, and you're fine with that, why should anyone else compromise? Isn't a no-compromises representative exactly what you want when you've got a no-compromises opponent?


"But what I've never doubted is her [CM Sawant's] commitment to improving the lives of those at the bottom, a huge class that has little to no monetary representation—the top form of representation and influence in the US." --Chas

I agree, that's Key, CGCBB, @15.
It's why she's got my vote.


"Just because it didn’t meet the legal definition of slander or defamation or whatever doesn’t change the fact that what she said was a bald faced lie."

Which part -- the racially-motivated or the brutal murder?

Irregardlessly, that does not make Kshama a Hair furor.
She's on the side of the 99%
She's not only not in the same ballpark,
she's not in the same fucking League.

trumpy's not draining the swamp
swamps are pretty cool
he's in the fucking sewer.


In general, progressive legislative compromises are facilitated if there’s a “OMG crazy far left commie” around. She can push the envelope and encourage the elites to compromise with more moderate progressives—whom elites would otherwise ignore.


@46 Looks to me like the representative in question, far from overplaying her hand, has watched while businesses and the wealthy people who own them overplay THEIR hand.

We're certainly not seeing anything on the scale imagined by businesses and the wealthy people who own them, are we? You can't demand compromise from your opponent if you haven't even been willing to come to the table yourself.


@49 et al
So she's trump.
Got it.


@49 No, like CM Sawant, many of us assumed it was yet another case of a cowardly cop executing a black person for looking wrong.


I'm not a wealthy elite. I'm a grave shift worker who lives in D3. Sawant has been unresponsive to the great majority of her district and participates in organized shouting down of those who don't agree in lock step with her every thought. I voted for her last time but she lost my vote this time around. Kshama, you're paid to represent D3, so do it. And stop supporting boycotts against small, minority owned businesses (she did this in 2018 and this year also). Stop saying you're labor and then attacking union jobs. Stop saying you'll help neighbors fight development that displaces without providing any affordable units, then refusing to take calls from neighbors on just such projects. Stop taking orders from a pay-to-belong members only club (the press just ignores this fact about Socialist Alternative). You're paid to represent US so do so and then maybe half the voters in your district wouldn't have abandoned you.

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