Friday Night Ballot Drop: Sawant Is Now 1,500 Votes Ahead!



Poor Jeff Bezos -- a million point five down the drain and what to show for it?

Not to worry -- he's got thousands of those million point fives, just lying around, idle as a poor person. He's a pretty sharp guy -- I'm sure he'll think of Something...

Way To GO, Kshama!


Hooray says Dori Monson, 4 more years of great sound bites!


Getting in on this before Sargon's open, wagging call cockholster barges in spewing some received "wisdom" about "other peoples' money" or assorted nonsense.


@3 There's no sport in calling inb4trollz here. They'll show up soon enough, just give them a little extra time for those minor last-minute edits to their "narrative," as they like to call it.


WA-HOOOOOOO!!! Rock on, Kshama, rock ON!!!
Now to scarp Tim Eyesore's latest I-976 travesty.


@1 kristofarian: Agreed and Seconded.


@6: Aww, shit! Scarp? Correction: "Now to scrap Tim Eyesore's latest I-976 travesty."


This article is incorrect - after King county dropped it's second batch of ballots on Friday night Referendum 88, which brings back a form of affirmative action, is down 10,000 votes. Not 25,000 as this article states. It will probably reach that amount by next week when more counties bring in more numbers.




@4 Even though you're a killjoy, you're right.


@6: might as well scarp it as well. Has Tim washed that freaking t-shirt yet?


So, in the year that was supposed to be all about change, all the incumbents won. Establishment candidates also won (although the 6th and 4th were fairly split in terms of establishment endorsements). I'm disappointed that Scott lost (I like him a lot more than Sawant) but it is tough to beat an incumbent -- or someone with close ties to one.

With all the noise and blather it seems like this turned out to be a typical boring Seattle city council race.


Uh...if Kshama's over 1,515 votes ahead, and there are only about 1,157 votes, I think she has somewhat more than "all BUT assured" her victory. There's pretty much no form of computation that would still make an Orion victory even theoretically possible.


That should have been "and there are only about 1,157 votes left to count..."


I'm delighted the Amazon candidates lost, but let's face it- they are still the de-facto unelected Councilmember, the 500 lb gorilla in the room.
We will need them and our other local Fortune 500 companies and resident billionaires to help deal with the wreckage from I-976.
Best wishes for light-rail, high-speed rail, and transit improvements going forward. It ain't gonna be easy.


Juarez is D5, not D7.


@12 AlaskanbutnotSeanParnell and @16 kallipugos: Can't we still declare Tim Eyesore's I-976 travesty unconstitutional? Time to call AG SuperBob.


@18: Yeah. That's what happens to most of Tim's measures.


Encouraging news for all our class throughout the world!

The workers of District 3, Socialist Alternative, and Kshama Sawant, beat the planet’s premier plutocrat — the centibillionaire centipede Bezos.

Giving us unassailable arguments, for example in the US / China / Egypt:

“Oho, so you think mass-murderer scum like Trump-Obama / Xi / Sisi are too strong to be beaten?”

“Then how did your socialist sister Kshama beat their vile ilk, and the planet’s richest pig — in Seattle, a major US city, in the belly of the beast?”

“So take courage, and strike hard!”

“Together, we have a world to win!”


It's time to start a statewide petition campaign to abolish the state constitution's bans on income wealth tax. It's time to adopt progressive taxation and get rid of the most regressive form of taxation of all, the state sales tax, and doing so would massively reduce the tax burden for the majority of the state's residence, in every corner of the state. Washington State needs to finally join-if nothing else-the 20th century.


@21 Amazing. No matter how many times WA voters vote against the various taxes you people push by large margins, you never learn your lesson, do you?


They hate the sales tax more than any other. There's no good reason to depend on the most regressive form of taxation of all, the sales tax. Most voters would be glad to switch from sales tax to income tax. They simply haven't been given that option.


Seattle Times is having a saddy. Their headline

Sawant surges past Orion in Seattle City Council race

A win for Sawant would mean defeats in five of seven contests for candidates backed by Amazon and the Seattle Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce, which long ago vowed to use the 2019 elections to reshape the council.


Fuck you Katie Herzog!


@25: Why are you, of all thoughtful people, spewing hateful insults at a writer who provides content that you take issue with? So what? Why would that matter? Learn from it, disagree with it, rebut it, expand on it, contribute your insights, but above all don't insult those who just providing content - it's their job.

This sound advice goes to all the Hezog haters!



There is something viscerally joyous about seeing your opponents cackle at the prospect of your demise, only to succeed within hours of their failed prediction. It is like Conan the Barbarian’s reply when asked what is the best thing.

As far as your own advice, why don’t you apply it to yourself first, so I can take you seriously, before offering it to me?

Will you now shut up about your hatred of socialist ideals, so you can take the time to learn what you can from them, rebut them intelligently and contribute constructively, without merely demeaning its adherents?

That’s your job, oh thoughtful philosopher.


Schadenfreude opportunity: go look at the Seattle Times comments on the corresponding story.



You want to know what you voted for? Four more years of this:

This is the council voting on whether to repeal the head tax. Sawant packed the hall with her people (many of whom flew in from NYC, all of whom are paid by her for-profit political party) and they chanted obnoxiously and attacked anyone else in the hall. The entire time.

Sawant was conducting the whole thing, they only shut up when she was talking. And she refused to vote until she was allowed to grandstand, while the other eight councilmembers were rolling their eyes.

Is it any surprise that poor Bruce Harrell didn't want to endure it anymore? Y'all replaced him with an avowed socialist, Tammy Morales, who will be a staunch Sawant ally.

And this wasn't a one-off thing. She does this all the time. She exists entirely as a roadblock to getting real work done. She reschedules her committee meetings to random times, and then only informs Socialist Alternative (NOT the public) so that they can pack her committee meetings as well and create the illusion of public consensus in her favor. Nobody's fooled by it so it's just a huge waste of time.

Meanwhile, the actual legislation she proposes is totally non-serious. During the head tax debate she introduced an amendment to quadruple it. She's introduced legislation to make dramatic cuts to an already starving police force, to legalize camping in parks, to make it illegal to EVER remove an encampment, and to dissolve the navigation team. If she were able to get any of it passed, she'd make this city a far worse place. In the past, she hasn't ever been able to get legislation passed. We'll have to see how many members of this new "progressive" council fall in line behind her. We already know Morales and Mosqueda will, and Scott if he closes the gap with Pedersen.

Sawant is humiliating. She's an embarrassment to our city. But I'm not mad about it. We voted for her, knowing full well what she is and what she does. We deserve to be humiliated and embarrassed.


@28: Ahem. I do. In regard to socialism, I've said that socialism has a symbiotic relationship with capitalism - which I favor. And I've also been quite vocal about my preference for right-of-center politics. The two are not incongruous.

I'm also terse with Charles. But he's doing his job if he gets me to think and question my own thinking. But I never say "f**k off" to the writer, as that wouldn't elevate the soundness of my argument. Also, its disrespectful.


@31: Please describe in once sentence how Herzog offends your delicate political dispositions.


@30: She was right. Thanks for the reminder.


@2: You and Dori clutch that straw. Go on! Wave it around!





The difference being, Charles hasn’t run an article declaring a candidate’s chances of victory dead, and describing in detail that such a victory is impossible because he personally finds them unbearable. only to have that same candidate win within an hour of said article’s publication.

It calls into question not only her sense of judgement, but also her qualifications to issue political prognostication. She is flatly wrong, her declaration that Sawant has lost is factually incorrect. It is a completely false statement. And it is a statement which, had she the sense of judgement to hold her fire until the final tally was completed, could have been avoided. Her zeal to pronounce death on the Sawant campaign has overridden her good sense, and it is for that reason I indict Herzog on the charge of hackery.

This is beneath the standard of any respectable publication. Continence of the mouth, rather that logorrhea, would have been treated with a measured response. However, since Herzog has spewed her bile across a keyboard, I respond with an eruption of my own, which is an appropriate response to those whose impulses cannot be controlled.

Note that the writers,of the pro-Sawant camp gave measured responses. Smith hoped Sawant would still claim victory, but held his breath the whole way. Mudede did not declare Orion a loser prior to the final tally.

Herzog should know to do likewise.

You, and others in the commentary section including myself, are not held to such a high standard as we are not staff writers for this publication. Nobody is paying me to write the dribble I post in this little box. Nobody in their right mind would, but that’s another matter. If someone were delusional enough to do so. I would be expected rightly to restrain my more pugilistic instincts and offer more considered material. Herzog is getting a paycheck, and I expect her to earn it.


Herzog is awesome, a professional journalist because she is paid. Wandering Stars is a troll. Telling someone to f*** is complete lack of creativity and intellectual options. Just stop already.


Fuck off, and your little dog Toto, too.



It was my understanding there would be no math


F right wing America. Why don't they stick to their deplorable caves anyway? They have literally zero cultural legacy. Even the best country music is pro labor. Stupid fascists.

Glad Kshama is back. Let's face it, the right hate her because she's a brown woman who unapologetically open, although everyone I've met her says she's quite nice. I saw the douchebags shout her down outside of Amazon, these clowns being the ones benefitting form over a a century of labor struggle, but to stupid to know it. This is the result of media ownership by right-wing anti-labor press, including the pathetic Seattle Times. Can somebody explain to me why a modern city like Seattle has its major newspaper owned by out-of-town fascists, and served by Comcast and Centurylink, the latter of which is based in fucking Louisiana? I hope our city council starts work on getting us city wide broadband at least, for the priviledge of being jacked by out of control landlords and global monopolists.

This city and actually nowhere in the USA is worth residing in any more. You can get cheaper living with far better standards in a long list of other nations at this point. Will America overcome its internal idiots, including the right wing that arms idiots that shoot into homes by accident and kill owners? You want property rights? How about the right not to be shot dead in your hometown randomly? ANything more important than that? Not to fricking Republicons. I've lived with these morons my whole life. It's gotten really tiresome. I know large swathes of them are dying every day, thank no Jesus, but they really should get on with it.


@41: Interesting commentary.

The Seattle Times is not owned by out-of-town fascists, nor in-town fascists. The newspaper is now in its fourth and fifth generations of ownership by the Blethen family. Newspapers are not designed and never meant to parallel the views of their readers.


If capitalism were superior to socialism or communism, we would have the world's biggest high speed rail network in the world, instead of China. Clearly they know how to get it done, and we don't, and it ain't all regulation. Ironic that anti-regulation right-wingers are always more than happy to soak the government when it comes to eminent domain resolution - hypocrites then as always on the right.

Right-wingers have stopped transit at every step. That idiot Dori Monsen brayed on radio daily for a decade about how 'noone would ride' the light rail which is now saving this region's bacon every day, and will continue to do so as it expands. Tim Eyman, office furniture shoplifter, is allowed to interfere in that progress, and people think Sawant is more of a kook than the right-wing chamber of commerce bluehairs enabling Eyman.

Don't get too worried about expansion in Seattle, because this rigged Wall St whipped cream economy is going off the rails, and Boeing might even go down, since the 737 MAX will never be saved from its inherently unstable design, thanks to the frat boy MBA best and brightest MGMT at Boeing over the last 20 years. The American brand of quality has been decimated globally by right-wing corporate grifters like Mullenberg. Just buy a good union-made AND DESIGNED airplane by Airbus, where aerospace engineers design the airplanes, not frat beer-loving MBAs.

This region is going to eat a good one very soon, so don't go all in on that wildly overpriced postage stamp of a home, stuck in the rain half of the year. Migrants from sunnier climes - aren't you glad you moved here? Seattle is the gift that never stops giving. You never get a full summer here. This September and October was a reminder you always pay on one end of the other, though, sure its better than the midwest. Just spent a week in Chicago. Their downtown makes ours look like a joke. Also, thank Amazon mayor for the new condo going up on Denny, permanently blocking the Space Needle. You just can't make this stuff up in no-oversight chucklesville!



The Seattle Times is a complete rag owned by right-wingers masquerading as moderates, a long-standing canard in the American media which should end. Seattle should have its own serious newspaper, staffed by writers who live in the city. Full Stop. This nation's media ownership laws are a crock, which started going wrong under Ronald Reagan. Four-to five generations of the Blethen family, who don't even here, have NO CLAIM to be a voice for the people in this area. OH, sorry, didn't mean to put LOCAL PUBLIC acquisition of important public interest information to ahead of the oh-so-critical profit motive, no, profit right, of some entitled elite family whose descendants, at this point, have no interest in the city, and are simply living off the shares.

So a local newspaper should not reflect the views of the people of the geographic area it represents? Exactly what views should that paper reflect? Clearly, people aren't buying the New York Times for Seattle news, right? That's why it's the Seattle Times, not the Earth Times.

Keep working on your apologism. Fact is, every city in America should have local media that SERVES THOSE PEOPLE NOT some nebulous corporate interests and agendas being conjured up in Masonville Central.


@45: actually, with all of the indefensible flaws of its approach, Chinese Communism also lifted millions of people out of poverty. When Mao took over, the Nationalist regime he replaced-with the support of the overwhelming majority of the Chinese people at the time-had brought the country to the level of economic collapse and tens of millions were starving.

It would have been-and would still be-far, far better if the Chinese put in democratic decision-making processes on the economy and if workers, not the Party-state or the wealthy, controlled the workplace. They should still do that-though I think U.S. conservatives like yourself would oppose that just as feverishly as you oppose what you still call "Communism" in that country-in reality, it's state capitalist-but nothing would be better for the many if everything were thrown to the market, if millions or perhaps tens of millions were put out of work in the brutal transition that would require, of if U.S. corporations took even greater control of the place.

It's interesting that you used the term "Centrally Controlled Capitalist" to describe China. You do realize that "Centrally Controlled Capitalism" is simply another phrase to describe capitalism, don't you?


It's not as though the only way to run the world is to treat the rich as though they are gods who walk the earth.


@46: That should have been "You do realize that 'Centrally Controlled Capitalism' is simply another way to sum up fascism, don't you?"


@42: OK, it's owned by in-town fascists-the Blethen family, who have been fighting to keep working people under the bootheels of the rich since the war their class started in 1914. That makes a big difference. And no, newspapers don't have to be "designed" to match the view of their communities, but the communities where newspapers do their work do have the right to call them out when those newspapers work for the few instead of the many in those communities, when those newspapers work to increase privilege for the wealthy and hardship for the many.


@44: I meant to say newspapers should not necessarily reflect the views of its readers, in its opinion section. They're meant to report the news and provide opinions of their own and of the community, which is what the Seattle Times and The Stranger do.


@49: Which was balanced by the Seattle Post Intelligencer throughout the nineteenth century and into the internet era.


@44 -- "I hope our city council starts work on getting us city wide broadband at least, for the priviledge of being jacked by out of control landlords and global monopolists." --Anti-

I think you're onto something there.
How bout we only hafta get fucked by
a fucking few monopolies, instead of all of 'em?
Oh, and whatever happened to the lube?

"This nation's media ownership laws are a crock, which started going wrong under Ronald Reagan... " and "every city in America should have local media that SERVES THOSE [Locals] PEOPLE... "

YES. AbsofawkingLutely.
Founding Fathers Constitutionally-susidized a Fourth Estate, paid for because they pre-knew a FOX-informed type Electorate would be a heavily-manipulated (last I heard, they won't allow FOX to come up and fuck up Canada), un- mis- and mal-informed Electorate. And now, Murdoch's got this country by the Balls. Which is what happens when you allow the Billionaires (and their ever-delightful)* progeny to rule the Planet.

So.Yes. WE the people need a Legitimate Fourth Estate.
They've fucking Hijacked our Democracy.
Let's take it back. Starting with OUR Airwaves.

*Eric Prince (Blackwater Industries: Mowin' 'em down, wherever they're too thick) and lil' sis Betty Devos (scamming already-been-scammed University students, over at the Education Department), eg. Plus wait'll the lil' trumpfy's start taking over...



I will give you credit for stirring up the shitstorm, and you did it far better than I ever have. I get one or two comments usually, but man, you really kicked over the hornets nest.

I do disagree with one of your central points, even as I admire your ability to get commenters typing replies. China is not a Communist country. It was once, yes, but ever since Deng Xiopeng declared that it was glorious to get rich, it hasn’t been. You see, while there is a lot of variation in how people understand Marx, one thing everyone understands is this: capitalism is defined by the presence of bourses. If you’re exchanging stock, you’re by definition a capitalist. That is the actual activity that we call capitalism.

And any country that allows bourses is a capitalist country. Thee are bourses in the PRC. Therefore, the PRC is capitalist. It is not, and has not been for a very long time, communist, regardless of what the ruling party calls itself.


"Just buy a good union-made AND DESIGNED airplane by Airbus, where aerospace engineers design the airplanes, not frat beer-loving MBAs." --Anti-

There's good reason why Union members are on Airbus' Board of Directors.
Time (maybe still) for Boeing to take heed.


"I saw the douchebags shout her down outside of Amazon,
these clowns being the ones benefitting from
over a century of labor struggle,
but too stupid to know it."
--Anti- [lightly edited]

The Irony is palable. A minor quibble (because there may still be Hope, and for some, enlightenment, and we just might need 'em); perhaps 'ignorant' -- which has proven to curable -- might be a better word choice. Total respect for your posts, regardless.



We wade in the Dead Sea.


Thanks! This is my cue to order a massive case of popcorn from Amazon in her honor. I don't live in her district but she is entertaining as hell from a distance.

I do have one question for Stranger writers: what happened to Amazon buying votes? Are you willing to let the 'votes can be bought' screeds fall by the wayside? Can you at least ponder the possibility that it doesn't work as well as you fear?'ll never let that one go.


@Jeebus -- A. Money poorly spent does not equal everyone having an equal voice. Think Bezos will settle for throwing away his millions, forever? Me neither. Good Propaganda WORKS.

He's only gonna get better at buying pols
until what usta be OUR Supreme Court
realizes Money does not equal Free Speech.


Speaking of capitalism, from this paper's own description of its readers (link at bottom):

"The Stranger reaches a large audience.
Stranger readers are affluent urbanites in their 20s and 30s with impressive disposable incomes and an appetite for everything the city has to offer. Our readers DO THINGS: They're the ones out on the town, eating and drinking, seeing music and art, voting, and buying local. Advertising in one of The Stranger's many targeted local media products is the easiest and most effective way to reach the most active consumers in the fastest growing city in America."

When does The Stranger plan to walk the walk and become employee owned thus rejecting capitalist dollars?


I called amazon customer service and asked the representative if they sold anything that costs a million and a half dollars and doesn’t do anything.


Random question that I don't think I've seen anyone address... Do city council election candidates not have the option to request a recount?


I avoid giving the Seattle Times any subscription money. They have been0 an unapologetic shill for business for over 40 years.
Yes, the Seattle P-I balanced the Times long ago, but the wrong paper won.
I expect the Puget Sound Business Journal to be pro-business. I expect the Stranger to have a major woody for anything called socialist.
But a paper that purports to be a regional paper for a widespread audience is different. I swear the Seattle Times would endorse a Republican corpse for governor, if they could.
It has become so bad that you have to use non-US news sources to get any factual news.


@65 pat L for the WIN! Agreed and seconded.And I am SO glad not to own a TV anymore.



They do. And they have to pay the cost of the recount if it doesn't change the result.

A county-funded machine recount would be required if the difference between the candidates were less than 0.5% of votes cast, but at present Sawant is up by a bit more than 3.5%


Well, this round blew up in Amazon’s insane need to rule the world.

The downtrodden rose up and kicked your ass.

Socialism is about sharing and it isn’t Amazon’s money it was stolen from the workers.


Good on you robotslave and WE won! We can continue to be just as annoying to the rulers as ever. Congratulations Sawant!


The Amazon mayor is largely to blame for unsheltered people shivering on the streets since it is more important to kiss corporate, wealthy ass than shelter decently those that need shelter. That has got to stop.



Thanks. I'm guessing Orion wouldn't have much trouble coming up with the necessary cash to fund the recount if it's got even a sliver of a chance at overturning the result, eh?


Although I find it truly appalling that $1.5 million dollars that could have been used for FAR better use is only a drop in the bucket to Jeff Bezos, Hooray for Kshama Sawant!! Bite it, Bezos, and take your little green sock puppet, Egan, with you.

@44 Antinet and @52 kristofarian: Bravo!
@68, @69, & @70 Ivy R. Nightscales: Agreed and seconded.


71 You wish.........



I've no idea why you'd think that.


Yeah, I live in Portland, and so am not heavily invested in this race, but I'm also a loyal, card carrying pinko commie bastard, and so supportive of the movement in general. I hope she wins.


@71 "a sliver of a chance" is doing a lot of work, there. It's almost unheard of for a recount to change the outcome by as much as a full percentage point.

For reference, the hand recount Florida in Bush v. Gore changed the outcome by ~0.3% officially, with observers later showing that it would have changed by ~0.6 and handed Gore the election if a bunch of details had been handled consistently by election officials.

I'm sure the business lobby would be willing to pony up many times over the cost of a District 3 recount, but they might have to do a bit of legal hocus-pocus to get it into Orion's hands without violating election law. A PAC (or other third party) can't request a recount-- only a candidate or a representative of the candidate's party can do it.


@21: Don't forget about both local and statewide taxational loopyholes that very few Washingtonians can use; some have been on the books for generations, and the Demonrats barely ever lifted their collective finger to remove them.


Isn't the option of rent control protected by federal consumer protection laws and equal protection clauses? How about a class action lawsuit in the 9th District court?


What we need now is to push as hard as we can in D4 to help Scott close the gap.

Donate to his campaign, so as to fund an effort to keep the ballot counting fair and accurate. It’s possible still he might win this thing. The odds are long, but the prize is worth it.

With an 8-1 majority, we can make this hurt so bad that neither Amazon nor the Chamber will ever try this shit again.


@79: What shit? It was a fair election. Despite Amazon, the most cringingly unprofessional and embarrassment to Seattle in all its history won her reelection. So celebrate!


Hmmm.... DEMOCRATIC Socialism
Rule by (random) Billionaire.....

Your Right, Rainy -- TOUGH Choice.


I love how our mail in elections have this built in drama. It allows the right wingers to make complete fools of themselves doing a victory lap and then wah, wah, wah... I'd feel bad for them if they weren't such unrepentant assholes.

At least all the road construction projects are on hold. Isn't that something to celebrate? It should be at least another decade or two longer for some of the new freeway connections to come online. Winning!


Can we be done with Ok Boomer? It's more embarrassingly "I'm a total fucking zero who has nothing to say but lives to lash out at people on the internet" than even Cool Story Bro.


Well, I'm on board, Clarity
Long as we can revise and update to
Ok, Billionaire.

Or, better, WTF, Billionaire?


I really shouldn't be too harsh on Kshama Sawant. After all, she has a constituency that approves of her politics and positions.

In the spirit of the season, I'll send her a $5 Starbucks gift card.



Billionaires are to Seattle what herpes is to the human body.

Angry, red, painful, embarrassing, weeping, and deeply unsexy.

Kshama Sawant is the Valtrex of the body politic. She can’t completely cure us of the billionaires, but she can keep them from getting out of hand. Or, out of gland, if you will.


"She can’t completely cure us of the billionaires,
but she can keep them from getting out of hand."

Not solo, she can't
nor can Bernie;
they're gonna need
A Helping Hand --
they're fucking Billionaires
and they OWN

OUR Lawmakers.
for now
but we have them out-numbered 99 - 1.
Heck, we'll even Share with the 'right' side
of the 99 Percenters Club.

Of course, they don't
Hafta take it.



Ok Boomer.


Mike Blob Sorry. I had you wrong. Voting only matters if it will benefit ordinary people and I felt Sawant was a reason to vote for her.

I am a proud 60s radical and a black and red anarchist.


A commie pink bastard and black and red anarchist walk into a bar...


91, ow!



Ha, no worries! I guess I just thought it kinda comical that a race so heavily influenced and defined by outside spending could stand a chance of having one more influx of such spending somehow play a role, even four days after votes were cast. Sounds like it won't though.


It's "pinko," asswipe. Get your ideological slurs straight, republitard!


@89 I'm not sure you realize just how much you're doing to kill it, Feebs.

I'm sure the zoomers moved onto something else months ago, anyway. By the time someone as old as you has gotten hold of it, there's no way in hell the kids are still saying it.


@93: I noticed that, I thought I typed the "o" - but didn't think it warranted a correction comment. Yours was better anyway.


We should start coloring one of the stars on the US flag red, to symbolize Washington- a bright red star in the sky of the working class who will lead this country toward socialism. A brand new light in the northwest corner, more brilliant and beautiful than all the rest.


@96 Provincialism is enjoying a resurgence in most other states, too. Travel around, you'll see plenty of stickers on cars with outlines of whatever state you're in, state-pride hoodies, city flags flying in cities that didn't know they had flags 20 years ago, etc.


I believe the appropriate response to "Ok boomer" is "Ok sooner".



1) yes, I am a Communist. I grew up homeless, and that’s how I came to the radical idea that human beings aren’t disposable garbage you can casually throw away once you’re tied of them.

2) I’m gay, and I guess you do realize they were referring to the pink triangle and not the red star. Which is why they used the term pink and not red.

3) my parents did in fact disown me at 14 and threw me out onto the streets. I haven’t spoken to them since 1986. Dad died in 2005, btw. So yeah, I’m a bastard.

Is that what you meant you called me that? I mean , it is awfully fitting. Thanks for the new nickname, you corporate whore.



Maybe. But there’s still only one place in this world that I truly love, and that’s Cascadia. Politically, I speak of Washington State, because I can’t vote for Cascadia’s Governor, and I gotta vote for someone, so it might as well be Inslee.

I’ve travelled far and wide, but I always come back here. There’s something beautiful about this place and it’s people. I also like that outside voices on the Left hold office here. Maybe for that reason, I’d like Vermont just as much. I don’t know, I’ve never been to VT.

I remember when I rode the bus out here in 1993, and crossed the Stevens Pass. I stared out that window shocked that a place this beautiful could exist. I thought people just painted scenes like that on movie sets, didn’t think they were actually real anywhere. And I remember the first time I rode up to Capitol Hill that same year. It was night time, and the was this giant neon sign that said “ DICKS”. I didn’t see the apostrophe. I just thought to myself, well, I guess I found the gayborhood.

I went on my first date in WA at the Rialto in Tacoma to see Trois Colors Blue. On the bus ride home, he kissed me in front of the entire bus. I got scared and thought the other bus riders would attack me or the driver would kick us off. They didn’t. They all acted as if it were the most ordinary thing in the world.

And I knew I was home.


@98 I'm partial to "fruit pouch, zoomer?" but I don't know how to put it on tiktok.



@100 -- As someone who has lived in both Vermont and the PNW I can totally get the connection you just made.

I remember in the 90s meeting all these people from Portland who'd moved to Vermont and was a little puzzled.

I spent a couple hours in Oregon and WA and then immediately got it.

Vermont is basically the PNW west of the Cascades with the cities and coastline removed and the mountains shrunk down.

Unfortunately for every positive there is a negative; if Vermont is western WA/OR New Hampshire is very much like these states on the other side of the Cascades. Just greener (and full of more Metro Boston commuters. Ugh.)


@100: That was a lovely story. Thank you for sharing it. :)


I think this is wonderful. We need more needles in parks and encampments along the freeway! This is a great choice for Seattle!!


@105: LOL. Well you can stew about it in traffic since I'm going to guess you voted for $30 car tabs too.


WANDERING STARS- no where did Herzog make " her declaration that Sawant has lost is factually incorrect. It is a completely false statement." as you suggest. But rather "Sawant still may pull off a win—we won’t know until the final ballot drop on Friday night" and "Sawant may still eke out a victory here". I understand reading comprehension is a tough one sometimes, but before you freak the fuck out on a comment board, read the article to understand first. Herzog's original article wasn't about Sawant losing, but rather the theme seemed to be why she didn't garner the landslide the far left thought she might.


Were 90% of Sawant's contributions from Seattle residents? Just sayin'. I've got no use for Bezos or the Chamber, but I'm not crazy about a sanctimonious scold either.