Should note Wednesday is two for one day. Which stacks, so if you rent 6 movies, you pay the price of just three.


There will never be a single streaming service that will have all movies. It's getting even less likely with the big corporate studios circling the wagons around their libraries trying to become the next Netflix. With the exception of Netflex's own shows the vast majority of its content is licenced and only for a limited time. Netflix gets a few hit movies but has to licence a boatload of crappie ones to get them. Same with Amazon. Unlike Netflix, Amazon, Vudu, Comcast and several others will rent some movies that are not streaming. Still, most movies are not online.

If your looking for 'Silkwood' good old Scarecrow is the place to go (currently). The thing is there are plenty of movies that have never made it to home video and what's even worse it's estimated half of the movies made before 1950 are lost forever.


Just a note that all rentals at Reckless are 7 day.


The reason why most of the movies you mention are un-streamable is due to the lack of overall interest in the titles. Most of the them appeal to a very niche audience, hence, it doesn't make financial sense for streaming services to try and license them (if they are even available in digital format).

Plus, movies are only a portion of what people use streaming services for. In my, admittedly, small sample of family, friends, and co-workers most of them use Netflix to watch old TV series like Seinfeld, Friends, and The Office. Why? Hell if I know. But going to a video store to binge a season or two can be problematic if the series is popular and someone has rented out the season you want to watch.

I agree with you that for some people physical video stores will be better than streaming. But for most of America, streaming services fit the bill for what they are looking for. There's a reason why 99% of video stores are now out of business.

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