Only spray with consent.
Only spray with consent. Nicolas McComber / Getty

Is WeWork about to hire the CEO of Bellevue-based T-Mobile? According to people familiar with the matter, T-Mobile US Inc. Chief Executive John Legere is currently in talks to take over WeWork. It seems like an astonishingly bad idea to me, but I'm no CEO. From Wall Street Journal: "Mr. Legere has cleaned up messes before. He spent a decade at Global Crossing, leading it through a bankruptcy and to an eventual sale in 2011."

Seattle Children's Hospital closed for mold: Again. The hospital had to close all of its operating rooms from May 24 to July 4 due to Aspergillus mold. The mold is a serious problem (one kid died from it). The hospital was cleared over the summer, but it looks like the mold is back. The hospital's officials haven't said how the mold returned, reports the Seattle Times.

This is the most ridiculous car commercial I've ever seen: Paging Mudede.

Come get your bear spray: Yikes. Bear spray was "released" inside the Goodwill Bins in SoDo today, leading to an emergency evacuation. Was it literally in one of the bins? Why did KOMO send a chopper to photograph the scene? Lots of questions here.

Referendum 88 is still losing in the polls: The affirmative action measure is currently losing by just under 13,000 votes.

Lady Gaga set her fandom on fire today: when she joked (?) that she couldn't remember Artpop, her third studio album. It was released six years ago. The album is notoriously controversial. Depending on who you talk to, it's either trash or a godsend. I guess Gaga forgets which side she's on.

Amazon announces its "first grocery store": Apparently Amazon Go isn't a grocery store, and they don't include Whole Foods as their grocery store. (The floor-to-ceiling Amazon marketing material all over Whole Foods could have fooled me.) The gRoCeRy StOrE will debut in California next year and be separate from Whole Foods and larger than Amazon Go stores. (ICYMI: A new, gigantic Amazon Go is opening up on the corner of Pike St. and Belmont Ave.) (ICYMI ICYMI: H Mart is also coming to Capitol Hill. Welcome to the grocery wars.)

Who shot this bald eagle? The regal bird was shot in Oregon. The picture is very sad. There's a $2,500 reward.

More impeachment inquiry transcripts were released today: Read foreign service officer Christopher Anderson's testimony here.

Sanders says the political struggle in Bolivia "appears to be a coup": Bolivian President Evo Morales has been ousted, although Trump has thrown his support behind the ousting. Trump called it a "significant moment for democracy."

I'm still cackling over last week's election: But seriously, we need some new PAC spending limits.

Who did your neighbors vote for? Check out these handy maps via Tableau. Important note: This data is only from Tuesday, November 5.

Another Democrat considers jumping into the presidential race: It's Deval Patrick, the former governor of Massachusetts. Now?! WHY!! WHYYYYY!!!! He suggested that "he doesn’t think any of the candidates have established political momentum," which I read as: Biden fucked up and elites want a bottom4business who isn't actually a gay.