"You provide no transparency into who writes your articles or runs your page, a decision made to purposely keep readers in the dark about any bias your page may (and certainly does) contain." Says the anonymous facebooking witch. Pot, meet Kettle.


1) What gun range needs helicopter pads?
2) The witch angle is a distraction
3) Facebook is....ugh. His page stays up, pretending to be official. Meanwhile the Facebook page for the Sisters of Providence, after having their website hacked, has been fighting ban after ban for months. Cuz posting things like Vocation Week and quotes from the Pope about the environment "violate community standards"


"The witch angle is a distraction"

Precisely so.


Ah, port Townsend. Home of the insufferable "victorians" Sarah and Gabriel. Gabriel makes his own swimsuits and gym wear.


I found the town motto "“We’re all here because we’re not all there” to be a bit too true. There's an odd anti-progress, anti-technology mindset. Cliquish with both affluent and low functioning factions. Grey and dead during the winter with many of the remaining overwintering residents hunkered down drinking heavily and/or doing meth. Stunning natural beauty but too remote both geographically and culturally. Don't miss it much.


This is one of the best "Florida-man" stories I've ever heard.


@7, ...and what separates a witch from a practitioner of any other religion? Social acceptance? Numbers?


@7, Just what separates a witch from a practitioner of any other religion? Social acceptance? Numbers?


As a newbie PTer, I am both amused (characterization of those who live here) and appalled (nasty lake tarboo survivalist guy). Weirdly, our local weekly, the PT Leader, has not provided the back story on the nasty guy; (Dean, what’s up dude?!) but has reported on the scary scenario of our County Commissioners meeting behind closed doors with nasty guy to resolve “issues”. Just FYI, I confirmed the validity of this story w/ my local favorite bartender, he went to high school w/ nasty guy. And yes, we do drink more in the winter up here, it’s a survival strategy that doesn’t involve guns or heli pads.

both amused (characterization of of those who live here) & appalled ( the nasty by this article.


To #5...the Victorian couple, he's a nice guy. Very helpful at his job. Maybe they are not everyone's cup of tea.....


12 Take up hiking. Better for your liver.

And why did you move to PT if you hate rural folk? You are literally surrounded by the people you hate.


Everyone enjoys playing “Victorian” until they get syphilis from some wench they meet under the pier at 3am.


"What makes you think she is a witch?

Well, she turned me into a newt!

A newt?!

I got better."


@13- they tried to equate the insults they receive to prejudice against LGBTQ people. So fuck them both.


They tried to equate being insulted for how they look to prejudice against LGBTQ people. So fuck them both.


As a wich and high priest of a coven, and a membership of just over 10k fellow witches in our network. I have this to say about the entire situation. Hahahahahahahahahahaha


I picked up a woman hitchhiking , she said she was a witch . I said prove it , so she put her hand on my knee and I turned into a motel !


All I hear, is the majority oppressing a minority from exercising his rights. Then using that majority to crush it because they are rich, white and don't like loud noises.
Welcome to the future anti-Libertarian where your rich white neighbor can sue you into oblivion and pat themselves on the back

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