Wind and Solar Power Have Become Amazingly Affordable

The levelized cost of [..] both utility-scale solar and onshore wind power [...] has dropped to about $40 per megawatt hour — which is lower than the cost of building new power plants that burn natural gas or coal. It’s even close to being competitive with the marginal costs of running the coal and nuclear plants we already have."

There is simply no excuse left to keep building fossil fuel infrastructure.


With respect to DACA, the Supreme Court isn't being terrible. They're just reading the Constitution. Remember, DACA is an Obama executive order. Trump is rescinding that order. Both presidents have the same power under the Constitution.

I agree that Trump's policy is terrible but the Supreme Court shouldn't be making value judgments about policy. Not their job.


Over 80 hours of televised hearings with RepubliKKKans like Gym Jordan hopping up and down, shrieking, and flinging their feces. Hard pass.

Skip to the end and feed Prezirapist AntiChrist into an inferno feet first.


@1: So sorry. Best wishes for yours!


@2 Natural gas is sold at a loss ("shale revolution" is a ponzi scheme) and it is still more expensive than renewable energy, even without accounting for huge external costs. It's going to be a hard sell for big oil. I predict an eminent "catapulting" of the propaganda to convince us we need more drilling and pipelines.


@3: Only literal Hitler-Nazis think the Supreme Court is here to rule on constitutional issues.

Also, DACA was put in place by Obama, so any challenges to it or criticisms of it are clearly just racist.


Nat, don't make predictions on a case based on what went on during oral argument. They were saying the same thing about the citizenship census question case last term.


Since the current balance of power of the supreme court results from 2 presidencies elected via the electoral college (opposite the popular vote) and the blatant theft of a supreme court seat by current Republicans, I fail to see why we should find any legitimacy in the decisions made by this court.


@2: I hope to get a panel or two going next year. Do you have any manufacturer suggestions?


What’s the constitutional fetishists’ take on the current regime’s violations and ongoing security breaches?


@15: You do realize that it is literally the law of the land, and the document that secures every one of your basic freedoms, and not just something rednecks like, right?

I will just leave it at that because your question is almost impossibly stupid.


@ 16,

Oh, please. The GOP parchment paper humpers don’t give even the slightest shit about the constitution whenever it comes to everything they’re against, like voting and equal rights.

For rednecks it’s like the Bible; they don’t really know anything about it, but will fight for the perceived white supremacist benefits.

They also don’t care about their own countless lies and hypocrisies; they only care about power and money for themselves, period.


So you guys disagree that the constitution is the law of the land and serves to protect your basic rights from government, or are you so confused that you do not even have any idea what you are constantly whining about anymore?


We are whining about selective fetishism by ignorant idiots who pretend they know what they're talking about while it suits them.


@20 No baby, they're castigating you for the contortions you are going through to avoid acknowledging that there is a vocal group of right wing "constitutional fetishists" who very narrowly interpret that document to the advantage of the existing power structure and to the detriment of others. Everybody HERE agrees that "the constitution is the law of the land and serves to protect your basic rights from government", but we tend to include all races, colors, creeds and genders when considering those whose basic rights should be protected.
It's ok to admit that this divide exists Teddy.


"The Constitution is like the Bible" Ha! It IS the Bible!
America is a Christian nation, after all...

Venice is the second city lost to Climate Change.
(I cite New Orleans as the first...)


@ 20,

If we’ve learned one thing over the last three years of a buckwild kleptocracy, it’s that the law is whatever those in power say it is, and that “laws” only apply to the little people like us.

Plantation America’s sociopathic rulers are free to commit mass murder, kidnapping, fraud, and theft on a global scale without consequences, other than their own enrichment and self-aggrandizement.

It’s not like our legal system wasn’t a total shitshow before, but now that the GOPnazis have corrupted and perverted the courts, the constitution is irrelevant and capricious rulings are based on their white trash über alles ideology.


"You ever forget that the Supreme Court is terrible?"

Please maintain some objectivity On the other hand yesterday . . .

"The Supreme Court won't stop a lawsuit brought by Sandy Hook victims' families against Remington Arms Co., the manufacturer of the semi-automatic rifle that was used in the 2012 mass shooting at an elementary school.

The Court decided not to take up an appeal by Remington. That marks a blow to the gun industry: It could open the door to gun violence victims' families suing gun manufacturers for damages."

Gun control might well not result from legislation but from a series of rulings from tough judges and juries. The Supremes have paved the way.


@25 I agree. I support the spirit of DACA, but not the way it was implemented.

This impeachment circus is giving me a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. The timing of this is really bad. I think there might well be some ugly payback at the polls next year. I fear that one more time Democrats are shooting themselves in the foot (and they're really good at that).

This fool in the White House likely would have gone down in flames on his own. Now they're turning him into a martyr. The House will impeach; the Senate will acquit. What will have been gained?


@26 Lots of Democrats understand that the political calculus may not be in their favor. I argued that point as long as I could (Mueller report) but when the President commits extortion/bribery to further his own reelection effort, the only ethical choice is to impeach regardless of the consequences. Narrow interpretation of the Constitution and all that.



I'm depressingly in agreement with you that this could fire up a faction of the right, though I don't think anyone can really speculate how large such a faction will be, nor how it'll play out. I can however, pretty confidently posit that, had Nance not gone this route in the wake of the whistle blower report, there would have been a different circus playing out as Dems demanded action. People would have been absolutely fucking irate, and understandably so.

I take some manner of hope and solace in the fact that there's gotta be a pretty good chance some new and further damning allegations (quite possibly wholly unrelated) will come to light before the process wraps itself up.


Ah, so you guys are mad at hypothetical people that disagree with you again. I have no idea why I imagined anything different or cogent.

Went from an obvious joke about the Supreme Court to a complete non-sequitur about Ukraine, to shrieking about hypothetical head-dwelling racists who think that the constitution is just for white dudes, and somehow hold some kind of invisible legal powers.

Seriously, are you all going senile?


@25 "Gun control might well not result from legislation but from a series of rulings from tough judges and juries. The Supremes have paved the way."

Absolutely right. I've haven't read the decision yet but was pleasantly surprised by the ruling. Again, a narrow Constitutional interpretation rather than a decision influenced by partisan considerations.


@30: I knew you were being sarcastic, which is always perilous without an emoji.


Theo- stop playin’ oh poor me, the comments you get are based on your ongoing record.
Not sure how authentic are the confessions of some supposedly democrats, siding with our Shoreline philosopher all of a sudden.
In any case, the public hearings seem to be picking steam.


@30: Well Theodore we might recognize that you were joking if more of your jokes were funny. But alas, they seldom are. Although! I must say, your post regarding the identity of the whistle blower, in which you pretended that Gateway Pundit was a credible source, CERTAINLY was hilarious, so credit where credit is due.


@34 there are still a few bugs to work out but the point is that we can easily slash fossil fuel consumption and put a moratorium on further fossil fuel infrastructure with minimal economic penalty.

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