If Wealth Was About Things, We Would Live in a Socialist Society



Death of Capitalism!

Chapter 1,256,701


I love reading Charles: The Stranger's Original Affirmative Action Hire! It's like reading through someone's morning constitutional sitting in their toilet that they thought would be worth sharing with the other scat affectionados



"Hell, give him somebody to look down on, and he'll empty his pockets for you."


@2 Very interesting! I see that you are stating Charles is incompetent, and only got his position because he is black. You are also implying that all black people are less competent than white people. You truly ARE a proud conservative, full of intriguing and original ideas about black people.


Charles's arguments are often opaque and sometimes he appears to be taking the piss, but this was pretty clear and worth further thinking about.


@4 -- if Charles Mudede is so competent, why, after 20 years of toiling at a free bi-monthly rag, hasn't he advanced his career in the least? This is the best that he can do, and he does it badly at that.


@2 You should look up the definition for "constitutional" when used as a noun, some day.

Maybe you'll get a laugh out of the mental image conjured up by your misuse of the word. Then again, it took a lot of imagination to find any meaning there at all, so maybe not.


@6 It's kind of weird that, e.g. Amazon employees are regarded as successful people when the vast majority of them never advance their careers at all, nor contribute anything of lasting value. Their stints last under two years on average, and the code they write or marketing stunts they conduct go obsolete and get tossed out even sooner. But the fact that they landed the job at all is enough for a certain type, the bedazzled worshipper of America's computers-diddling snake-oil salesman.


Shorter @1 and @2:
I don't understand a word of this, so the writer is clearly incompetent.



@8: No one considers contractor code monkeys or warehouse employees to be particularly successful, unless your personal definition for successful is "does not jockey a cash register."