News Nov 14, 2019 at 1:40 pm

She's back and ready to budget.



I love a good troll summoning post. Good luck to you Nathalie!


We in Seattle love our Council.

Now get ready for the suburbanites who rail against our city to spew and hew.


It’s as if a thousand incel shitbags cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced.


It will be a bummer if the troll bashing junkies don't get their fix.


@4: Ours is the sword of Michael Raindrop. Ours is the field of blood. :)


Most of you make me so proud, most, you know who you are. @4 oh hush, I haven't bashed you in quite a while.


Sawant's a badass.


@4 But the tradeoff is that it would be pretty hilarious if the trolls kept hiding, right?

I'm sure they'll get over it and come back eventually though. They always do.


I'm still savoring Katie Herzog's week of eating crow. Go, Kshawa, GO!! :)


@8: They already have come back.


@10 Not in this thread they haven't. Ken? Feebs? Ross? Theo? Where is everyone? We haven't seen poor tensor for a whole week, I'm getting worried about him.

I mean I'd like to think I rate, too, but it's not a title you can bestow on yourself.


@11: Nice out.


Yes, build the tiny houses. Do it until every last tent and piece of trash under I-5 is gone.


Don't you guys ever think it weird how you are just waiting for people you ostensibly hate to come say things so you can be mad about it and yell/whine?

I suggest a hobby.


"At the end of the day," Sawant told The Stranger, "what our six-year track record of our movement... has shown is that we can get unanimous votes on the city council for progressive measures if we have our movement pushing for it. That should be our priority."

What "progressive measures" has the council passed that have actually done anything? (Yes, I know about the $15 minimum wage)

They "blocked" the north precinct (which will be back and cost more money).

They "blocked" the Police Contract, but did nothing about the city's collective bargaining policies, so there'll be a more expensive contract in a bit, probably with a retention bonus.

The Family Justice Center is now open.

The homeless problem is as bad as it ever was (and "tiny houses" are no solution).

The poor and middle class continue to be priced out as property taxes continue to rise.

There's no municipal broadband on the horizon. They let that one die almost immediately when Comcast and Centurylink gave them a dirty look.

We continue to play musical chairs with the homeless encampments.

Nothing has been done to break the stanglehold the social service agencies have on Pioneer Square, which robs us of tax base and ensures that the people who prey on the addicted and mentally ill have convenient access to them. (Although it should be noted that Salvation Army sold out to the highest bidder)

The various social service agencies are still an assortment of fiefdoms, many of whom are collecting public funds for dubious results.

The site of the old Public Safety Building is still off the tax roles almost twenty years after the building's demolition.

There is no coordinated, regional effort to resolve the mental health and addiction problems that our region faces.

But they know how to throw a rally. I guess that's something.


@15 tells it like it really is.


How does a recall election work? 1500 votes is not a mandate.

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