On Friday, while Congress was in the midst of impeachment hearings, a jury found the longtime Trump associate guilty on seven counts of obstruction, witness tampering, and lying to Congress.

The trial stems from Stone's 2017 testimony before a House intelligence committee investigating Russia's interference in the Trump election, including the Wikileak's release of hacked emails from the Clinton campaign.

Stone claimed ignorance and said case against him was politically motivated. Jurors disagreed. From the Washington Post:

In arguments and testimony over the past two weeks, prosecutors revealed a series of phone calls at critical times in 2016 between Stone, Trump and some of the highest-ranking officials on the Trump campaign — Stephen K. Bannon, Paul Manafort and Rick Gates.

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Gates and Bannon took the witness stand, describing how the campaign viewed Stone as a sort-of conduit to WikiLeaks who claimed — even before the Russian hacking was known — to have insider information. Gates testified to overhearing a phone call in which Trump seemed to discuss WikiLeaks with Stone, calling into question the president’s assertion to Mueller’s office that he did not recall discussing the organization with his longtime friend.

Prosecutors buttressed the witness testimony with call and message records, which they said helped show Stone’s claims to the House Intelligence Committee were false.

Now the question is, will he serve any jail time before Trump decides to pardon? The judge declined to detain him today, and he walked out of the courtroom, pending later sentencing.