Similar effects used to be in regular use at Lemon Twist, a popular night at The Weathered Wall in the early 90's. Good to see they are still out there.


At the risk of nostalgia for Seattle past, it's a little heart wrenching to walk by the Weathered Wall location and see it all boarded up with the sign telling you its slated for future destruction to be replaced by some office building. Lots of good alternative music hosted there. Belltown when it was bohemian cool.


Love having the Mad Alchemy folks around. Definitely add something special to every show they work.


Breaks my heart... I had WAY too much fun there (and at Tugs and Re-Bar and OK Hotel and Vogue and The Frontier Room and the Nitelite Lounge and the Brass Connection & Neighbors (circa 1993/94/95)).


@4 oh man haven't thought of The Frontier Room in a long time. Last time I visited family (a few months ago) I stayed downtown and was pleasantly surprised that Belltown is a good spot to drink again... still.

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