Slog AM: Seattle Transit Riders Outpace Solo Drivers, Another Dem Debate, Sugary Meteorites



Congratulations to Seattle for the reduction in percentage of SOV.
A collective pat on the back to all of the people who have foregone driving to work alone.
It is apparent to any thinking person that this is a societal change that needs to occur, whatever the motive behind any individual decision.


I'm so disappointed to see Seattle Children's has gone the way of Boeing, I used to have high regard for both. I continue to be disappointed in KCC however. How the hell does it make sense to offer homeless people in King County a ticket to connect with their family county outside of King/Snohomish/Pierce when 90% of them are from those counties?


with their family in a county*


@1: Yes, so advocates of congestion pricing just lost their arguments.


Who uses "rugger" to mean "a rugby player"? Is this some weird Mercan thing? No one in Britain says that. "Rugger" is rugby, the sport (named for the school where it was invented). Never the players.


4: It doesn't prove or disprove the efficacy of congestion pricing one way or another.


5 if it’s not a british thing then we can deduce it’s the dozen or so americans who care enough about rugby to require a word for its players, this being an american blog and all


@2: It makes sense when you consider that $100k represents about 0.05% of total spending on homelessness programs in King County, and when you consider that the ORCA LIFT program provides mobility within the three county region. Also I'll point out that your 90% figure doesn't refer to folks being "from" those counties, it's just where they were when they last became homeless. So if you bused here from out-of-state, slept on a friend's couch for a week in Everett, then were out on the streets, your answer to the question would be Snohomish County.


@7: Given that the sport is often played by unclad blokes, it is rather popular on this side of the pond as well.


Donald Trump says he has never been able to figure out a conversation based on hearing one person make a call. Has he never heard Bob Newhart's routine? Holy shit, the man made a career out of that (and a damn funny one, too). Reason number 3,712 to get rid of Trump.


9 true, the only “ruggers” i know are gay guys (though rugger sounds like another word for lesbian)


@8 I recognize that the survey results don't ask where homeless people's families reside but I'm willing to bet many of the people who went homeless in King County over the last decade grew up around King County. It would be nice to have better data of course, but lacking that this just seems like a poorly-contrived response. If it improves our situation I'll be there with you hailing its success but I'm skeptical. Especially since other places have tried this tactic:


With one's head so far up one's own ass, how does he get the puppeteer's hand up there, too?


From the STimes article: The total number of [Seattle] drive-alone commuters was 197,000 in 2018, which is a 9% increase since 2010.

Unless we created more lanes or a better scheme for shifting workers' schedules, we still have more congestion from those commuters than 9 years ago.


@14 Aren't you one of the guys who kept telling us over and over again that the do-nothing commies were going to get swept out of the Seattle city council? On a tidal wave of dissatisfied voter revolt?


That's Joe Marler from Harlequins RFC. Bus The Homeless Back is FANtastic.