What's in Seattle's New $6.5 Billion Budget?



Oh great! The idiot Sawant truly lives up to her name. Let's throw more money at the homeless problem. How many Band-Aids can we slap on on top of dirty ones, that cover up an infected wound? A lot apparently. "Everybody Poos". Lol. More like "everybody shoots up" mobile facilities. Let's keep on enabling! Who knows, maybe we will be lucky enough to create "poop patrols" someday, just like San Fran! Great plan! :). Lol


Just as long as there is zero accountability for how the money is spent Seattle will be just happy as a clam!


Would you all like some whine and cheese?




LOL This thread looks like the waiting room at the gerontologist on prostate exam day. The hurumphing can be heard all the way out in the hall!


@6. Oh hello! Everyone's least favourite misandryst feminazis is here! :). Lololol. And spewing more sexist shit, as per usual. Keep it down, munchkin! Adults are talking.


Yes, but it's the truly repressed who enjoy the prostate exam the most!
And repressed they are!


Wow, a whole lot of snowflakes in here.


Youth diversion and education are all well and good, but "restorative justice" they are not.

The two words, when you put them next to each other, don't mutate to mean "not sending people to jail." They each still mean the same things they usually mean.


@7: Oh darling you're so funny! You know though, you should learn to curb that envy of yours. I can't help it if nobody likes you; you've done that to yourself. Slog isn't really the right milieu for people of your persuasion now is it?


Once again! More New Taxes! Hooray!

6.5 billion bucks! And if your car or bike is stolen or your house broken into just get in line and fill out a form online.


The sheer fact that the council would consider the SPD overtime budget as a source of revenue for optional and niche special interest expenditures is extremely damaging to the safely of us all. These are sick people.


What happened to Slog? Commenters like Raindrop have always had opinions that were pretty right of center but not particularly mean spirited. The crabs in this bucket must have fallen out of trumps speedo, cause it sure seems like they washed up on the wrong beach.


Perhaps they might find funding in the Po-Po's pension fund -- whenever a 'good cop' goes bad, and it costs the city millions, or more, perhaps that might be something worth looking into . . . who knows, perhaps it might even provide much-needed Motivation, when another good cop sees a good cop, who's about to go bad....

"Hey, Rookie -- ease up! -- I'm gonna Retire in two weeks, and I'm gonna need beer money, at least."


ohmyGawdtosixnine!teeheehee's really got a Thang for you, Lissa! He lites rite up and LOLOLOLOL's like it's doorbuster Friday, heaps on the Insults and really goes to town! Like those monkeys who bash on rocks with sticks (doesnt work too good, they're immune to education) to impress the local baboons...

Gotta wonder, is that how the far 'right' gets all the HOTTT GRRRls, in trumpfytopia? Does that shit work? That, and "Grab 'em by the Pussy!"?

I bet the womenfolk really eat that shit up...

When we ratify the ERA, we're gonna see tens of millions of previously-suffering Stockholm Syndorme victims soon shrugging off the Patriarchy, oh and the teeheeheeheehees too. Which'll be Sad 'cause there's too many incels already.

Hopefully bezos'll have the sex robots ready by then....

Anyway, it's Enjoyable to see you take down the troll so often, so effortlessly -- that he's such a predictible Glutton for punishment just makes it that much more fun....


@17 Lol. Typing your insane ramblings from the "Everybody poos (or in your case, sucking on glass cock full of tweak)" mobile facilities again, I see? My goodness, maybe it is time to get your life together instead of being a triggered little bum. But hey, your word diarrhea makes me laugh every time. Keep suckin'!

P.S. Say hello to Grizelda for me if you see her gumming some dirty dick for black tar, in some alley somewhere.

Lolski. :)


@El Heel --not to worry -- pretty sure Auntie Griz'll be more n' happy to greetchya, all by herself...

Say, you're an Excitable Boy, ain'tchya?
Don't pop a vessel...
Let us know
If ya do!


Where's the 1/3 transit 1/3 bike lanes 1/3 road repair allocation?

We pay taxes too.


Yaaay. More money for the scam known as SHARE/WHEEL and LIHI. The Homeless Industrial Complex in full swing coddling these feral druggie vagrants. Anatomy of a Swindle