The Puget Sound Anarchists’ Black Friday Fare Strike Is Dumb and Counterproductive



Nope, it sounds like a good idea.

Send the bill to Tim Eyman.


"lower-income and transit riders of color are disproportionately warned and fined for not paying the fare"

Of course they could be committing fare violations disproportionately too. Like with murder stats. Or speeding in New Jersey:


Wear a big sign while riding metro that says "The bus fare is too high"

@3, Having an Uncle who lives in NJ who was pulled over by one of their highway nazis, that racial gap is due to racism.


"that racial gap is due to racism."

@4 Not according to actual data science and according to that bastion of good journalism, The New York Times:

"The study involved photographing tens of thousands of drivers on the turnpike last spring while clocking speed with a radar gun. It found that black drivers sped much more than other drivers."


Silly me - I'm over here waiting for the Puget Sound Anarchists to do something intelligent and productive. Still waiting, I guess ;)


When you OptOutside, will you be driving?


Hahahahahahahaha. It surprises no one that leftist commie Antifa dumfucks are not the brightest bulbs. One hell of a way to get people on your side. Not! Good for us conservatives though. Keep making asses of yourselves.

Lolski!! :)


PSA's a website, not an org, dorks.


@9 Right, right, there just happen to be a bunch of people who have similar political opinions and tend to do a lot of stuff together based on plans arrived at organically and collectively which often end up published on a Facebook "organization" page. But there's totally no organization there. They're all autonomous individuals, just like in the movie.


@7 Current plan is a bike ride with my dad.



It's spelled "dumbfuck," dumbfuck.


It would appear that a better protest of black friday would be to U-lock the front doors of big boutique chain stores closed. I would never in a million billion years suggest actually doing such a crazy stunt, that could get everyone arrested, or videoed, or both, and be totally unfair to all the shoppers anyway. It might make a clearer point though, why punish transit? Don't they have enough problems?


This will go over about as well as Extinction Rebellion's bizarre stunt on the Jubilee Line last month:


excellent piece. a nice balance of criticism, analytical rigor, and creative alternatives. nice work gregory.


“ Slow down traffic to save pedestrians on Rainier Avenue.”

The idea of white anarchists getting run down by Somali soccer moms in their Toyota SUVs is too delicious not to wish this idea.


Some like you #16 that don’t have to ride the buses and sleep in a doorway sure have a lot to criticize others about that are actually doing something about the blatant poverty in this playground for the rich.

The election is over we won go lick your wounds teddy.


@ l. Absolutely Will.


@8 You really need to grow up.


Anarchists prove yet again how worthless and pathetic they really are.