Any mention of Bob Ferguson is an excuse to use this photo.
Any mention of Bob Ferguson is an excuse to use this photo. PHOTO ILLUSTRATION BY JESSICA STEIN AND TRACIE LOUCK

Why don't more people get the flu shot? Get your damn flu shot! (From the Seattle Times: "A key reason people choose not to get the flu vaccine is they perceive it doesn’t work…although studies have found it is usually 40% to 60% effective.")

Strange bedfellows: In a letter sent on Thanksgiving, initiative fetishizer Tim Eyman attacked Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson, who has the task of defending the legality of Eyman's I-976 in court. Eyman says Ferguson's defense of I-976, the mass transit killing initiative, has been “rife with errors and omissions." Eyman added that he has hired an attorney to disqualify Ferguson from defending the initiative. While a King County Superior Court Judge recently stopped Eyman's initiative in its tracks with a temporary block, Ferguson filed an emergency appeal to "get the issue before the Supreme Court in time for the initiative to go into effect on Dec. 5 as intended by voters." Grab your popcorn, folks.

What happens if I-976 gets killed in the Washington State Supreme Court? While it'll be a joyous day for many, the talking heads over at MyNorthwest seem poised to explode. Todd Herman is calling "for large scale, peaceful civil disobedience." Herman wants "people statewide" to "license their cars in Idaho or Oregon using a mailbox service as their address" and "never again pay to license a vehicle in Washington State" if I-976 gets overturned. Herman is known for "civil disobedience," like driving in bus lanes, which he shouldn't do—especially considering all his traffic violations.

This Sunday, prepare for the 60 Minutes version of "Seattle Is Dying": Anderson Cooper is leading the report, which was filmed over the summer. Among the people interviewed is....... Ari Hoffman. I'm betting this will dominate Monday's local news.

Also coming Sunday: Snow! Maybe. Big day!

Three dead and three injured after this morning's London Bridge mass stabbing: One of the dead includes the attacker, who was killed by the police. British police have called the attacking a terrorist incident. "We must—and we will—stay resolute in our determination to stand strong and united in the face of terror," London Mayor Sadiq Khan said in a statement today. "Those who seek to attack us and divide us will never succeed."

Unauthorized virginity examinations: New York state lawmakers want to stop them. Two legislators from NY are presenting a bill that will ban doctors from “performing or supervising virginity examinations." The legislation is in response to rapper T.I.'s recent controversy, where he claimed he "demands a gynecologist check his daughter’s hymen to verify his daughter’s virgin status," writes Jezebel. His comments drew international outrage—the World Health Organization has condemned this practice and called it “a violation of the human rights of girls and women.” Here's the Senate bill.

Will Trump participate in the next impeachment hearings? House judiciary committee chairman Jerry Nadler sent a letter to Trump today asking him that question. Trump was told he must respond “whether [his] counsel intends to participate … no later than 5pm on [Friday] 6 December 2019." The first judiciary committee hearing is scheduled for this Wednesday. Currently, Trump is golfing in West Palm Beach.

Haborview Hall now has an "enhanced" overnight homeless shelter: Capitol Hill Seattle Blog went inside.

Get the bulgogi bibimbap and kimchi dumplings: Have you been to the new District H yet? It's the upscale, fancy H Mart with a big, multi-level food court inside of it. The Seattle Times is obssesed with it. I am too. But the Seattle Times is really obsessed with it, probably because it's in their two-block radius. Here's their guide on what to eat at District H for lunch, as well a guide to their best snacks and sweets. I want Korean pancakes for every meal.

The rise of Swole Trump: Have you forgotten about Swole Trump? I'm sorry, but I have to bring him up again because he came back over Thanksgiving in a big way. After Trump was practically forced to sign legislation that "promises to punish officials who restrict freedoms" in Hong Kong (the legislation passed both chambers of Congress and landed on Trump's desk with a veto-proof majority), the soon-to-be impeached President has become the hero of the legislation. Yesterday, Hong Kong protestors held up pictures of Swole Trump in thanks. One protestor held up a sign of Pepe, "a character used by pro-democracy activists as a symbol of their struggle," with a sign that read "THANK YOU SOOO MUCH" pinned to it. If you want a deeper dive into Swole Trump, the Washington Post has you covered...

Also, if you scroll just beneath Slog PM: You'll see Charles's post on Swole Trump.

Did you run into people participating in today's fare strike? Greg thinks it was a dumb idea. Rich thinks it was a good idea. Here are some more people yelling about it: