Slog AM: Amazon Takes Down Auschwitz Christmas Ornaments, Michigan Buys Legal Weed, Apostrophe Protection Society Shuts Down



Yes Nathalie, whiteness is the color of snow and light and is a ubiquitous color during the holidays and adorning everything from the White House to The Stranger offices.


Sob! It's too late to save the apostrophe's correct usage!
Where are the gramnar Nazis when you need them?


Poor Ukraine, they successfully ousted their corrupt president and were immediately tainted by trump.


So the "Spirit of America" is an all white Chritsmas???? That does sound like Trump's ideal America.


pat L @2: "It's too late to save the apostrophe's correct usage!" Very well stated. And by that I mean, I appreciate your correct usage of apostrophes. (See what I did there.)

I just want to express my own condolences about the demise of the Apostrophe Protection Society. I had no idea there was such a thing. I'd love see Dave Segal write a eulogy.

The really sad thing is, I could swear that, in the time of the Apostrophe Protection Society's existence, apostrophe abuse has become all the more rampant. Sort of like how, in the span of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change's existence, climate change has accelerated and become all the more dire. Of course, both these developments signal the decline of civilization (viewing things from my English-speaking perspective).


Adios, " ' " !

Also, glad we (finally!) got that whole
invitation/no invitation thing cleared up.


The white fragility is eggshell palpable this year.


" white fragility"

@11 Is that when white people scream racism about everything to broadcast their moral goodness to other white people?



Virtue signalling is better than complacency and self-righteous indignation when confronted with bitter truths. Justice is colorblind.


Everyone knows that > are better than apostrophe's.


dang, that didn't work. sorry > is that butter?


The 60 Minutes piece was fairer than most. Fuck Ari Hoffman...affordability is the issue, which the piece seemed to emphasize.


@17 I thought it was when white people nod like sheep heading to slaughter in order to appear "woke" at any intersectional piece of gobbledegook they hear, out of a petrifying fear of being called racist/transphobic etc etc etc? They sure seem mighty fragile to me.



You're missing the forest for the trees, and intentionally barking up the wrong tree.


“ people who aren't bigots ”

Well, everyone’s a bigot, we’re talking racists here and I thought the default setting was that all white people are racist.


Fed troll is fed


It wasn't just Christmas ornaments that were Auschwitz themed and it took a lot of time and a lot of complaints before Bezos removed the Auschitz items from the web site. I guess we shouldn't be surprised that he's willing to allow anything to be sold, until people shout loudly enough that it's horrifying and offensive. I wonder how many pairs of the matching train to Auschwitz key chain/bottle opener combos were sold before they got removed? WTF!!!!


"Also, make a note of the word gobbledygook.
I like it.
I want to use it more often in conversation."
--General Sir Anthony Cecil Hogmanay Melchett


The holiday season is torture for apostrophe Nazis ... "Merry Christmas from the Miller's!" UGH.


I am here to mourn the closure of the Apostrophe Protection Society. As a parting gift, I'd like to bestow upon the Society the most offensive use of an apostrophe to date. I actually saw this, for real, in an online comment board: "We'll" -- as in "We'll, that's what you get when people are illiterate." A simple four-letter word that becomes an entirely different word with the unnecessary addition of a flying apostrophe. RIP Apostrophe Protection Society.



The thing is insatiable. It's like Ben Kenobi when he claims that Vader striking him down would only render him stronger and more powerful. Except our trolling friend comes back stupider and more ignorant than we'd ever thought possible. It's kind of poetic in a sense.


Apostrophe will always be remembered as another great Frank Zappa(‘s) album.
The crux of the biscuit is the apostrophe! Oh, and watch out where the huskies go.


“ Virtue signalling is better than complacency“

And about as hard.


@23: I look at mega blunders like these as being caused by the inevitable logistical and workflow issues when Amazon wants to sell literally everything under the sun balanced with the needed QA. Not to excuse Amazon, but it's more of a reflection of bad actors in the marketplace than inefficiency or bad intent.


@30 Of course it's bad intent. Amazon doesn't give a fuck what they sell as long as it isn't too big a problem for them. They could moderate the marketplace to remove the bad actors but it would make it harder for Bezos to realize his dream of actually building the Scrooge McDuck money vault swimming pool.


@31, So, you think every item sold on Amazon go across Bezos desk?


I appreciate the inclusion of the Alanis Morissette news! So awesome!


@32: That's not what they said.
Roll again?