Slog PM: Gripping Football News, Lil BUB Is Dead, Another Boeing Failure



In other news, you may not have heard: "Megan Rapinoe Wins Ballon d’Or* as World’s Best Player
*France Football magazine has been awarding the Ballon d’Or since 1956. It created a women’s award last year... "

Well, that's pretty Awesome.

"Rapinoe, who helped lead the United States to a World Cup title in July, beat Lucy Bronze and Alex Morgan to claim the prize."

From fawking Seattle, she is.
Not that that means anything.

"Lionel Messi won the men’s award for a record sixth time."
Good for Lionel.


Aww, with a few more tender moments and hugs like that, St. Elizabeth is sure to clinch the nomination.


Sorry about wee BUB
they can mean so much....


Maybe I missed it, but did Slog ever mention the disabled woman who was raped and beaten downtown by a man with multiple prior convictions? I mean, Slog must have covered that story. Because you all care about marginalized people, right?


I don't give a shit about Chris Petersen or UW football, but a Google search could tell you in 30 seconds that Petersen's salary is not paid for with taxpayer dollars. The state cuts the physical check, but the money comes from UW football-related budgets.


@2 Alumni don't donate to football teams, they donate to schools. Schools that are, with very few exceptions, components of state governments. Schools that have far more important things to do than win intercollegiate sporting competitions.

If you think alumni should be given a way to donate directly to football teams instead of educational institutions, then make that argument. If you think college football teams should be privatized, then make that argument. If you think state education itself should be privatized entirely, then make that argument.

But please don't pretend the school's money is really the property of a football team that doesn't even pay its players.


@10 See, the best you could do was find a direct donation to fund construction of a building on campus. That's not an athletic program. Coaches do not draw salaries from building construction funds.

And I bet it took you a while to dig up even that, too.


@9 We can answer this with data, and the answer is a resounding "no." There is no correlation between spending on athletics and institutional excellence.

Some of the most lavishly funded college sports programs are at schools with lackluster institutional rankings, e.g. Alamama, LSU, Auburn. And institutions with the best reputations tend to spend modest sums to nothing at all on athletics, e.g. Harvard, Yale, Princeton.

If what you suggest had any merit, it would have shown some results by now. American colleges have had football teams for more than a hundred years. We've collected enough data to conclusively disprove your hypothesis.