Pamela Karlan Is the Only One Keeping Us Awake



"All of the most forceful witnesses against President Trump in these impeachment hearings have been women."

Boy oh voy, I bet them reactionary Repubs're pleased as punch we haven't yet ratified the (Terrifying to Patriarchs!) Equal Rights Amendment.

Just think of the Havoc them womenfolks might conjure up, should they have Equal Rights!

Oh, the Humanity!


But then Pamala Karlan went and torpedoed her testimony by making that snarky swipe against Barron Trump.


@3 So you just invalidated every comment you yourself have ever made that includes a snarky swipe against Trump, like, oh, for instance, referring to him casually as "Baron Trump?"

This is what happens when you can't let go of that lie you keep telling yourself about the GOP, raindrop. You don't even have a lane to stay in anymore.


Stay focused. Her otherwise great comments will be forever blemished by the one snarky comment she laid. Indeed, its the current headline on

The word 'torpedoed' should have been a clue to you. You may apologize now.


I'm sorry, but please explain how Karlan's comment in any way resembles a 'swipe' at the presidents son. Are you saying even mentioning the kids name somehow verboten? Kinda grasping at straws there, it seems


Isn't it weird how the "liberal version" of reality - this one that MSNBC reports, as Katie notes - is the one always supported by the facts? It's almost as if the "liberal" qualifier is wholly unnecessary if you care about the truth.


@7: Not a direct insult, but an ammo clip that will be used over and over by our Trump loving fellow citizens. It doesn't matter what we think of it or how satisfying the tee-tee moment was for Pamala Karlan and the democrats on the judiciary committee.

I bet you Pelosi and was annoyed by it.


Ugh, if you're looking for excitement, Ms. Herzog, go watch a telenovella.

Honestly, do you try to be a journalist? You sound more and more like those Faux News people everyday.

As My Stomach Turns!


even try to be a journalist?

Sigh, I just need to avoid reading anything Herzog writes. Imagine a journalist complaining that she barely kept awake during Congressional hearings to determine whether the fact that the President of the U.S. committed bribery and extortion of a foreign government, to help him win the next election, meant he committed impeachable crimes!


I found it interesting that she said something to the effect that non-citizen should not be allowed to vote, in order to protect the Democracy.


@10 So far the only person I see using this imagined slight as an "ammo clip" is raindrop. The only conclusion I think anyone can draw from this is that raindrop is a Trump lover.

A deeply closeted and self-hating one, of course, still so mired in denial that he refuses to even consider conversion therapy. But a Trump lover nonetheless.

Maybe he was born this way?


Baron Barron von Bären bearin' the bare 'un


@15: Because of the unnecessary talking point it gives to Trump's defenders - logical or not.


@17 The only person using it as an unnecessary talking point is raindrop.


@18: Why are you digging in on this, especially after I humiliated you earlier today?


@19 If you went out and bought yourself a decent desk dictionary, you'd be able to look up the word "humiliate" before hilariously misusing it.

This is the internet, raindrop. You look like a fool when you declare yourself victorious here.

The only person using this entirely imagined slight as an unnecessary talking point is raindrop.


@20: It's an item, whether a talking point, barb, whatever - unfortunate bad optics quip for the dems.

Keep quibbling. You love it.


And that silly professor apologized.

So there robotslave!


@22 That's the man's wife, for God's sake. That's the company you're keeping in this argument, raindrop. That's the only support you can find.

You're a Trump lover. The evidence is right there for anyone to see, but somehow you can't bring yourself to look at it.


@23: Melania has a valid point. Doesn't equate to "loving Trump." God you're getting pathetically desperate.


@24 You're doubling down on a concern troll, and you're calling other people desperate?

The only purpose a concern troll's argument ever serves is to give the troll a way to state an unpleasant belief while pretending it isn't his own unpleasant belief.


So you have no problem with the Democrats making unnecessary blunders? Okay.

I guess you have secret wishes for Trump then.