Medejin is magical.
Medejin is magical. Kyle Toda

Local magic-makers Medejin have woven a whole mood in the form of a music video for their current single, “World’s Fair.”

Full of lush naturescapes and nostalgic vignetting, the visuals are as meditative as the tune itself. The camera embraces vocalist and guitarist Jenn Taranto as she flickers from one Vashon Island scene to the next, clutching long-stemmed flowers like a lifeline.

After this solemn comportment, she joins bandmates Rebecca Gutterman, Matthew Cooke, and Ramsey Troxel on Alki Beach for a golden-hour set. The Olympic Mountains stand, Puget Sound waves amble in, passersby pause for a moment—and yet, even while all aglow, you know the heart of this song is somber.

“Karl [Cassel] from the band Creature Hole really came up with the whole concept [for the video],” Taranto explained. “We were discussing themes within the song and finding the ones you love that are gone now and wondering if the only way to be close to them and feel them is in nature.”

Cassel and assistant videographer Andrea Marcos filmed the project, matching the band’s dreamwave sounds with the Pacific Northwest’s dramatic landscapes.

According to Taranto, the bouquet at the beginning “started to represent a funeral element.” As she lilts lines such as, “I'm suffering with where to find you in the dark,” the aria's motifs of death and melancholy come to light.

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The self-released single will appear on Medejin's upcoming album, set to debut in 2020. A release party for the music video will be held this Sat., December 7, at Brunch Box, a U-District house venue. Hoop, Big Mood, and Artem/s will also perform.

Peep the video below.