The late Divine needs mentioning and our reverence, bless her heart.


I had friends who used to go to his Christmas parties in Baltimore in the '90s. I'm still jealous.


Waters is a great writer and performer who likes to engage with his audience,
Sadly, his post Hairspray movies, with the possible exception of Serial Mom, aren’t that great and lose much of the charm of his early, 1970’s “classics.”
My favorite is “Female Trouble” where Divine, who got an honorary mention from my new friend raindrop @ 1, is a teenage runaway after dropping the Christmas tree on her parents for getting flat shoes asa present, not the cha cha heels she deserved.

For those interested he's discussing his early movies in his first book, "Shock Value," and it’s fun to watch them in sequence as you read it.


@3: Thanks CWDwannabe! I could use a Divine marathon. 'Pink Flamingos' is what I remember. My buddy back in the 70s made us walk out of 'Desperate Living' so I need to finally see the rest of that.

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