Expect big delays and a whole lot of traffic.
Expect big delays and a whole lot of traffic. COURTESY OF SOUND TRANSIT

Light rail users should prepare themselves for a massive clusterfuck coming at the beginning of 2020, when construction to connect the forthcoming East Link line to the existing light rail tracks in the tunnel downtown will commence, as Seattle Bike Blog reports.

From January through March of next year, this project, which Sound Transit is calling "Connect 2020," will drastically reduce the frequency of light rail trains. Currently, trains are supposed to run every 4 to 6 minutes during rush hour. During the construction period, these waits will double to one train every 12 minutes.

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And that's not all. Due to construction, all passengers will be required to switch trains at Pioneer Square Station, and bikes will be required to exit at either University Street Station or International District Station and take the Second Avenue bike path. If you're confused about how this will work, Sound Transit made this instructional video that they seem to have forgotten to narrate, so if that's too confusing, just follow the people around you.

Oh, and light rail service will be closed between Sodo and Capitol Hill January 4–5, February 8–9, and March 14–15. Enjoy!