Get Ready for Light Rail Nightmares, Seattle



I think that's a tad hyperbolic Katie. A few more minutes and a switch from one train to another. An annoyance at most. Certainly not a clusterfuck.


Bike commuters will welcome the opportunity to moan about how much more difficult it is for them, even if they won't admit it.


"Capitol Hill"


@3: She made a pun, not a typo.


@4: Yeah. I guess that's why she fixed it.


There's a streetcar.

Use it.

No seriously, it takes you from the Cap Hill station to just past the ID station


Trains at rush hour, both AM and PM, are already dangerously over-crowded going into downtown from the south. I do it every day and it sucks. I'm no transit engineer, but if the time between trains doubles, the number of bodies double. I can stand inconvenience (e.g., longer wait times, transfers), but this just sounds dangerous. It's much worse now than when the Seattle Times covered the issue 3 years ago. Not hyperbolic in the least.


@7 All trains will have 4 cars, so the number of bodies will double but there will be 33% more space.


oh noes the tiny % of the city's commuters that use a bike might get slightly inconvenienced for a short time?!! PROTEST!!!!