Slog PM: Trump's Dumps



Mohammedans have had yet another a busy week trying to drag us back to the 15th century.


Says the Drumpf voter, with a decided lack of irony and self-awareness.


This is not the first, nor the second, nor perhaps even the third, time a huge high-resolution pic of The Stranger's honey bucket has graced Slog PM.


Believe me, we've tried flushing at least 10 - maybe 15 times, but the bastard won't go away!


@5 Yes but Canada, the USA and Western Europe still haven’t been dragged back to the 15th century. Most Mohammedan countries? Well, I wouldn’t let any daughter of mine live in them beyond a beach vacation in Bali or a weekend in Beirut.


@4 for the win!

Trump truly believes everyone has the same diet as he does and therefore has the same unflushable dumps he has. First the light bulbs because they made him look orange and now the toilets because they won't flush down his shit. This literal shit show has to end soon because I simply will not survive if it lasts much longer.


@7 You’ve been trolled. Congrats.


@8 sadly, no. he is serious. deranged and dumber than fucking dirt, but also serious about freeing the toilets from the tyranny of low flow regulation.


That's "Muslim", not "Mohammedan", ya dumbshit Philistine.


I saw Mayor Pete at the Showbox last summer. Walked right in. Pretty public.


Does anyone have any idea why the 404 troll is so worried about right-wing terrorists in other countries that want to drag us back to the 15th Century because of their crazy middle eastern religion (Islam), but he doesn't give a shit about the right-wing terrorists here in the USA that are trying to drag us back to the 15th Century because of their crazy middle eastern religion (Christianity)?

It's almost as if the terrorism isn't what really bothers him.....


They might want to do that in the USA.

In mohammedan countries they’ve succeeded.


Jesus--that's a ton of shit! Maybe if someone put an alligator in that toilet drainpipe ....?
@1 Take off that ridiculous MAGA cap before your water balloon of a brain leaves a puddle in the hall.
@4 pat L for the WIN!!
@15: Isn't it past your bedtime? Awww, cheer up, lil buckaroo--there's still SuperFriends on Channel 4.


Maybe trump was watching reruns of "King Of The Hill". There's an episode where they are all unhappy about low-flow fixtures. There was also an episode of "Seinfeld" that addressed it.


The initial models of the low flow toilets in the 80-90s were not very good. They eventually fixed that. Our seven year old home has two of the newer style and they are fine.

Kind of like the first LED lights didn't last as long as they said and flickered.

Things evolve. If Trump changes the rules these less efficient toilets like less efficient cars won't sell.

Old people (and I am one) remember old news like it was yesterday, very difficult to make them change their minds.


our president thinks no one knows what rain is


@20 & @21 maybe you can help this guy out.


After eating all that McDonalds junk food Trump's shit would overwhelm any toilet.


The funny thing is that there is certainly no electric utility or water utility that would want us to return to either incandescent light bulbs or high-flow water appliances. That's not to say that there aren't money-grubbing utilities out there. It's just that the electric utilities don't want to buy extra power on the open market (which is very expensive), and the water utilities are already trying to stretch a finite resource.


I would sooner trust Kefka to deregulate our water.


Imperial Bathroom:


@17 Catalina Vel-DuRay: I was wondering if Trumpty Dumpty was binge playing the video game, South Park: Fractured But Whole (source of the video game: Lindy West, in her new book, The Witches Are Coming, c. 2019, pg 116.). Shitting in as many toilets as possible to "win" sounds like Trumpty Dumpty, and he's full of it, blasting out of both ends.
@24 Catalina Vel-DuRay: Further proof of how Trumpty Dumpty is is clueless and stupid as it is inexcusably evil.


I'd SO love to hear about an alligator rising up from the sewers into Trumpty Dumpty's own personal White Trash House toilet. I can just see it now: Trumpty Dumpty gets lost as usual on Twitter, sits on its throne to feed its yes men, bimbos, and heirs their daily meal of toxic industrial waste, and--------SNAP!
Now if we could only do something about that miserable orange rug. Maybe shave it off and mail it postage due to Vladimir Putin with love.


Is this about the privatization of water?!