Give This Olive Garden Worker, and Other Struggling Workers Statewide, a Secure Schedule



One time I went to that olive garden with my family to use up a gift card. The tantrums caused Olive Garden's table tablets wasn't great, and the food wasn't great either, but hey hey, it was edible.

Before we left, I went to the bathroom. An employee with a cleaning bucket was standing in front of a urinal, motionless, staring at an italian feast of soup, salad, breadsticks, spaghetti, and red wine, recently vomited into a urinal. He turned to me and said, "I quit," and we both left.

This has nothing to do with the article, but it's how I'll always remember that Olive Garden.


@1 Not quite a haiku, but quite poetic.


i used to work at that olive garden. i stole soup and breadsticks every single goddamn say. every day


Employees are too fucking Uppity these days; this is what happens when you give EVERY one the so-called right to vote. Even women now think they're "equal" to men, who are obviously much much more Powerful.

All this claptrap re "rights" is disgusting. Rich people are rich because GAWD wants them to be Rich, and also wants them to take their rightful place as the Head of the American Fambly.

Thank Gawd every day that our beloved, obviously-Brilliant Billionaires have more than enough cash lying around to buy any Law Maker their stone cold hearts may desire.

And let's keep employees honest and hard-working by making ALL employees 'on-call' -- subject to showing up at an Employer's slightest whim, and even for as litle as ten minutes work, if that's what he desires at that moment.

The Balance or Power has got to get back to Gawd's original design: Men on top.


@5: BS argument. All of those things happen to people with a securely scheduled 9-5 job too. Try again.


Sorry! @4


From my ten years working in restaurants and other service jobs, from high school through grad school, I can honestly say, I've never seen an industry with so many fuck-ups, especially the folks doing it as a "career".

Expect more self-service kiosks.


@11 And with 3.5% unemployment, it’s a sellers market. Unless you’re a fuckup.


@10 -- Oh My GAWD the PTSD those poor basterds must carry . . . s'no Wonder they (all prolly) gotta self-Medicate -- they're damn Lucky anyone ever showsup, seems like.

When Repubs finally repeal the weak No Floggings Rule, we'll be on our way to not only a Master Race, but also Mass Efficiency -- allways Key to a well-run Economy, efficiency -- look at Singapore -- see anbody spitting on the streets in Singapore?

Repub's are said to be working on a Citizen's Right to Cane Miscreants, scofflaws, and all other types of rude people, or people who think they're Better than you (are).

A boss oughtta be able to whip a lowly employee, too right? I mean, production's kinda more important than someone's "feelings," duh? And if they "don't 'like' it," they can Lump it. Plenty more drones willing to work for plantation wages, or less where you came from.

Ya shouldda taken out a loan! And got Educated!


I can't believe the Restaurant Servers' Union allows this situation to continue.


As the middle class dies it means those who live off of the middle class are in worse shape then usual.

I worked at Subway when I was a 18 and my manager was kind enough to explain his plans to survive. He was doing his best to manage the shop and sucking up to the owners they promised him his own Subway store someday I don't know if he ever got it but what I learned was sad. Top tier Subway store owners (at this time and this data is all memory so it's likely a little off) that said. You can expect to earn roughly 45-48k if you bring in enough people through the door. Subway is also one of the more expensive franchises to buy into I believe.

There isn't as much money in this market as it is being siphoned off by the Franchise owners who require you to look the way they want and buy the food from them.

I believe if you own a Dairy Queen Franchise you get food stamps automatically even under trump's new rules. Yes that's meant to be a joke; but if you own a Dairy Queen Franchise you wish it was the truth because you are broke broke broke.


The government penalizes employers who give their employees full-time hours so please don't act surprised when employers react by reducing their full time staff.
It just makes you look stupid.


You will notice that "secure schedule" and "full-time schedule" are actually two separate phrases, with different meanings.