French-Canadian krautrock worship alert.
French-Canadian krautrock worship alert. Dominic Berthiaume

Corridor, "Domino" (Sub Pop)

Sub Pop has signed another solid act with French-Canadian rockers Corridor. On their 2019 debut full-length for the Seattle label, Junior, Dominic Berthiaume (vocals/bass), Julian Perreault (guitar), Jonathan Robert (vocals/guitar/synths), and Julien Bakvis (drums) have simply made an indie-rock record in which even those burnt-out on the form can revel. These Montreal musicians have found the ideal balance between insouciance and passion, and figured out how to make their guitars evoke halcyon days of obscure British groups (and Neu!'s "Hallogallo") only your older sibling's record-store clerk friend knows about. Their two-and-a-half- to five-minute songs color vividly within the lines of rock convention, enlivening moves that you've heard thousands of times like it's no big deal.

Junior's standout is "Domino," because it's the track that most strongly pushes your krautrock-lovin' buttons. It's powered by a peppy motorik groove and radiant guitar patterns that criss-cross over your sensorium and stimulate your neurons in all the right ways. Berthiaume sings in French, but no matter, non-francophones; he's communicating an irrepressible joie de vivre, even if his actual words tell another story. Instant euphoria ensues.

Corridor perform tonight at Barboza.