The state might give you some cash to buy drugs, check it out!
The state might give you some cash to buy drugs, check it out! SKAMAN306/GETTY

If you don't already have health insurance through an employer, parent, college, or other source, there are only five days left for you to enroll in (hopefully) affordable health insurance for 2020. That's because enrollment on Washington’s health exchange ends at midnight on Sunday, December 15. Do you have health coverage set for next year? If not, you're almost out of time to get it.

It is not a valid excuse to say you're waiting for Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren to become president and socialize medicine. They won’t take office till 2021 at the earliest, and socialized medicine will take years to set up. That leaves you, dear Bernie Bro or Warren Stan, without insurance for years. So don’t be a dummy and delay.

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More than 187,000 people have already enrolled in health or dental coverage through the Washington Healthplanfinder (sic), and following their lead and getting insurance is not hard to do. Just collect your personal information (Social Security number, income information, and address info) and head over to the health plan finder.

The health plan finder is super easy to use, and it will even tell you if you qualify for free or reduced health insurance costs. If you are a single person and you make less than $1,436 a month, you can get free Medicare, which Washington calls “Apple Health.” If you are a single pregnant woman, minor, disabled, or over 65, you are most likely entitled to free health care regardless of your income. And even if you don’t get access to free health care, there are lots of subsidies to make health care even cheaper for you. All you have to do is fill out one easy form and you can find out.

Don’t wait!

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