Shaun Scott should have won.


@1 I guess you’re happy that white millionaire lady beat Mark Solomon.


"I also think it’s ill-advised to have an axe to grind against these large corporations.

What we need and what we should demand is that they come to the table.

They must acknowledge that our tax system is hugely unfair.

That when companies extract billions and billions of resources and wealth out of a community, that they have an obligation to give back."
--Bruce Harrell



Harrell's proudest moment could be when he atones for his most shameful moment in recent memory: when he attacked the Seattle Community Police Commission, and anyone else who criticized the 2018 Seattle Police Officers Guild (SPOG) contract, for being fabulists and rumor mongers. Here is verbatim what he said on November 13, 2018 when voting in favor of the contract that undid important police reforms:

"...not one person said how in the hell we are rolling back reforms, not one person said that, they just repeated this rumor. And I gotta tell you rumors usually have more wings than the truth... Where are we losing what we fought for?... And there's an old saying that fake friends believe in rumors, and real friends believe in you. And I will vote for this contract. And I'll say that we have not rolled back reforms..." ( at time 1:47:39 )

Just months later a federal judge -- agreeing with every careful analyst of the 2018 SPOG contract -- made clear that the 2018 SPOG contract significantly rolled back police reforms and contravened the federal court's work on establishing constitutional policing. It then became undeniable that Harrell demeaned and slandered those who had spent decades fighting for police reform. Harrell showed himself to be a "fake friend" to police reform.

When Harrell publicly appoligizes and makes amends for this shameful and self-serving abuse of power he may regain some claim to pride.


Harrell can give a good lecture on what corporations like Amazon should be doing for their communities, but he apparently didn't think about that when he willingly voted to repeal the employee hours tax.


The Stranger is ruining Seattle. Messed up paper that only cares about color of skin and sexual preferences. Seriously what is wrong with the people that run that less than zero excuse for journalism?


"There is some racist out there, I suspect millions in Seattle." Seattle population. 724,745.


The good jobs are being created in Seattle, not in Tukwila, forcing people out of Seattle moves them away from those jobs. I always wondered why he didn't try to do more about displacement. This interview answers it. He didn't really care. He thinks it is good that people who own their homes can cash in and "move south." What about the majority of people that don't own their homes in Seattle? Well... Bruce and his people got theirs.


@10...uh "No Asians"? Does the name "Sawant" mean anything to you?

And after your endless screeds about the houseless, it's amazing to hear you talk about empathy in ANY context.


PNW progressive is the whitest thing I can think of besides white.

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