Seattle Kowtows to Suburbs, Moves Forward with Flawed Regional Homelessness Authority



I suspect they intentionally delayed expanding light rail because it would give the layperson full autonomy without having to pay ridiculous rides hare prices; they want more cars on the road anyway to keep the commuters further away from them. .


"The suburbs sure have a lot of opinions!"

Well they also don't have thieving, murdering junkie camps all over the place.


@2 How do the junkies keep getting their junk? Follow the money.


Maybe shifting away from "homelessness experts" is the right choice, considering how the problem has only gotten worse and worse after years of half-baked efforts.


Thank God we had the bold leadership of CM Sawant!

Oh, wait....


Two technical corrections: it is the King County Regional Policy Committee, not Planning Committee, and the original proposal was for a public development authority, not a public disclosure agreement.


"Seattle will be contributing 60 percent of the budget but only controlling a quarter of the votes."

How do I sue my council member for failure to act as fiduciary for city funds?


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