$5 million to Holocaust survivors will patch this right up.
Five million dollars to Holocaust survivors will patch this right up. Joe Raedle/Getty

Orca babies love their grandmas: Researchers have found that when a grandmother orca is around, orca calves survive more. For whatever reason, having a whale around that's gone through menopause is helpful for child-rearing. In the southern resident population, there are only four grandmothers left out of the 73 whales.

Where are all the Seahawks fans? They're not inside Seattle city limits. According to a new report by Gene Balk at the Seattle Times, 35 percent of adults who live in South King County (we're talking Tukwila, we're talking Auburn) consider themselves Seahawks fan. Only 19 percent of Seattleites do.

The Judiciary Committee is debating the articles of impeachment: And will likely vote along party lines today to send the articles to the full House. Republicans have been scrambling to kill the charges. Representative Jim Jordan from Ohio made an amendment to strike Article 1 on the grounds that "Article 1 ignores the truth.”

It's UK Election Day! Today, the Brits are headed to the polls to vote for members of parliament. Whoever wins the prime minister spot will decide the future of the UK. Will it be "Get Brexit Done" prime minister Boris Johnson of the Conservative Party or Jeremy Corbyn of the Labour Party who has billed himself as the defender of Britain’s National Health Service. It's a big deal. It's such a big deal, even this anarchist is voting:

British voters also have a tradition of photographing their dogs at polling places: So here are a few of those pups. Somehow they all look incredibly British.

Vice hit publish too soon on its election article: Oopsie. Love to see how the sausage gets made, though!

Central District man fends off stabber: With a rake. Bobby Washington, 78, was raking leaves outside his Central District home when a passerby went after him with a knife. The attacker took off once Washington had taken him to the ground and was beating him with the plastic handle of the knife. Police have not caught the attacker. “He can come back and try to finish what he started,” Washington said in this KOMO article. “I’ll take care of him.”

Despite recent rain, water shortages lie ahead: Washington is incredibly dependent on a strong snowpack to get our water supply through the rainless summer months. Models are predicting that while we'll get a lot of precipitation, only a little of that will be snow. That's worrisome for farmers trying to make it through the summer months. And, as snow patterns change and glaciers keep melting, it will only get worse.

It's raining in Seattle: And snowing in the mountains. The wet storm continues through Friday.

Uber for skiers: You can call an Uber to get yourself to the slopes, and Uber will send a car with a ski rack or a truck bed, one that can handle icy terrain. It will cost the same as an UberX.

Indian citizenship bill causes chaos: A new citizenship bill passed on Wednesday will allow a path to Indian citizenship for non-Muslim groups in neighboring Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Afghanistan. Critics are worried about an influx of immigrants that will change the region's demographics. Troops have been deployed to Northeastern India where violent protests are taking place. The internet has been shut down.

Georgia reporter seeks criminal charges: Against the man who slapped her ass during the marathon she was covering, live on-air. Alex Bozarjian filed a sexual battery report with Savannah police. Meanwhile, the man who slapped Bozarjian's ass has been banned from all future races sponsored by the Savannah Sports Council. He was also given air time for "his side of the story," in which he apologized and basically said it was a mistake and he's not that kind of guy.

Never forget that Krispy Kreme Doughnuts has Nazi ties: The family that owns the company (and also owns Panera Bread) will give $5 million to Holocaust survivors after finding out their ancestors were Nazi sympathizers and used French prisoners of war and Russian civilians as forced laborers in World War II. Think about that next time Panera changes the menu on you. Or when Krispy Kreme runs out of original glaze. Think about that.

A thing you can watch with your parents this holiday season: John Mulaney, otherwise known as America's most tolerable comedian, has made a children's musical special.

Oh, was this money for charity? The Vatican has been stuffing its budget with charitable donations intended for the poor. Less than 10 percent of money—$55 million annually—that people donate specifically for helping the poor and suffering actually goes toward that. Instead, two-thirds of it fills the Vatican's budgetary deficit.

I mean, sure, I'll click: Norway "Artist" Who Spray-Paints with Anus Receives $4M in Public Funds.

Bring back the musical movie: I love a movie adaptation of a musical, even the shitty ones. I haven't seen In the Heights, the debut musical from Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda on stage, but I'll certainly be seeing the screen adaptation. The movie is coming out next summer, and it's directed by Jon M. Chu, the same guy who gave us Crazy Rich Asians. Also, I'm happy to see Miranda didn't cast himself in this movie.

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