Slog AM: Orca Calves Need Their Grandmas, It's UK Election Day, Krispy Kreme Repents for Nazi Ties



Why are no news outlets referring to the JC shootings as terrorism? Seems like it checks all boxes.


@1: The shooters are the wrong race and political affiliation, so what would be the point?


I'm a Seahawks fan and I live in California. My local teams are the 49ers and the Raiders, so I feel like I have no choice really. Go Hawks.


That's why I only eat Top Pot donuts!
Top Pot - the donuts of the Seattle Seahawks!
Go Hawks!


The evangelical mega churches whose pastors are buying sports cars out of the donations for the needy have nothing on the Catholic Church. Possibly the world's oldest and most successful grift. Give me money I'll put in a good word for you... with God!


Seriously Nathalie: "Think about that" ?

Who were your sinful ancestors?


“ Black on Jewish violence on a systemic basis in NYC”

Or black on Korean violence. Three Korean shop keepers targeted and murdered in Washington state by blacks in 2019.



I'd heard it characterized as "an act of terrorism" on an NPR news roundup yesterday. Are you seeing sources that are explicitly denying it as such?



Jesus, dude. There were links to the crime in both of yesterday's news roundups, Slog AM & PM, including as the second story summarized by Nathalie yesterday. What new developments have you so outraged that more coverage is warranted? If the Stranger's reporting doesn't conform to your ideological demands, then perhaps YOU'RE the one who needs to "check your bias."




Ok Boomer.


@3: You're dumb.


@ 11,

Yeah sure, Baghdad Bob.

And after Prezirapist AntiChrist finally croaks and puts us all out of his misery, dumFux Nooz’ll be screaming “HEZ JUST RESTING HIZ EYES,” while millions queue up to piss all over his grave.

He’ll have to be buried at sea like Osama bin Laden.


Check out scumbag 404 troll @12 pretending to be Korean

whiffs of white supremacy in the comment section today. I wonder where these avatars got their remarkably similar talking points.

@17 leave boomers out of it when 'nutjob' will perfectly do


I think the donut company is doing the right thing by acknowledging the wrongdoing of their ancestors, which they probably were not aware of and shouldn't be accounted for, by donating money to help the victims.

The latest shootings in NJ should have been brought up in this morning news round up. One of the murderers is said to publish anti-Jewish posts on his fb account.

Best to my friends in the UK and beyond in this coming election.
Last night it was announced that Israel is also heading to another round of election, the third one in a year. All those elections have one reason: PM Netanyahu is hoping for a parliamentary majority that will grant him immunity against the corruption, bribery, and breach of trust accusations that his own appointed AG has finally filed after years of stalling and giving Netanyahu family all the delays they asked for.
Netanyahu is blaming the left, the police, and the judiciary system for plotting against him. His rhetoric sounds very much like that of our very own leader.


Why are only percentages listed?

Doesn't the Seattle/Shoreline/Vashon area have more residents than South King County? As such, a smaller percentage doesn't necessarily mean less people.



I had to scroll down exactly 9.3726 inches on the Slog main page to find the following NYT embed from Chase w/r/t to the shooting...

"An assailant involved in the prolonged firefight in Jersey City, N.J., that left six people dead, including one police officer, was linked on Wednesday to the Black Hebrew Israelite movement, and had published anti-Semitic posts online, a law enforcement official said."



“Six dead in Jersey City”


“The Jersey City shooter has been linked to the Black Hebrew Israelite movement”

ThE sHoOtER iS tHe wrOnG RaCe! No ONe cArEs aBoUt BlaCk cRiME!

lol, never change you guys


no one called dylan roof a terrorist either


I am confused by everyone expecting the shooting to be called terrorism (note: it is domestic terrorism, but that is a different matter). What is it that you want? It must be called terrorism because non-whites committed the crime or it must be called terrorism because it is terrorism?

No mass shooting in this country committed by a white male has EVER been deemed an act of domestic terrorism. Not one. If you can name one, go for it.

As for acts that have been deemed terrorism in this country they are either bombings, assassinations of notable figures (JFK and MLK, Jr. to name two), or assassinations of individuals (pro-life psychopaths killing abortion providers).

Meanwhile, every mass shooting in this country committed by any non-white person, IS called terrorism, every single time. It seems to me that is what is bothering people. Let's clear up the debate, because this is not about semantics. When it gets down to brass tacks, ALL mass shootings in this country are acts of terrorism. The determination of classification is racially motivated and therefore not an argument of semantics, but one of racism.


@27, Thanks for that link. My initial question @1 was not rhetorical, I was actually curious since the attack could fit into both left and right "terrorism" talking points. Looks like it might have been a case of the cops not wanting to jump to conclusions. You've got to be pretty crazy to be down with the BHI in the first place, so they could have been looking at an insanity explanation.


@ 26 trump said Jews who don't vote for him nor Netanyahu are traitors, so f off with your assertion that the right loves Jews. You only say so when it suits you and the Jews you "love" are those dancing to your tune. Most Jews don't vote for the right and some who did vote for trump because he is "good for Israel" now realize what he and his supporters, like you, are all about.


I amend my statement. Patrick Crusius (the El Paso shooter) is white and his crime was investigated by the FBI as domestic terrorism.


@1 and all the rest

"The FBI is investigating Tuesday’s attack, which left six people dead, as domestic terrorism with a hate crime component, FBI Special Agent in Charge Gregory Ehrie said at a press conference Thursday."

I have yet to find an outlet that hasn't called it terrorism, because the police are investigating it as an act of domestic terrorism.

Enough with the bullshit.


By the way,

It's not the media's job to label a violent act terrorism, it's the job of the authorities.

The FBI is investigating the incident as domestic terrorism, and the media is calling it domestic terrorism.

That's how this sort of thing is supposed to work.


@32/33 thank you.



To be fair to LRK there, I think the "major news outlets" that he's tuned in to are primarily voices in his head, and so it's entirely possible that they'd be reporting events in contrast to lamestream media outlets like NPR and Huffpo that are calling it terrorism.



"From here on out first term Republican Presidents will be begging the Democrats to impeach! It works miracles for their polling numbers."

How about second term presidents?



"From here on out first term Republican Presidents will be begging the Democrats to impeach! It works miracles for their polling numbers."

I couldn't agree more!


trump’s polling numbers are still in the trash, where they’ve always been

people support impeachment and removal by a narrow plurality, while a majority approve the process by 10% (currently 52–42)

the belief that a historically unpopular president becomes more popular by having his corruption litigated in congress for weeks on end is one of profound self-delusion



Deflect, project, jump, and spin to win!


The ass-slapper did NOT apologize when given air time. He said he would have apologized if he had seen the look on her face after he did it. Which, given that he must have already watched the video by this point, is explicitly a non-apology. Such a piece of shit.