Just say Durkin can do absolutely nothing right in your biased eyes and get it over with.


Pedestrians in this city are entitled pricks. Same with bicyclists. Sure - cross in the middle of a busy poorly lit street in your all black outfit paying attention to your phone. You may even have the right of way. But is that going to help you when you're broken and in pain? Or dead? Simple pedestrian smarts (look out for traffic, be visible) are extinct. Changing the speed limits isn't going to change anything except increase revenue for the PD.


Well since it is typically a vast speed difference between two objects colliding that causes the greatest damage (at least to the slower, soft-bodied object). And since, as Charles points out 'cars' purpose is to be faster'. And lastly, since the greatest statistical chance of collision occurs when objects travel orthogonally across each others' paths (e.g. at city intersections).

Then I forward that the only real solution is to put cars into "speed tubes" under- and over-ground so that pedestrians & bicyclists can travel where they need without ever coming into direct contact with cars. The cars will be able to go as fast as they want in the "speed tubes" fulfilling their greatest purpose. Unexplained fires will be a matter for the courts.

@5 - I call them "darktards". I realize that's not quite the most polite portmanteau, but I didn't invent it and it gets the point across. I supposed "darkwads" would be acceptable.
Pedestrians in all dark outfits, at night, in the rain, should be required (REQUIRED!) to wear lights on their person pointing at least Left and Right, if not also Front and Back, so that they can be see. I grant that an omni-light worn on the top of the head would suffice also.


Yeah, I’m really sure this homeless tweaker piece of shit from Snohomish, really would have cared if the speed limit was 25.


@6 - I love it! "Darkwads"! I shall adopt it and give you credit treacle.

@7 - Exactly. Like that would have prevented the deaths on Aurora. Her car basically flew onto the sidewalk. No lights, pedestrian caution or speed limits would have prevented her drugged out horror show.


Cut the "scofflaws gonna scofflaw, so why bother having laws" crowd. Ffs.


@6: If a car is having difficulty seeing a person in dark clothing, it's gong way too fast. My raincoat and umbrella are dark but quite noticeable.


Charles, you do have a somewhat florid writing style (a vice I share) but this is actually a good thoughtful piece.
I think you make a good point that a denser Seattle, with a higher proportion of pedestrians and cyclists than ever, means we need to make changes for safety. Anyone who has worked for any large corporation is familiar with the concept that safety has to be a core value.
I have noticed that drivers generally respect the "20 mph when children are present" zones around schools with the flashing yellow lights. I wonder if that concept couldn't be expanded to areas with a history of pedestrian/car accidents that would be triggered by motion detectors.


@6 Wait, are you suggesting everyone should wear safety get-ups just to go outside at night? Seattle famously eschews fashion for practicality, but that would bring it to a whole 'nuther level.


How do pedestrians get hit at 39th and Aurora? You can't cross Aurora anywhere around there unless you want to run across 4 lanes of fast traffic and vault the center barrier in the bargain. I guess the cars must be turning off 99 onto 39th and getting them in the crosswalk.

As a veteran urban pedestrian I can attest that all my closest calls have been under circs like that.


@13, The people killed on Aurora were walking from their hotel a block away. They weren't crossing any street but simply walking on the sidewalk when the car flew off the road into them.


The "speed limit reduction" is hilarious. NO ONE will abide by it, and there aren't nearly enough cops to enforce it (aside from a few "emphasis patrols" that will last a few weeks.)

It's just another dopey gesture by The City of Seattle.


As a school bus driver, who travels both north and south on Aurora Avenue at least four times a day, I see idiotic behavior from drivers, pedestrians and cyclists. EG: Dark skinned cyclist dressed in black riding on bike with no lights, at 5 pm, in the dark and rain, heading south in northbound bus lane. Pedestrian crossing Aurora against lights, staggering in and out of traffic. Driver texting, driving with knees, stopping in intersection to finish whatever. Bus drivers not signaling, running lights. PAY ATTENTION, EVERYONE


Omfg, teh stoopit; it burrrrrns.

At least he seems to have learned to tame his homonyms. For the moment.

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