I'm curious about why the blurbs are not signed by their authors as is typical for a multi-author Slog news roundup.


Bummer about the newstand. It was one of the best in the country. I’m surprised it lasted this long. At least Bulldog is still around.


The "dark" link at the bottom of the post is pretty freaking fun. I'd spent maybe 10 or 15 minutes on it and figured I might be close to finishing. Then started rapidly scrolling to see how far it went and realized I should probably close it out and re-visit when I had a bigger chunk of time to devote to it.


Oh, fuck off Andrew Sullivan. The US has swung so far to the right that even our most extreme liberal candidates for president would be considered middle-of-the-road moderates in the U.K. Our politics have very little comparison to the UK, especially in this election. Jeremy Corbyn lost because he refused to take any position one way or the other on Brexit. It had nothing to do with him being "too liberal". The Labor party was split over Brexit. Urban liberals opposed Brexit; outlying factory and mining towns favored Brexit. Corbyn tried to hold Labor together by staying neutral, and they all told him to get bent. Staying neutral was catastrophic when Brexit was by far the biggest issue on UK voter's minds.

The lesson Democrats in the US should take from the British election is to utterly ignore Andrew Sullivan's baseless ramblings.


House Judiciary Committee Indicts Trump on Two Counts

Who's to say it wasn't the Dan Savage's
ITMFA hats/shirts/collectibles
that brought all this on?

Well Played, Dan.


Yes, we need to let more women with penises beat the shit out of women with vaginas in the boxing ring, crush them in wrestling and slam duck them in basketball.


Slam duck?


Has Andrew Sullivan ever been right about anything?


I do believe Ken Mehlman's the only slog poster with enough clout and integrity to be weighing in on the merits of the patented slam duck. @7 should probably just stick to linking us all to his doctor's that are pioneering miraculous cures for herpes,


Poofy's drs. have a lot to be thankful for.
Us, not so much.


One (reportedly) cured him of leopardsy
testicular gargantuanism
ovarian cystemics
rank homophobia
and misogyny.

Speaking of slam ducks, apparently his 'dr'
wasn't quite all he was quacked up to be.


@9: His astute observations will be chiseled in stone if Trump is reelected.


@5 Except as Sullivan pointed out, Johnson also ran on a platform that would be considered moderate-left here in the US: raising taxes on the wealthy, tax cuts directed at poor and working households, expanded spending on social programs including the NHS. This is actually a bit of a return to form for the Conservatives after the shift to Thatcherism in the 1980s. Google "One-nation conservatism" and Disraeli if you're interested.

The present day GOP would never countenance such a shift, but recall Trump also promised similar things in 2016 (though of course he didn't deliver on any of them, not even his wall).

We've been told over and over again through the years that the political center is "fiscally conservative and socially liberal." It is, in fact, the reverse: fiscally liberal and socially conservative. That's what Johnson ran on in his election. That is also, incidentally, the formula of the FDR-era Democrats, who held the Presidency through four straight elections, five if you count Truman.

The math to back up that conclusion may be found here:

That doesn't mean that the Democrats should abandon issues like abortion, immigration, and LGBT rights wholesale. It probably does mean that more of a big tent philosophy would be helpful (one major reason Louisiana has a Democratic governor is because John Bel Edwards is anti-abortion).

If you're truly interested in being the party of the working class, it's probably not a bad idea to go and try to be where the working class (white, black, Hispanic, and otherwise) is on a lot of these issues.


@7 And here I thought banning lopsided competition and forcing everyone to be equal was supposed to be the great liberal sin, not a conservative talking point...


@18: People vote their gut, regardless of evidence. So the goal of the democratic nominee, is to find a way to give those Trump voters a reason for voting for you - which will probably be superficial and gratuitous and also greatly anger the purist base of both parties. He or she who is able to play that game best, wins the presidency.


@16 The numbers in that paper do not show that Americans are "fiscally liberal and socially conservative." It instead shows that Americans are divided on issues of race, economic inequality, gay rights, abortion, and the efficacy of government, but are united on foreign trade, social security, the role of women in society, and mistrust of politics.

There's neither a clear liberal/conservative line in the divisions, nor a clear fiscal/social one.

In the scatter plot (a post-hoc construction, btw-- the survey was not designed to measure the axes presented) there is slightly greater separation between clusters along the "social/identity" axis than the "economic" axis.

If you take the plot at face value, the strongest statement you can draw from it is "Americans are divided on social issues (with the midpoint at the traditional political center) and slightly less divided on economic issues (with the midpoint slight left of the traditional political center).

All this with the caveat that the definition of the "traditional left-right axis" is not provided in the paper.


@19 The gut of the committed primary voter is an entirely different organ than the gut of the body politic. Trump does not anger the purist base of your party, he absolutely delights them. You are not part of the purist base of your party anymore. Power has been seized from your faction, decisively, and your gasping political remnant will not regain control of the GOP in your lifetime, if ever.

The necessary goal of anyone hoping to become the Democratic candidate is to win the Democratic primary. Not the Republican primary, and not an imaginary general election without primaries.

American political parties are enegaged in continual internal power struggles. This is structural. The parties have no owners, no laws of succession, and no prerequisites. Control lies in the hands of the strongest players in leadership struggles that have no endpoints. The people who steer the party, who will groom or become presidential candidates, are the people who can win the gut of the party member.


@21: My context is not the primary voter, that's why I said "democratic nominee" for the general.


Nothing about the Ballard Blossom fire?


Guess not. Maybe start your own blog idk


One is not anti-trans by taking issue the disparity of athletic ability of a trans female athlete in competitive girls sports (regardless of who introduces the bill).


Remember folks, being a woman is just a state of mind.


Streamable(!) ink to Chase and Jasmyne discussing Unstreamable on NPR this AM.


There was a bit of talk amongst people working on the tunnel about how Bertha wasn't disabled by a steel pipe but from the oil pump not being turned back on after a maintenance shut down. No steel pipe was presented as evidence AFAIK, and Bertha should have been able to chew through it if there was one. Yeah, send the bill to the contractor on this one.


28 - I think the city should be magnanimous and absorb a partial settlement. After all, the city did not build Bertha and there is a cost to doing business - especially on specialized technologies.


Please stop linking to that site. It's cute but hugely inaccurate, almost all the animal depths are wrong, he doesn't credit the sources of his images and those aren't exactly accurate either (case in point, that "sea lion" is a monk seal...)


@4 - I went to the bottom of "dark" and read everything on the way down (more than 35,000 feet!). Worth the trip....


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