Keep your neighborhood vape shop owner in your thoughts this holiday season.
Keep your neighborhood vape shop owner in your thoughts this holiday season. HAZEMMKAMAL / GETTY IMAGES

Boeing prepares for 737 MAX production shutdown: The 737 MAX jet isn't getting back in the skies anytime soon. Boeing will likely announce a production shutdown for the plane that led to two fatal crashes last year. That production takes place at Boeing's Renton plant. Those 12,000 employees will have to be relocated. The announcement should come on Monday or Tuesday.

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The House Judiciary Committee turns in its impeachment report: The 658-page document was published on Monday morning. Its main point is that President Donald Trump "betrayed the nation by abusing his high office." The full House will vote on impeachment on Wednesday. Then a trial in the Senate will be held early next year.

A turncoat in our midst: Representative Jeff Van Drew from New Jersey is a little snake. He's a Democrat that's against impeachment and plans to switch to being a Republican this week.

Seattle's sriracha bandit: A burglar broke into a car dealership in Lake City and broke into a safe. Then he used sriracha hot sauce to cover his tracks. It is unclear how he used sriracha to cover his tracks, but I guess we can use our imaginations. Police responded to a tripped alarm, inspected, and drove away while the burglar was inside. Allegedly, the suspect stole a 92-year-old ring from within the safe. The owner said the ring hadn't been off his hand in about 15 years but it recently broke. He's offering a $5,000 cash reward for any information that could lead to an arrest.

Vape ban wreaks havoc: Vape stores are starting to close due to Washington's ban on flavored vapes. One vape shop owner whose stores have started closing is Matt Bradley, a guy featured on Deadliest Catch. There are 377 businesses that have discontinued their business licenses in the wake of the ban.

Endless entertainment: I could watch this video one million times. It's a bunch of little kids trying to run hurdles. There is so much going on, it's overwhelming on the first watch:

King County Courthouse entrance will reopen: The Third Avenue main entrance to the courthouse has been closed for a week due to multiple attacks outside. It will open up again on Monday after the King County Council allocated $600,000 of emergency money to hire a full-time security guard at the entrance.

Some weather: Not much, but some:

Harvey Weinstein wants our sympathy: The self-dubbed "forgotten man" gave an exclusive interview to the New York Post weeks ahead of his trial for sexually assaulting two women. Weinstein's health is poor, his attorney claimed, telling a court last week that Weinstein, who has been accused by 23 women of sexual misconduct, needs back surgery and that this whole process has been hard on him. Weinstein also claimed that no one "promoted the cause of women" as much as he did with his Hollywood career.

An earthquake in the Philippines: A 6.8 magnitude earthquake rocked the southern Philippines island of Mindanao. Three people were killed. Here's a pool sloshing in the aftermath of the quake. These kinds of videos are always so eerie:

Capitol Hill mansion owners want recognition: The people who live in those ornate houses on 14th Avenue East from Prospect Street to Roy Street have filed a nomination to get the stretch of property federally recognized as "Millionaire's Row," according to Capitol Hill Seattle Blog.

The census gets political: The 2020 census is upon us, and states are approaching it unequally. California, for instance, is devoting $187 million to get an accurate count of its population. Texas is spending nothing. The census this year is a political fight; an accurate count of people in a state could change which party is in charge. There are 24 states not spending anything on the census. Seventeen of those states are Republican-led.

Whoopsie: A superyacht owned by magnate Alshair Fiyaz plowed into a guard tower on the Caribbean island of Saint Martin.

Snowboarder unintentionally caused avalanche: An avalanche in Park City Utah that was caused by a snowboarder ended up killing him. He was found buried in the three-foot-deep and 100-feet-wide pile of snow.

Hallmark sides with the gays: There was backlash over a commercial on Hallmark Channel that featured a lesbian couple getting married. Hallmark removed the ad. There was then backlash over Hallmark removing the ad. So now Hallmark is reinstating the ad. If the advertising company, a wedding-planning company called Zola, will continue the partnership, that is.

Love Slog AM/PM?

Are you a porch pirate victim? Was your Prime package nabbed? Maybe this video of a NASA engineer getting revenge on package thieves will be cathartic. It's his second year doing this. I haven't watched it all because who has 18 minutes to spare on a Monday morning?

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