Slog AM: Boeing's Renton Plant May Shut Down, Vape Ban Shutters Businesses, Harvey Weinstein Wants Sympathy



Weinstein is s disgusting, schizo rape golem, and his ilk have run Hollywood from day one, and will continue to do so in the foreseeable future. Don't forget this as you sit in the theater.

Just wait until the top gets blown off of all the rampant pedophilia.


Weinstiens team is working overtime. They got me banned from twitter for telling him that he looks like shit and I hope its because he has cancer. Now that they have 'some guy on the internet' silenced I guess he can hire OJ's team to look for the real rapist.


4 - Avoid cancer insults. Patients say wouldn't wish it on their worst enemy.


The sriracha sauce was probably used in order to deter sniffing dogs, a step up from those detective/spy stories I read as a child where people on the run spread ground black pepper on their foot tracks.
It may be easier to squeeze a plastic bottle while on the run, yet visibility could be an issue.

Screwing up the federal census is yet another sad reminder how keeping the public uninformed and uneducated is a tool used to advance a narrow agenda by a political party that turned mostly into an anti-abortion coalition. Keeping America white and 100% straight are also reasons for such obstruction.

Echoing my new friend @ 2, I suspect Weinstein may be right if coming from his very narrow pov: everyone insisted on sexual favors, not everyone followed through.
It should be noted that such attitude didn’t apply only to m/f dynamics. Rumor has it that back in the early 90’s late-blooming bisexual acclaimed director Bernardo Bertolucci insisted on having sex with Keanu Reeves in order to secure the leading role in Little Buddha.


Those 12,000 Renton employees won't be "relocated" (where?) - they'll be laid off. Big difference.


Boeing's toxic culture (at the top) is endemic
to toxic, unbridled Capitlism
They're gonna shut down production
all their suppliers -- uh-oh and
all those Airlines -- bought faulty planes
now what do they do with them?
Well, they sue Boeing
As do pilots, ground crews, etc.

Not to mention -- Boeing Employees
their Biggest Stakeholders.

Boeing, you need a less narrrowly-focused Board of Directors:
It's time to follow olde Europe and
You'll NEVER regain the trust of the flying masses until
Profits at all Costs! is no longer your Mantra.


I have zero sympathy for Harvey Weinstein. along with Trumpty Dumpty, Dencey Pencey, Babyface Kavanaugh and Mooch McDumbbell, ad nauseum. May they all rot in hell.
@4 Seattle in Alaska & @5 Phoebe in Wallingford: Weinstein, like Trump, IS a cancer.

Boeing richly deserves to go down in flames for its insatiable corporate greed over the safety of its airline passengers and putting profits over people. Especially after cutting all the good pay and benefits to the employees to coddle the 1%ers at the top. The 737 MAX crashes were preventable, and the corporation's refusal to ground the defective planes and run proper safety checks while blaming everything on the pilots is simply inexcusable. Consumer protection advocate Ralph Nader, who lost his great-niece to a Boeing 737 MAX plane crash, is currently leading lawsuits (source: The New Yorker Magazine article, The Case Against Boeing, 11/18/2019)


In that sense, indeed auntie!


Does this mean that we'll finally be able to stop putting up with douchebags vaping their cotton candy-flavored crap all over town?


"King County Courthouse entrance will reopen: The Third Avenue main entrance ... will open up again on Monday after the King County Council allocated $600,000 of emergency money to hire a full-time security guard at the entrance."

Excellent. When they open it up to bids, I'm gonna be 1st in line
I can do a LOT of security guarding, for $6HK (wknds, holydays NIGHTS Off!).
Well, me and my Henchmen (well, them @ minimal wage
and me a Maximal) 'll keep a good eye out for Bad Guys
whom we'll toss in our Home Depot™ Dump truck and transport over to Belleve/Redmond.
Let Kemper Freeman have 'em.


Holy shit, folks, deja vu all over again 50 years later! Only this time it's due more to unchecked corporate greed than massive Boeing layoffs. Will we soon see a new billboard:
"Will the last one to leave Boeing turn out the lights?"


@11 -- Excellent comment, Auntie Gee.
Here's Democracy Now!'s (NON-Corporate) take on it:

"Boeing May Suspend 737 MAX, But Consumer Advocate
Ralph Nader Wants a Total Recall of Deadly Planes"

"The two people who are responsible for the FAA’s abdication and giving Boeing the power of self-certification in its factories, Elwell and Ali Bahrami, are still there in the FAA. Steve Dickson is the new FAA administrator. They’re still there.

And the board of directors for Boeing, that presided over these trails of criminal negligence and the failure to attend to aerodynamic stability, they’re still there. And the CEO, Dennis Muilenburg, paid millions and millions of dollars a year, he’s still there. So, until they are replaced, we cannot see light at the end of the tunnel.

And the light at the end of the tunnel is not trying to use a hoked-up, glitch-ridden software in the cockpit — MCAS, it’s called. A software fix for hardware defect? You’ve got to recall the planes, and Boeing has got to develop engineering adjustments and engineering changes so that plane is not prone to stall, which is, of course, what led to the crashes in Indonesia and Ethiopia, killing of 346 innocent people. That’s where it’s got to be now.

And Senator Wicker has got to get his Senate Oversight Committee active, along with the activity by Congressman Peter DeFazio."


@10 -- who said anything about their Employees buying out Boeing?


Oops -- @18 was for @15


@13 yes, now they are smoking real tobacco cigarettes all over, closer than 25 feet from bars and restaurants.

Aren't we happy?


4 - Not this cancer patient. Its what rapists deserve, and worse.


"... that's a step in the direction of making corporations bureaucratic risk-averse institutions."

What I'm wanting is for Boeing's Board to give up some of that (totally Avoidable) bottom-line-ONLY mindset/control over production that leads to Airplanes (and human beings) plummeting out of the sky at 600 MPH. 'Risk-averse'? Please. Kinda late for that now.

Seems like Boeing's biggest Stakeholders
should be involved in the process,
don'tchya think? I mean, who better?


"All I'm saying is the more stakeholders you need to get permission from to do something, the harder it is to do anything."

Well, if adding Union Employees to Beoing's Board of Directors makes it
HARDER for Boeing to place Profits Before Safety, then, by Golly, I'm all for it.

Also, I'm sorry that Employees have been such a Burden on Capitalism.
If only . . . there were more Robots....


re: Toddler Hurdles Race
I've seen that movie before --
it's actually an olde Monty Python skit
run thru a new, Improved! 2020 re-Vision™ Editor.

They (digitally) shrunk the Pythons!
But all the rest is still exactly the same....


@27 -- K. When I'm (eventually) CEO of Boeing I'll step on as many* as possible.
THNX for the (R) tip.

*IF there's any Left.


This just in: Boeing stops 737 MAX production next month.
Merry Christmas, from Boeing.

Is this the catalyst that takes down Capitalism
Chas was predicting a few scant months ago?


@29, and no layoffs, for now. I was wrong, and glad of it.


@22 Seattle in Alaska: I'm sorry to hear about your diagnosis. I hope everything gets better for you. Agreed and seconded on your comment @4 about rapists.


@21 - we are not happy. Personally, I think a junkie shooting up in the alley is less bothersome than someone smoking in a doorway. At least the heroin is confined to his/her person. And I don't remember ever going out to clubs and having to hang my clothes outside to air out the heroin smell.