Slog PM: Mariah Carey's Christmas Classic Finally Tops the Charts, Homelessness Agency Director Resigns After Titillating Luncheon



Shorter Fiorina:
"Job without ethics, or ethics without job? Hmmmmm, can't decide..."


Wait, so when tech companies hire a stripper for a work event, it's a #MeToo moment, but when a bunch of government employees are disturbed by having a stripper sprung on them, they're "prudes." Make up your mind, progressives.


An assortment of news leftovers served with roasted B-rated entrainment highlights.


No, no, no, Please not the Chipnmunk song!
Oh God! Where are those edibles?


@3 and 6: Wait! Don't you understand??? The stripper was black and trans - a SJW 'twofer'!!! It's never sleaze when the performer is 'woke'!

Such is the hubris and arrogance of the Left. They are so besotted with their own self-image of self-righteousness, they have lost all sense of objective self-introspection.

'How can I possibly be a bad person? I'm too woke to be a bad person!'


"This story is so chaotic and conservatives are having a field day."

Well no fucking shit, Sherlock. The region's Lefty establishment has just given the near hunted-to-extinction moderates and conservatives the best damn Xmas gift they could ever get. They are going to use that video to beat you with 'til next election day.

It's just a damn shame this didn't happen before the November election. We could be looking at a whole different political landscape here.

So I guess you can count your lucky stars, dipshits.


Maybe Zylstra saw the writing on the wall and knew her agency's time was up. Perhaps she wanted to go out in a blaze of glory.

It looks like a good time was had by all.


By all? Then why did some people complain.

Seriously, a stripper shaking her tits at a homeless event? Do this at Amazon or Microsoft and you’d be fired before the pasties even came out.


I don't see anyone complaining. Sounds like folks at Amazon and Microsoft need to loosen up.


Yes @6, what we need is more self-introspection. I'd been introspecting the neighbors, some stray cats, and a ficus. But now will turn my introspection inward by focusing my introspection on myself. Thanks.

Really, the dingy assumption behind transtrippergate is that if it's trans and chunky and black it's not sex but comedy. Whoops.


@13 That was supposed to be sexy? For whom?


8 You're a gold star troll. Keep up the dummy act, it's glorious.

No one but right-wingers give a shit about this.


“ the dingy assumption behind transtrippergate is that if it's trans and chunky and black it's not sex”

Ah, so this was about sex then. At an event to help the homeless.

Fire them all.


How are people still talking about a drag number from last week. You people need to get out more.


RE: Shirtless pic with muscles

I'm impressed and glad Nanjiani said getting in that kind of body shape would not have been possible without pro trainers and nutritionists.

He's right. Getting cut like that is not natural. You can get very fit and in great physical condition by both correct diet and exercise, but to get that musculature he's showing, you need to follow routines that aren't necessarily great for you physically.

A lot of people exercise and eat healthy and get upset that they don't have six-pack abs or a thigh gap because they see their favorite stars with those. However, getting that takes an unnatural workout and diet that is really just for show, not for health. People should feel proud and accomplished if they're healthy and fit from working out and eating right, EVEN if they don't have the bodybuilder or pro athlete look. So I'm glad Nanjiani came out and said his look was manufactured (though he does have a right to feel proud and accomplished too... it's hard work to get that look).


"How are people still talking about a drag number from last week. "

Because we know you wish it would go away.

It wasn't drag (aka blackface for women), it's was a stripping.


Are you 12 years old? 90% of the songs on pop radio are about sex. You will see more salacious dancing at the grammies.

The issue here, if there is any at all, is that she may have touched audience members without their consent. If you are actually concerned that she was doing 3rd rate lady gaga choreography to an audience of adults you are a fucking manbaby, though more than anything you probably also need a safe space from all the talk about your president getting impeached lol


"drag number"

Got to love it when the Left acknowledges transgenderism is performance, not biology.


@18: Funny part is that most of what it takes to look like that is just getting your body fat down to like 5%-8%. You can work out like a demon, but no one is going to see your abs unless you get that fat down.

After that it is more about having the time to life 2+ hours everyday and eat 3000-4000 calories a day.
Most people just don't have the time to lift, cook, and eat that much.

And even with that, he does not look like that everyday. They took that pic right after a workout so that his muscles are "pumped," and you can see how the lighting is adjusted to make bigger shadows on the muscles. Usually models who take pictures like this don't eat all day or a day before so that there is even less of a fat/skin layer. I would bet it is even photoshopped a bit. It is basically an advertisement, if you read the whole caption.


"90% of the songs on pop radio are about sex."

Pop songs don't shake their actual titties at us on the government dime and then claim it was to help the homeless.

But hey, do it again please. Make sure you video the event and proudly show it to the world if it's not big deal. Maybe livestream it.


@9: I wondered that too. I've checked out her LinkedIn page, and in so many respects it's just bizarre that someone that smart could do something that goddamned dumb.

I also wonder if she saw the org chart for the new Regional Authority, and saw she had been passed over, so this was her way of giving Dow and the rest of KCo leadership the big middle finger?


"still talking about a drag number"

She's not a drag queen, she's transgender you bigot.


21, you really do need to get out more

23, songs don’t have tits to shake but the people who perform them do. But sure, the money she got for her performance could probably have been used to pay 15 minutes of a cop’s salary or maybe fill a pothole. You should demand a refund.


At the risk of blowing your mind, not only can trans women be drag performers but so can cisgender women. Turns out anyone can throw on a costume and lipsync. It’s a wild world out there!


That's one small mind for a man, one giant leap of non-logic.

Fucking Mooncalfs, all of em


Still better than if they'd hired an improv group.



Agreed. My brother did amateur bodybuilding competitions decades ago so I got to witness the routines necessary to get "competition ready" and it's quite insane. Even he said it's not good for your body to try to keep it in that condition permanently.

The only people who can really keep that look on an even semi-regular basis are professional bodybuilders and athletes and movie stars with nothing but time and money on their hands. That and professional photographers who know exactly how to shoot you in the best possible light.

But again, I don't want to casually disregard this actor's accomplishment... it IS difficult to get to where he's at.



Hey, if corporations and the rich can get government hand-outs, why not trans strippers? Frankly, they'll put the money to better use.

Government mandated lap dances for all!


Carly Fiorina is what happens when a smart person thinks they can sell their soul, and then get it back, but realizes it's a one-time transaction and they become soulless forever.


@32 Since when is getting a tax cut the same as getting paid to shake your big old man titties at a room full of tax funded social justice warriors?



They're not the same. The stripper and the SJWs are working hard and earning that money. The rich and corporations are mooching off government welfare.


Feebs, you should look into shaking your man titties. It seems like a lucrative line of work. Gotta be more fun than trolling Slog all day.


" you should look into shaking your man titties"

I hear it could cure homelessness.