Super PAC Spending Is Exploding in Seattle. Will a Proposal to Contain It Hold Up in Court?



So, Amazon merely needs to cobble together 150 donors (who could be from outside Seattle), and then engage in unlimited campaign spending?


Money is not speech.

Corporations and LLCs are not people.

Here endeth the lesson.


@2 Sadly the Supreme Court disagrees with you


@2: Money buys messaging, and so money is speech.
Corporations and LLCs require people to exist.
Go back to school.


@3 they can be downsized and then rightsized by the next President.


While we're at it, let's oust Tim Eyesore and Thug Ericksen from Washington State. ITMFA!
@2 & @5: Will in Seattle for the WIN.
@3 & @4: Stop mistaking video games for education and FOX TeeVee for a reliable news source.


@4 Although it can buy both, money is no more speech than it is pizza,

Sewers require people to exist, should sewers get to vote?


Every Democrat opposes corporate money in political campaigns UNTIL they're favorite candidate gets corporate backing. In other words, the Democrats are pieces of sh1t who have no political principles.


The super rich engage in that "nesting doll" behavior all the time to hide their wealth from the tax man. It's only a pain for the accountant they hire to set it all up, it requires no actual effort on the rich persons part.