Ding, Dong, the Witch Is Impeached!



It's a stiff bourbon kind of party, not a champagne kind of party.


“This country’s end is now in sight!” (Louie Gohmert, R-Shit4brains) shouted. “And I hope I don’t live to see it!

At last we have something in common. We can all agree that we don’t want Louie Gohmert to live much longer.

Also, to those who keep saying he’s gonna be reelected, where are the votes gonna come from? The electoral math just doesn’t work, though apparently he could lose by as much as five million votes and steal the presidency again using the perverse, anti-democratic (s)Electoral College that inflicted both CaliguBush and Prezinazi AntiChrist on us against our will.


Tulsi: playing both sides since 2019



A song for these times.


We should pause for a moment to honor the hard work of all those that worked tirelessly to propel the Democrats to victory in 2018. Without their efforts we wouldn’t be enjoying this Merry N’PEECHmas today.


The news tomorrow is gonna be a trip.

NYT: “Democrats say the president was impeached last night, but Republicans say he wasn’t. Objective reality doesn’t exist, so we’re gonna ask every enraged old white person what they feel, since no one else matters.”

dumFux Nooz: “TOXIC MOLD!!!”

Seattle Times: “Here’s where to see the best Christmas lights in Bellevue from the safety of your car.”


Champagne in our house tonight. Team ITMFA sent us an email saying "we impeached the mother fucker already!" Yeah :)


Great news and I agree w/ OA in not really thinking this does anything to definitively increase/decrease his odds of re-election (which had a decent chance of happening with or without this, sadly. The EC and Senate, both being fundamentally undemocratic in nature, such as they are.)

The one thing that kept bugging me throughout the hearings was the GOP idiots attempts to slander and disparage Dems by claiming they were calling for impeachment since he took office. I mean, no freaking shit, morons!!! I'd been wanting his ass out (as stated in Katie's write-up) since the moment Hillary conceded defeat on election night. This is a man who (among other things, uh, obviously) found it prudent to debate the size of his penis in front of a national television audience as part of a campaign to be elected to the most powerful position on earth! What sane and right thinking human wouldn't oppose such an appointment!?!

I'd been thinking about that particular moment, and how truly sad and incomprehensibly absurd it really was/is a lot for some odd reason. It's honestly probably not even among lowest moments. Maybe it's just the Dems being perpetually engaged in their own debates and campaigns that's had me thinking about it, but man, as blip is so fond of saying... What a time to be alive.


"(why does it still hurt to say that?) "

Can I hotlink YouTube videos? Let's see:


Impeachment is the beginning, not the end. We have only started. Eternal vigilance!


Hahahahahaha. This is entertaining. :) The Dems are too stupid to realise that they are walking off the cliff right behind the radical left that is leading them there. Just wasted taxpayer money instead of actually doing their job, motivated Trump's base, turned moderates off, lost purple states, and inadvertently raised $10 mill+ for Trump's campaign, not to mention his poll numbers. He is now more popular than every single Democrat in the primary. Lolololski! Well done! Bought into every trap that the Prez set for ya! ;)

The impeachment is not going to work (Senate will acquit ... fucking duh!) and these geniuses just keep going with it, expecting a different result after every backfire. A definition of "insanity" isn't it?


@5: Good point. And to speak to those who fear a right-wing backlash: yes, of course, Trump might successfully spin non-conviction as exoneration, spark a right-wing wildfire, and win in 2020. Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats had little choice, though. If they refused, for fear of a backlash, to pursue an impeachment trial, they would have a) hugely alienated their party's left-wing; b) appeared weak and gutless to Trump, Trump's supporters, and themselves; c) been unable to speak of themselves as the party of principle and the Constitution; and d) would not have been able to call so many witnesses who testified compellingly about the nefarious quid pro quo scheme. Yes, there is a potentially huge downside: ostensible "exoneration" (i.e., Republican cowardice) and public backlash. Pelosi obviously fears this still, and there is good reason to fear it. But... the pluses of impeachment outweigh the minuses. Trump so totally disregards the rule of law, so clearly has crossed the legal Rubicon, that not to impeach would implicitly lay the groundwork for worse and worse abuse to the point that Ancient Roman-style autocracy becomes plausible in the USA. Pelosi has proven a deft, skilled, and nimble fighter. Trump will not simply spin "exoneration" and roll to victory. He could, yes: but he's got some tough, experienced opponents to deal with, and there are lots of people who will never support him. Don't give in to fear; get out there and confidently support a necessary challenge to Trump's arrogance and bullying. And good going, Nancy and Congressional Democrats!


"Timing of Trump Impeachment Trial in Limbo as Pelosi Holds Out for Assurances

In declining to say when she might send the articles of impeachment to the Senate, Speaker Nancy Pelosi suggested she might keep them as leverage for negotiations on the rules for a trial. By Nicholas Fandos"

"WASHINGTON — Speaker Nancy Pelosi indicated Wednesday night that the House could indefinitely delay sending the articles of impeachment against President Trump to the Senate, leaving ambiguous the timing of a trial to decide whether to acquit him or convict and remove him from office.

After historic nearly party-line votes to impeach Mr. Trump for two articles, abuse of power and obstruction of Congress, Ms. Pelosi told reporters that she would hold the articles back until it was clearer that the upper chamber would give the case a fair hearing. The strategy suggested she was keeping the charges as leverage in a coming negotiation over the terms of a Senate trial.

But it could leave the matter in limbo until early January, delaying the start of a trial for an unknown period of time.

'We will make our decision as to when we are going to send it when we see what they are doing on the Senate side,' Ms. Pelosi said. 'So far, we have not seen anything that looks fair to us.'”

Excellent. It's fawking Nice to see Dems negotiating, once in a while...
Perhaps it'll become Habit forming:



My favorite part is when Pelosi had to sternly shush the cheering Dems who forgot in their celebration that they were supposed to pretend this was a somber, unfortunate affair that they were forced to undertake for the good of the nation, as per their script.


Thedore dear, who wouldn't be thrilled to finally not have to listen to Republican drama queens screech, moan, and otherwise emote for hours? I mean, I got a lot of good laughs out of it (trump as Jesus, Pearl Harbor, the guy who whined that he spent two Christmases overseas in the military, so he deserved more than thirty seconds to bleat) but I could get up and walk away from it. The Democrats were stuck in the room with those manbabies.


@18: I don't know about any of that, it was just funny to see the mask slip and Pelosi having to play the stern librarian right on camera to remind them what the script was supposed to be. You so rarely get to see past all the lies so clearly, if even for just a moment.

It's kind of pure, really.


@17 and 19

Fuck off to the ash heap of history along with your Cheeto Jeebus, traitor.


Lol. Cutting and pasting your own comment. Classy. Or did you get this from Fux Snooze?


spunkbutter dear, you need to cut Our Dear Troll some slack. He's paid by the post and the library has a limit on how much time you can use a computer, so he has to operate in the most efficient manner possible.


Don't call him 45, call him 3.


I'm so sorry, dear Mrs Vel-DuRay: you're absolutely correct.
I'll go back to my usual strategy of ignoring him, talking about him behind his back, and snickering in my fists.
You're a gem, and a refreshing addition to our little echo chamber of horrors here.


@25. Don't worry "Brian", you are not alone (if you are in Seattle) . There are a lot of small penis, leftie, ball-less cucks in this city. Due to their massive soy consumption, I am sure. Lolski. Just look at this thread! There is not enough "Dr. HARRY's" in the world to fix that.


It is not over! The fight has just begun!

Next, there is the Senate trial.

We must all write to our Senators in support of removing this abomination from office.

We must demonstrate in front of their offices.

We must reach out to them.

We must support and give cover to those who will vote to remove.

If they are inclined to vote no, we must make clear to them that a no vote will lead to their removal from office the next time they come up for reelection.

This is especially important for anyone who lives in a swing state. People in states like New York and California have senators who are virtually guaranteed to vote to clean the santorum out of the Oval Office.

We need to flip at least twenty Republican Senators to vote to remove the President.

Assuming that we cannot do so, then it is still not over.

We must continue to investigate this President. We must continue to oppose him at every turn. We must fundraise for Democrats (and, I suppose, any Republican who is brave enough to vote for removal). We must demonstrate against the crooks and the liars and the minions and the supporters of this evil President and the santorum that he has brought to the country and the Presidency.


This has only begun. Impeachment is just one step.


@25 -- Can your Dr. Hairy fix Stupid
@26, eg?