Slog AM: Mitch McConnell Is a Spiteful Little Turtle, US Lists Wakanda as a Trade Partner, Epstein Surveillance Tape Is Missing



The republican party has gone from law and order to crimes and cover ups. From pardoning people who have committed violence and even war crimes to acquitting high crimes, deregulating safeguards against crimes, and even actively encouraging people to commit crimes. They've been packing the courts so that justice can never be pursued. They're literally an evil empire.


Has a law dictating the gender makeup of a labor force ever actually been implemented before? Since it is solely based on presentation and self-ID, how is it going to be enforced? What legal mechanism exists to declare what gender a person is, and how ironclad and permanent is this legal distinction? What about gender fluid people who go from male to female regularly? Do they always count as female, or is the company in violation if they come in presenting as male one day? Do trans people just count as "female enough?" What about people with no gender? How are they counted in this binary legal stature?

The bill itself does not say anything about any of this, so this one is going to be a huge boon to CA labor lawyers.

Seems unconstitutional in about eight different ways. I can't imagine how forcing sex discrimination so blatantly and overtly is constitutional.

Here is the bill itself, by the way. I hate how news aggregators like Slog never include it:


@3: No, current polling shows all candidates beating Trump in 2020.


@4: Indeed. The bill really is an insult to all the good progress women and minorities have made in the past 50 years.


Since Moscow Mitch and Miss Leningrad Lindsey have been all over the news bragging about how they’ll make the Senate “trial” a total sham and wipe their asses with the Constitution, Pelosi should just withhold the articles of impeachment and prevent the Republicans from perpetrating yet another fraud against this country.

Leave Prezinazi AntiChrist permanently impeached.


People are pretty evenly split on the senate removing trump but large majorities believe his actions wrt ukraine were inappropriate. Not sure how this is a positive development for the trump presidency but given the continuation of strong economic growth that got obama handily re-elected, he should be a shoe-in for 2020. Instead he may end up losing to a boring democrat because people are sick of his reality tv approach to governance. If i want to see spoiled, out of touch drama queens complaining about how unfair life is I’ll watch the real housewives.


Poll Finds 54% Of Americans Approve Executing Trump But Leaving Him In Office

“Of that 54%, approximately two-thirds said that after he is put to death—preferably by hanging, beheading, or crucifixion—Trump should not only remain in the Oval Office but also be permitted to appear at public events, attend official White House functions, and have a seat at global summits like the G7. In addition, most respondents strongly indicated the president’s corpse should stand for re-election next year so the people can decide whether to remove his earthly remains from office.” Polling suggests in 2020 the bloated, lifeless body of Trump would continue to enjoy a strong, built-in advantage in the Electoral College.


It whips ass that trump supporters wont let the "Epstein didn't kill himself" shit go yet trump never brings it up. Hmmmm.........How bout we just push everyone with a net worth over 100 mil into a woodchipper and call it a day?


@13: You hate professional NFL football players and Hollywood stars that much?


@13: Why have the number be so high? Why not anyone who has more than me?


“if you oppose me, you will want to first be sure that your children are somewhere safe. Because I will use all my powers to have them thrown into a foreign prison cell.”


In another racist tirade, Trump 3 WH imposed a trade embargo on Wakanda.

Wakanda laughed and laughed and laughed ... and then sent Trump 3 a "miracle grow" formula for his very very tiny ... hands.

(have fun on vacation)


13, set the baseline at $50 million, adjusted annually for inflation, and replace the woodchipper with a guillotine (easier to clean)


Straw man. Red card. Off the field.


David is the Florence Foster Jenkins of the Slog crowd: absolutely no idea how bad he sounds, and doesn't give a shit, either.
Which would be fine if he kept it at home, but he barfs it up all over us in public.


20: Why do conservatives want to turn the United States into a plutocratic developing country?


@24 - Brexit is not a conservative issue. it is a dumbfuck issue.


I'm sure that the Senate trial will be just as fair and balanced as the House investigation was.


@3 Doofus in Shoreline, and @14, @20, @24, @26, and @29 Kokonut Kenny:Don't tell me...let me guess:......and you'll stupidly wear your little MAGA dunce caps until you lose your houses, your jobs, ...oh, and your healthcare, too, right, sock puppets?
@8 Original Andrew: Sounds good to me. Let the Democrats drag the RepubliKKKan pigs into the alligator swamp through Election Day 2020. This pigshit neofascist RepubliKKKan nazi regime will be a feast for Wally Gator and Friends. They're gonna get FAT!


@8 -- Impeachment Purgatory?
I Like it. His 'hair''ll be so snow white oh so soon.
(he'll prolly hafta get new Marmot.)

Oh, and I believe it's Leningrad Lindsley.
Not that there's anything wrong with it.


"Yep, that was an earthquake. You’ll be ok. Please don’t call 911 unless it is an emergency. Post on Twitter and Facebook instead. #earthquake #WAwx" --SnoqualmiePD

That's not the Crimea River running thru that town.

Funny but, what, no 'if you heard any 'bad' sounds or see any cracked foundations, etc, get it checked out' or, 'is your gas (or H2O) pipe leaking? do you know how to shut it off?'? The Po-Po have the Megaphone -- forewarned is forearmed. Do'nut sound like a good way to save yourselves some time/work perhaps for other pursuits?