Following Stranger Reporting, Lorena González Introduces Lower Donation Caps in Super PAC Legislation



What a stupid, short-sighted, shoot your own lib-loving-501c3-foot, anti-American, and blatantly unpatriotic thing to propose.


To make legislation like this stick, the council must hold hearings to gather evidence. It is not enough to just recite that it reduces the ‘appearance of influence or corruption’. You must hear testimony from elections experts and historians that such an ‘appearance’ has a basis in fact. This isn’t difficult; but it is required.


Remember, corporations are People, and citizens are Serfs.


Strike that, serfs had more rights.


Since the council is cleaning house on election finance might as well end the voucher program too.


@4 Maybe they'll tackle whatever problems the voucher program might have if viable candidates ever start participating in it. Until that happens, it seems pretty harmless to leave the system alone.