Slog PM: Getting Wet in an Atmospheric River, Democrats Debate, Vanilla ISIS in the House



The last paragraph in Christianity Today editorial is stunning. Last few sentences:

And just when we think it’s time to push all our chips to the center of the table, that’s when the whole game will come crashing down. It will crash down on the reputation of evangelical religion and on the world’s understanding of the gospel. And it will come crashing down on a nation of men and women whose welfare is also our concern.


It’s too late for evangelical christianity to save itself but bless their hearts for trying. That ship sailed decades ago.


Jews don't recognize Christ as their personal savior
Protestants don't recognize the pope as their intermediary to god
Muslims don't recognize the holy Trinity
And evangelicals don't recognize each other in gambling dens, i guess


There are some people more sanctimonious that evangelical christians.


"Christianity Today comes out in support of removing Trump from office: It's time for Pence to RISE, motherfuckers! Christianity Today is one of the largest Christian platforms in the country. Jezebel has called it 'a nearly unimaginable turn of events.'"

Pence'll (pencil?) be TheeSecondCummings and, following trumpfy's bold leadership (since banned), outlaw non-Christianity . . . so brush up on your Holybook quotations Sloggers.

Oh, and get ready for a nice dose of Sharia
but only just for organizational purposes
you understand.

Girls, on this side, please...


It’s not the sanctimony so much as their political allegiance with right wing authoritarianism and an economic policy that is an insult to the teachings of christ and a disaster for the middle class. Well adjusted adult don’t care about being judged. Just keep your hypocritical, phony religious doctrine out of our national politics.


Yeah, what blip said.

Evangelical christians are apostates. They turned their backs on their religion long ago and nobody believes their lies anymore. They are bereft of morals.


Bernie made a stunningly? stupifyingly? simple suggestion:
Instead of spending what was it, one point three TRILLION on blowing (mostly) off-white people up, and other assorted madness, let's spend it, along with the rest of the fucking Planet kicking in, a bold Green motherfucking New Deal, put people to work, tidy the Place up a bit, add a little broadband and see what else needs fixing. And maybe Not doom the next Gens to an inhospitable Planet for Eons.

I thought he did well.

He'd kick trumpfy's ass so hard it'd hurt.
Not that he'd dare engage. Not more than once.

They'd hafta (figurtively) cart el Trumpfo off the stage
long before Bernie'd be thru with him. Prolly get tinnits
or bonespurs flare-ups or fleeting moments of accidental lucidity

Imagine Bernie v. Putin.
Actually, I don't see any v there.....
Let's try -- seriously, just this once -- to give Diplomacy a chance -- hell, rain hundred dollar bills on 'em, if we hafta, if it pencils out. Peace is cheaper than War; but I 'spose the imensly powerful War Machine may take an Interest as well....


@7: Goodness. They should withdraw their editorial and apologize for being hypocritical given their past positions. After all, whataboutism and jaded pessimism are worthier virtues that seeking a greater good through an introspective and truthful outreach.


Wait, there are people who think this process is not a partisan crusade?

The Dems were talking about impeachment the day after the election, before anything they are impeaching him for was known about. Look at the party line vote.

This is blatantly a partisan crusade, and I can't believe anyone would be so dumb or naive as to think it was anything else. This is how a two party system operates. This is why this nation was not supposed to have political parties. This whole affair shows you how broken a two party system is.

The point is not even his removal from office, which is why Pelosi is not going to continue the process. The whole point is to hang the word "impeachment" over Trump all through the 2020 campaign to help the pathetic Dem candidates they have. Welcome to basic politics. It's pretty easy to navigate when you are not a spineless partisan hack.


@10 Trump started to do impeachable things (like asking Russians to interfere in US elections) before he actually took office or just as he took office (broke emolument clause) so of course some people wanted to impeach him from the get go.

You're a good example of how partisanship leads some to cherry picking facts.


9, do you understand how linear time works? Or do you think every day is a clean slate where history has no meaning? It’s awesome that they have come around — or at least the editorial staff of a magazine did — but it’s going to take a hell of a lot more than that to undo 4 decades of damage, and don’t be surprised when it changes nothing.

A shockingly large majority of evangelicals still support trump. I applaud their effort to right the ship but it will take a lot more than a sternly worded editorial.


@12: Finally got you to admit they deserved credit. We all know their history. You just like to dwell in all the negative before admitting the positive. Healthy people look for the positive first.


what do you think “bless their hearts for trying” means


Yes you did. But then you poo poo'd it with "That ship sailed decades ago" implying that their efforts are futile.


But nevertheless, bless your heart blip.


@11: Funny, all this iron clad, smoking gun evidence of Russian collusion, the violation of the emoluments clause, bribery, yet none of it is in the impeachment. Instead, it is a vague abuse of power charge, and a charge/concept which was invented solely for this instance, "obstruction of congress."

Why is the DNC hiding or disregarding all this irrefutable hard evidence of all these crimes? It's so weird. Why didn't they just charge him with the crimes they accuse him of, and they have hard evidence for? Of course, if the goal is not an actual impeachment/removal but to instead trick really dumb people into thinking it is, it kind of makes a little more sense.

Anyway, they are sure to send the articles to the Senate right away since the case is so genuine and solid. Impeachment is a process after all, it is not one vote. Since the role of the House is complete, I am sure they will be in a hurry to finish the process, since it is so vital to the Republic.


15 I’ve expressed that precise sentiment in every single comment in this thread but don’t let that stop you from finding a reason to complain that my opinion isn’t deferential enough


Evangelical christians can reverse their course (though they largely haven't... only the editorial staff at Christianity Today has) and can ask for forgiveness, but what they've done won't be forgotten, and if they expect to win back any trust, they'll have to earn that shit back. Right now, they're crawling around in the sewer. You don't get back to the moral high ground with a single apology. It'll take them decades of actions... actions their own supposed savior would take... for me to trust their words at all.

As it stands, yeah, good on that one magazine's editorial staff for saying what's right. I'll be waiting for further actions by all so-called christians to earn my trust back... but I ain't gonna hold my breath waiting.


@17: What are you babbling about?

You know as well as I do that we're all in uncharted territory here. The Senate Majority Leader and the Senate Judiciary Chairman have stated that they don't intend to live up to their oath for the Senate trail. (See

In addition we have a mentally ill and very unstable president. And now you go and start parroting Laura Ingram and Tucker Carlson talking points?

Do you want Trump to have a second term?


There was a lot of debate about what to include in impeachment but they erred on the side of keeping it simple and focused. If they wanted to include trump’s business conflicts or the campaign finance violations his attorney is currently serving time for they could have. Doesn’t mean those things didn’t happen or that it was advisable not to pursue them, just that they decided to focus on ukraine.


And like a true Christian, trump accepted those words by turning the other cheek. Oh wait...


@19: Well, how else could they start to "right the ship" without that first tiny step?

The gratitude should come first, then you can pout.


@18: Yes, but paired with clauses that nullify it in the same sentence. We know your rhetorical gimmicks blip.


Again, others are saying stuff better than I could here.

Theo @10 is correct. Even though it appears Donnie did commit real impeachable offenses, this was never about anything more than the self-serving kabuki theater that is American politics. Democrats will always hate Donnie, republicans will always back him. It's stupid but that's how those guys make money and maintain power.

American politics are utterly broken. This is just another blatant example of it.


only one concept per sentence pls, thinking is hard



If anyone's pouting, it's evangelical christians. They're the ones begging for people to believe them again. They're the ones crying about their numbers plummeting.

Me pouting? I wrote them off years ago. I don't give a shit about them, other than I want them out of my life.

Give them gratitude? For what? Trying to drive up their subscription numbers and clicks? When evangelicals start "doing what Jesus would do" then I'll show them some appreciation. Until then they're still the same group of beknighted, money-lenders-in-the-temple, apostates they've been for decades.


@25: Sometimes kabuki theater is all we have to work with.
@26: You know the meaning of the words you write. Stop backpedaling!


@20: I guess we can just go from the top. If you are confused about what the words mean, read them again and fetch a dictionary. We are not in uncharted territory. Two presidents have been impeached for political expediency already. When McConnell takes that oath, he may violate it, or he may not. When it happens, offer the proof he did and I will consider it.

Mentally ill and unstable are subjective when coming from a lay person. Although I will agree he is unstable, I can not proclaim he is mentally ill. If the House wants to impeach him for instability, that is their prerogative. They seemingly have chosen not to. I don't know who Laura Ingraham is (though through context I can guess), and I don't listen to Tucker Carlson.

No, I do not want trump to have a second term, but I also think you are treading dangerous ground when you proclaim it is OK to remove an elected official through a completely partisan political process whenever you hate him enough.

@25: I understand why Pelosi has to lie constantly, but I will never understand the people who think they have to believe the blatant lies and parrot them. Just because you are a registered Democrat does not mean you have to swallow every piece of shit they serve you and smile about it. It's spineless and craven to be so afraid to think for yourself or assert that you were aware you are being pissed on, and that it is not even raining.

These people never seem to understand that their refusal to demand any semblance of competence or honesty and their profound fear to step a toe off the party line is a big part of why the system is so shattered.


27, good if cynical point — the editorial is as much about their own interest in rehabilitating their image as it is about what’s right or “christian”


I am still stuck on the sea lions. Are those guys huge, or is that just a really small boat?


@17 Not everything is a conspiracy Teddy. There are perfectly good tactical reasons for making the impeachment process speedy and unequivocal, which in light of Republicans' unhinged denial of reality may be a good choice. Anyway, why make it a long thorough case when Trump and GOP have already conclusively shown that lying and spinning were all they had?

@25 Come on, Pelosi had to be forced into impeaching Trump. She refused to even consider to impeach Bush for lying us into war and making torture a reality. American politics is broken because entrenched oligarchs have captured both parties and the interests of the public are not represented, and not because many Americans wants to get rid of a demagogue con man who happens to do everything that oligarchs want.



I'm also shocked... I knew sea lions were huge, but I had no idea they were that huge. When I first saw the still image of the video, I thought I was looking at a Jaws outtake or something. Even if that's a small boat... holy shit those things are big!

/that's what she said



Yes, American politics are broken because the American people don't really have a say in them anymore (well, unless you're wealthy and powerful). Or maybe they never really did. I often think that's exactly what the founders wanted. A rich man's club that you're not invited to. American politics is broken because two semi-private political parties have convinced everyone that voting and being democrat or republican is written into the constitution. To be honest, the entire electoral process should be scrapped and re-written. The structure of government should be scrapped and re-written. Our country is living off the fumes of what sort of worked over 200 years ago... sometimes you gotta clean out the fucking fridge. None of those things will ever happen though, because maintaining the current broken system is what keeps the wealthy and powerful people wealthy and powerful. You (and I) don't matter.

Don't get me wrong, I don't want that crybaby Donnie in office either, but I also don't believe I have any choice or say in the matter. What Pelosi did was a cold calculation. Just like what McConnell is doing is cold calculation. They aren't doing it because "the people" want it or demand it or because it's right or just or whatever. They're all doing it because the wealthy people who control them told them to do it, and actually, because doing it keeps THEM wealthy too.


@29: So noted, but I do think that "what the hell do you think you're doing Mr. President" is being ridiculously conflated as "hate".

I do concur that if the House Speaker delays too long on delivering the articles to the Senate, it will make her tactics appear confused and give credence to her detractors.


@32: So you think someone suggesting that a political party planned and did something for political reasons is a "conspiracy theory?"

What exactly do you think a political party is? What exactly do you think a conspiracy is?

Your argument of "why impeach on crimes he did when we can impeach on vague and fairly meaningless charges" is not the winner you think it is. Although this line of argument is not surprising after seeing so many Dems during the hearings claim that hearsay is the best form of evidence. Try thinking for yourself instead of waiting for the DNC to tell you what to think.

@35: I don't think it is an exaggeration to say that many Dem politicians and registered Dems hate Trump. The funny thing about Pelosi's nonsense tactic is there are some readings of the issue that suggest that until those articles are introduced, Trump has not even been technically impeached. Making articles of impeachment then refusing to give them to the Senate is bizarre, uncharted territory:


@36: Yeah, that might not be impeached thing is alarming. Nancy better not keep riding that clutch!


Speaking of unchartered territories, we've had, so far, THREE Prezes impeached -- but this is the first time both the illegitimate, pathilogical Liar and so-called prez AND half of Congress are fully in bed with each other. It does present a Dilemma -- one (apparently) not provided for in our Constitution. In unchartered territory such as this, precedent may not be your best guide.

Requiring Speaker Pelosi to chart the course as she sees fit.

Also -- "Tim Eyman, a true idiot and current gubernatorial candidate,
said [suspected Terrorist?] Shea had 'the right ideas and the right principles' on his side."

Chairman Timmy, you do know, don'tchya, the far far
FAR right EXECUTES office chair thieves -- first offense!

Oh well, for the so-called right, continually shooting oneself in the foot seems a Habit.

In fact, witnessing their unhinged shenanigans in the Impeachment Hearings is very likely gonna turn OFF vast quantities of the Elecrtorate -- especially if they're well-reminded of them in about . . . 10 months.


Oh, and keeping trumpfy in Perpetual Impeachment Purgatory
is gonna distract his overly-ample ass to no end.


@6 blip for the WIN! Bravo, well said, and seconded.
@39: I'm ready to do the following: Step 1: pump Trumpty Dumpty so goddamned full of BigMacs (and other toxic industrial waste)that it finally explodes. Then, Step 2: toss all decapitated gristly body parts to the alligators. Continue with Steps 1 & 2 until all evil RepubliKKKans and their lawyers, lobbyists, trophy bitches, bimbos, heirs down to the most hopeless of MAGA pawns is gone forever.
May 2020 officially spell death to the GOP!