The Liquor and Cannabis Board Just Lost a Court Case—To a String of Christmas Lights



People with man-buns who want the government micro-managing all aspects of our lives suddenly don't want government micro-managing all aspects of their lives.


Get it straight -- Socialized Medicine is NOT Big Gbm't hiring doctors and employing Death Panels for Profiteers; and democratic Socialism is NOT -- has never been -- about taking over the Means of Production.

It's almost like when we give Socialism to Billionaires
and multi-Nationalist Corps -- only it's for EVERYone.


“I think it’s a good cautionary tale that the legal system is not perfect,” Bowers said. “Even when you win you still kind of lose because you have to spend a lot of money, and it means if you don’t have money you don’t get justice.”


I came here to do what #3 did and re-quote that bit about not having money means not getting justice. How is that a justice system? Don't we have a Department for that very thing?

It's like if you don't have a freight car full of $100s, you're not really a person.


The State should have to pay Hashtag’s legal fees, for fuck’s sake


Seems like I might be alone in thinking that pot store signage, and billboards in particular, have gotten out of hand.


@6 for fuck's sake YEAHHHH!!!!


I'm shocked, common sense actually prevailed. And in Washington of all places. Score 1 for the Charlie Brown Christmas lights and Hashtag Cannabis.