Thank You for not referring to your new pet as a fur baby!!
Yes, he is quite adirable!
My only two cents is my advice to childproof your living space - relocate anything that he might chew on or spill. Best regards to you and yours during the holidays!


And may your holiday editing be better than mine!


If only Obama had the chance to step aside and let a strong woman lead...


Number 1 dog advice... a tired dog is a good dog.


Beautiful puppy. Be sure to provide at least an hour or two of exercise each day (walking, dog park), along with plentiful chew bones. They chew like crazy and will go after your shoes, furniture, and sanity in that order if they don’t have appropriate chew toys. Socialization with other dogs is a big benefit as well, since they’ll play and wear each other out. Best wishes and congratulations!


Could've at least mentioned that we are blessed with wonderful pet rescue agencies. I got my cat from PAWS and I support PAWS through Amazon Smile so I like to plug them whenever I get a chance.


@6, and people who buy dogs from dog breeders are terrible people too. Or at least full of shit.

But hey, who are we puritanical types to judge how other people live their lives? If other people want to participate in the animal exploitation business, what business is it of ours?

And hey, maybe I'm nothing but an out-of-touch animal rights extremist. In California, though, I wouldn't be:


Yang came in second. Amy Klobucher was the clear winner last night.


Usually I can't tell who writes the morning or evening summaries. But half way through this, I saw the unwarranted attack on Warren, and sure enough, knew it was Herzog. Why the hell does she keep making bullshit attacks on Warren? I don't get it.

Oh, and the highlight of the debate was some bullshit about wine caves? Who gives a fuck? Not each candidate's opinions on impeachment; not a reiteration or clarification of their policy positions, but some pissing match involving wine caves? Look, Katie, Warren answered criticisms about her wealth tax. She knows more about economics than everyone else on stage, and likely everyone else in the auditorium. She taught commercial law at Harvard (the only tenured professor at Harvard law to graduate from a public university). She had several government advisory roles -- mostly related to bankruptcy and personal finance (consumer protection, access to banking by low income communities, etc.). Based on that work, she was picked to chair the Congressional Oversight Panel created to oversee the implementation of the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act. In other words, she chaired the committee that oversaw TARP, and the restoration of the entire economy. Yet somehow you think she doesn't understand economics?

Give me a fucking break. Of course there will be people who criticize a tax, and say that it will hurt the economy. But that is true of any tax. It is just basic economics. Balancing the budget (or approaching such a balance) is always a trade-off. But the more progressive the tax, the better it is for the overall economy, while also being fairer. Of course she knows this, and you should too.


Regarding that ChrISIStianity Today op-ed, it’s too little, too late.

Tr666p is literally the AntiChrist in the sense that he checks off all the boxes on the seven deadly sins, has zero redeeming qualities, and enthralls his cult with his lies, bullying, stupidity, and sneering cruelty. They revel in his grotesque, racist, fascist behavior and worship him for it.

Pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath, and sloth should be the chapter titles in a forthcoming book on the Tr666p cult.

The big benefit is that they’ve shown the world they’re just like him, and their shameless hypocrisy, amorality, and nihilism are driving church attendance and superstitious religious belief over a cliff.

We’re all better off now seeing that these phony, sanctimonious charlatans have totally discredited themselves.


@14 I'm pretty sure Herzog wants Warren to win the primary.


I like Chewey as a dog name. Half the dogs I know are called Moose, it's like the Madison of dog names.


@14: You call those soft pontification quips "attacks"?


The dog will grow out of Chewy - possibly into Moose.


Great dog. I've had a bunch of Lab (assuming here) mixes (they're. the. Best), never with (very smart) poodle. My neighbor had an cattle-herding Aussie that was quite a bit smarter than she and it was interesting to see which might win their various scuffles...

Have you guys decided who's the leader of the pack?
If you haven't trained a few, I'd strongly suggest puppy/dog (people!) training ASAP.

And yes, excercise is crucial; a bored (and amped-up) dog is an unhappy mutt.

(We lived sorta in the sticks so were never short of decent [appropriate!] things for them to chew on.) Chewy's an awesome name. Specially when you need him (her?) to exert a little Protection...


The Xianity Today op-ed was written by (I believe) the Editor, who's about to retire; kinda like elected Repubs who eventually find their Jesus! Moment, retire and can finally (and safely) come out against the Neocon madness/anti-Jesus mania overtaking America.

I wouldn't expect any more sudden Moments of Lucidity from that quarter any time soon...


I never considered committing the crime of dognapping until now Katie.


Warren and Sanders have zero chance of knocking off Trump. Biden/Buttigieg for the win! Or Biden/Klobuchar. Either one.

Or, four more years of the apocalypse. Your choice.


Get the muppet trained now, because at age 6 months that adorable brain is going to shut off for 6 month to 2 years (or more, my lab didn't slow down until age 8, and then it took a mast cell tumor, massive surgery (the idiot snuck into the trash and ate a plastic bag in the holiday chaos two days before Christmas). And as above, a tired dog is a happy dog, and if its pouring and you just can't deal with outside, nosework games indoors can be a good emergency substitute (note, emergency substitute, you still need lots of walkies/social play)


I suggest he deserves a more elevated name than Chewey.


Also, this from the NYT:

"Dogs in Cars, Getting There Safely:

Like any family member, they need to be protected
in case of a crash, but also should not distract the driver.
Face licking is discouraged."

Oh, and a Harness, for walkies or whatever, is WAY better than a collar.


Who cares? I guess it is funny to the Dems' insanity on display, and laughing at those monkeys in a circus they call "Democratic debates", but they already lost. Trump is coming back for 2020 and will win. MAGA!

Also, he is not even oficially "impeached" till Pelosi turns in the papers...... Aaaaaaand once Senate has the articles, they will flush them down the toilet, along with impeachment.


@27. *to SEE Dems' insanity on display" Whoopsie! :)


@13 LOL I had to check whether Klobuchar was actually there last night. She was!


Good, gooder, goodest, bad.

Hadn’t seen my dog in months and months - he weighed more than me and started jumping on me. Scratched the inside of both of my arms, causing one to bleed.

I told him I’m not mad and showed him. Said it’s ok but not again. He nodded and never did it again.

I’d have punched him in the head if he had, but I never had to.

I also stretched and massaged him and was training him to kill horses. Was showing him calf hamstring and throat one day. He showed me headbutt.

On my back laughing, seeing stars.


I also taught him that things were either food or not food, which means people could instantaneously be transformed into food.

A neighbor caught on and told him his wife’s dog was food. He picked him up by his head and was carrying him out out sight to execute him before I intervened.

Proceed with caution.


23: Try making an argument to support that claim. I'm tired of these election clairvoyants telling us all about the future when they couldn't even anticipate Trump winning. Basically if you thought Clinton was a shoe-in you should probably give up.


Boeing sure seems to be operating under a black cloud - or maybe it's just a wolf pack of over-compensated, incompetent executives.

I'm old enough to remember when the Boeing brand was synonymous with quality and safety. It used to be a "gold standard" brand.

Those days seem to be dead and gone. Maybe Airbus should have built the Starliner.


@15 You're wrong but evangelicals (always Protestant, often Born-again) are all about redemption—the more salacious the fuck-up, the better. "Pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath, and sloth," those are Catholic precepts.


@34 Apologizes to @15, that should read "you're NOT wrong"



I wouldn't Worry too much about editing your inane posts
TeeHeeHeel0hhhhmygod2*69!. Don't think anyone reads them anymore.
You've (somehow) managed to remove all the Joy and Marvel
and, may I say, 'Delight' they once contained. Have you
considered (abstaining from) drugs?
Just temporarily, till you get one
or two of your senses back?

We can wait.

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