re: rain
Record[ish] Breaking!
But NOT Hurricane Rain.
In 2017 Hurrican Harvey dumped FIVE FEET on Texas.
They probably needed a little or maybe a damn good rain but
FIVE FAWKING FEET!? We're talkin' fawkin' BIBLICAL.

Oh, and a buddy of mine along, with a few of his wet-suited up and hopped into that River, just post-Falls and inner-tubed three or so miles down to the next little burg (if their cars could get all the way to it -- the road floods out sometimes) -- at Fawking Flood Stage. It was so fun, they did it Twice. Total Insanity. I cannot say I recommend it.


After seeing the photo of former President Obama, I couldn't read the rest of this blog.
How far we have fallen- and in so short a time!


Would you expect anything else from the original televangelist scammer’s granddaughter (especially one named “Cissie”?

Inherited wealth makes people idiots. Mean spirited idiots.


Lol, those Leftist Marxists over at Christianity Today! Any criticism of the Prez is Radical Leftistism! What a goon. So sad and pathetic that this guy represents our country.

Make Critical Thinking Great Again. Please.


The funniest part is where he says he's going to stop reading Christianity Today now.


6...except FatNixon said he won't be reading "ET"again.


There'probably a 50/50 chance we see the end of America as we know it before we see a President with as much dignity and integrity that Barack consistently demonstrated and brought to the position. Kinda a bummer.


@9 because campaigning on change, getting a huge mandate for systemic reform, then naming the architects of disaster and privatization to his cabinet after telling "folks" to go home now is showing integrity? It looks an awful lot like bait and switch to me especially considering Obama's actual record of accomplishments during his administration when Democrats lost over 1000 elected state and federal officials. Sure, he was a lot better than Trump, especially on decorum and rhetoric but can we afford the status quo (ever increasing wealth and political power inequality, ignoring environmental limits,..)?


@5. Lolski. Look who is talking. Just like leftists calling people mysoginist for not liking Ghostbusters. Or leftists calling people islamophobe for calling out anti-semitic comments of Ilhan Omar. Or Hillary KKKlinton calling people sexist for not voting for her.

The left even labeled Obama a "conservative" because he is not left enough. A CONSERVATIVE!!! Lololol.

You want to make "Critical Thinking Great Again"? Then why don't you first start applying that to yourself first, you fucking hypocrite. Funny, how leftist double standards work. "Rules for thee, but not for me". :)


@9: Your bars are always too high for political practicality.


@12 there is little practical about unsustainable distribution of wealth and climate chaos


I doubt if the impeachment trial will be over when Trump gives the SOTU address. In fact, I think that is one reason why Pelosi is delaying handing over the Articles of Impeachment to Congress. But even if the Trial is over and Trump is acquitted, you know that Trump's SOTU will be a whine-fest about how he is the victim of the impeachment and the various investigations. I am sure that Pelosi is hoping that she can force McConnell to hold an actual trial, with witnesses (especially because Trump wants that, too), and that Trump's SOTU speech will come during the trial - and it will be such an explosion of rage, claims of victimhood, deflecting all blame and grabbing all the credit that it will push more voters into the realization that Trump is an incompetent lunatic that needs to be removed from office before he starts a nuclear war with New Mexico.


@13: Your word play doesn't negate my point, but okay.


@15: Fitting I guess, since that is the only state where there has been an atomic blast.


@17, just to be pedantic, the first nuclear explosion was in New Mexico, but most of the 1000 or so subsequent US nuclear tests were in Nevada. They also did individual tests in Colorado, Alaska and Mississippi.



Lolski. Quick, dude, hide under the bed! Those bad Others are coming to take your guns and your religion!

I'm not a Leftist (whatever the fuck that even means) or a Democrat or any of the groups that scare you. I'm a hard working patriot with a brain, heart, and a pair of eyes. Donald Trump is a scum bag of the highest order. He exemplifies all the worst qualities in a human being: greed, abuse, dishonesty, corruption, dishonor, selfishness, etc. He's about as un-Christian as one can get. I wouldn't have him in my home, and I don't want my kids exposed to him. I've had many differences of opinion with past Presidents, but I have never seen someone dishonor our country so much before.

I'm sorry he's your hero. You're going to be let down, I think.


@19: Thank you. A very worthy correction.


Pelosi's fucking brilliant. Don't go to a Senate kangaroo court where the GOP majority would acquit him of even something as heinous as child rape, if that was the charge.

Nope. Instead, just leave Trump slowly twisting in the wind forever impeached (and stained for all time) while he continues to choke on it.

Brava Nancy!



Did you intend that to be directed to me or @10? I'm not a fan of purity tests and would think my comment is just a call for general decency. Though if you're suggesting Barack set a ridiculously high standard for integrity, I suppose I'd not disagree.


I was really only speaking to how he conducted himself and commanded the office, though I'll admit to also thinking he gets some undeserved flack from the far left based on his tenure. I believe he came into power with legislative majorities, but there were a lot of conservative Dems contributing to those majorities, which compromised any power he had in following through on said mandate.

He was instrumental in negotiating the Paris Agreement, which I'm sure you'll point out (and I absolutely agree) didn't go nearly far enough. But I feel like he was playing the hand he was dealt and recognized that the other participating parties simply wouldn't sign an agreement w/ more decisive action. You're obviously super knowledgeable w/r/t climate issues and perhaps I'm naive, though what I've read has always led me to believe he was just opting for the politically expedient and pragmatic option.

I can offer no defense of his international (drone bombings, etc) record other than to note that I've always believed international geopolitical affairs are a clusterfuck and I'd hope that a man as obviously thoughtful and deliberately considerate as he presents wouldn't authorize such atrocities without something resembling justification, cold and machiavellian though any such justification may be. Again, the record on this front is ugly and I couldn't possibly rationally justify it.

And also again, I was really only commenting on his general demeanor and decorum, prompted by the video Chase embedded in the roundup.


@24: Thanks for catching that. I meant anon1256 in @10 - he responded nevertheless.


@14 "no one said those things"

Oh puhleeez! Lol. You and I (and everybody else) knows leftists say those things on a consistent basis. Don't pretend you don't know what I am talking about. Do you want examples? Because there are more than plenty of editorial articles that leftist publications churn out on a daily basis that do precisely that (including your beloved Stranger). Constantly claiming people are sexist or racist for criticizing the left. I can't give you A TON of those! I don't even need to try. :) Just go on Buzzfeed, VOX, or Huffpost. Lol. Dumb fuck.



Kshama Sawant agrees with you completely, and so do I.


At this point, the only way to finally get rid of all the shit illegally occupying the White Trash House, Senate, Congress, and Extreme Neofascist Court is to kill it.
@3 pat L and @4 Catalina Vel-DuRay: I know, right?



You may be able to cure Herpes, but can you cure fascism? The latter is the far worse disease


@24 I don't deny that obstruction played a part in Obama's failures but he never intended to reverse the neoliberal policies at the root of inequalities (deregulation, outsourcing, privatization, ..). In fact, his behavior during the "grand bargain" shows that he like Biden have bought into the pro-austerity welfare-state-isn't-sustainable regressive narrative spread by the cat-food for seniors commission (Simpson-bowles). He clearly never prepared to implement change as anybody competent knew that he couldn't do without the power of the street leading to the 2010 midterm and retake congress. Instead of building the grassroots needed for reforms he fought for half baked policies not really supported by his base, renamed Wall Street at the economy, Monsanto at agriculture, natural gas at the EPA, privatizers at education, NAFTA on steroid at trade, and fucking Rahm Emmanuel to orchestrate the show and send the peons packing home.

I am not sure why you are bringing up the "far left" as there is a lot of room for criticism from the left when discussing Obama.


@32 "retake congress"

I mean elect more progressives to congress by campaigning for medicare for all (which his vice president won't even do)


@24 Regarding climate policy, Obama's all of the above energy policy can now be seen for the atrocity it is as we have little time left to phase out fossil fuels. The Obama administration's role in pushing fracking (as shown by Biden's trips to Ukraine) and so-called "energy independence" (full reliance on fossil fuels once again) cannot be understated. Beside being an environmental disaster, fracking likely played a major part in surging atmospheric methane concentrations. The Paris agreement are gutless and didn't cost Obama anything; however he could have done a lot more like simply implementing car gas mileage thresholds and gas plants leak regulations right at the beginning of his administration (they would not have been repeal-able) but it was such low priority for Obama.

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