Humanitarian Groups Outraged Over Concessions in Military Spending Bill



Like the old saying; Two things you should never see being made - laws and sausage.
When the Dems control both houses of Congress, then they be more aggressive pushing progressive bills through.
Until then .....


@1: Yeah, but that doesn't negate the quest for a higher morality in foreign policy regardless of the culture of the locale.


@2 pat L: Thank you and bless you for again beating me to it.
I'd still love to see the entire GOP Evil Empire throw to the alligators.


@5: Awww, shit! Make that: ...."I'd still love to see the entire GOP Evil Empire thrown to the alligators." I do need to drink more. Amazingly I have fewer typos that way.


Captain Cave-In strikes again. Just in time to start a new decade.


Just another example of how elections have consequences. Until we get control of the Senate back it will be very hard to do anything about these policies.

@2- the Saudi rulers are a special grade of assholes. Really first class. If cutting off aid would hasten the day when they get fed to the mob, it’s worth thinking about.